Thursday, March 31, 2016

Habuks! Hectic Months!!

Brain occupied:

Thanks to my personal page of Google, suddenly teringat my so called 'online-diary' yang satu ni. Ya Allah, bila tengok post, it was like....owh my for this year berapa banyak je I rant or sharing is caring in here? Seems like 0. Sob sob..

Actually terlalu banyak yang nak dishare, di ceritakan, di review but then I out of hands to do this one thing for these 'hectic' months in here. Year 2016 a starter for me to learn lots of new things especially making things in real life.

Being a 'real' wife as En.Hubby has moved his workplace to Putrajaya early of the year - no more PJJ, by other means we are living together now . Yeayy for me. Alhamdullillah. Yet is not easy though, much to pick up and learn. InshaAllah everything will be fine.

Audrey is growing up rapidly kalah bullet train nih. Every single day with new skills, being a cheeky one. Adorable tapi ada at times tu mcm nak masukkan balik je dalam perut ha. Hahaha~ BUT so far she is my lil angel, penawar hati yang paling effective.

Workload, still in the phase keeping up and learning as fast as I can for this new team and scope. Lagi2 when my dear partner sorang main acah2 gonna be leaving me soon for better offer. Dang! Enny BOLEH!! Or should I go sekali? Head hunters dah mula keep in touch semua ni. Huhu~'s moving time! Phewww....Inilah yang paling banyak consume time. Mau lah berbulan-bulan jugak to complete the transition. Yeah nak kena beli sikit-sikit, to buy in bulk?? Okey apa kata you sponsor I can complete the whole house even in one day! Ha.....

Basically I might not be updating here much selagi I tak bertenang~ huhu ..But you can have a peek on my IG instead. Adalah certain updates inside there. :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Makes Me...ME?

Brain dictated:

"Maybe, it takes a brave man to be with a womanlike me. In relationships, I don't look the other way, and dim my voice when I have something to say. I learned that I simply don't do well with huge egos, for I always see myself as his equal."