Monday, April 29, 2013

April Ends

Brain concluded :

Hi!!!, Okey memang saje je la kan lama xupdate. Yes am so busy travelling and coping with workloads kat office. Cik Enny yang bzbee.. Huih sangat la bz.. Ahahaha~
Takdan nak update pun even macam2 cerita ada. I do know this blog ada new reader yang rajin. Hahaha~ baca2 memang I tulis macam2 pasal you karang. Hik2.

Ni pun sempat tulis kejap sebab sampai office terawal. Miahahah~

Okey guys got to go. 830 dah. Ada appointment with user. Ada masa I citer about last Saturday okey. My Laser Tag Time. Huuu sampai sekarang still terasa sengalnya peha -_-

Friday, April 19, 2013

# Perak Travelogue - Dear Sea, I ❤ You!

Brain restoring :

Date : 14-18 April 2013
Location : Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut, Lumut, Perak

Here we go our so long plan vacation!! Huuu feel ages waiting for these..but then to be true, this was a plan evacuated 360 degree twisted from Mabul Island to Pangkor Island. Thanks to some 'war' la jugak kan yang nak jadi time2 kitaorg dah beli our flight tic to Tawau. Down!-_-
But well it does turned up to be fun too!! Actually no matter you wanna go, if you can make the place a fun place to be, you will have such an awesome time! (ni bukan ayat menyedapkan hati okeh!;P)

Basically that was the idea how our hotel looks like. Cool ha! This hotel just awarded the Tourism Perak Award in the best in service and facilities in conjunction with the Visit Perak Year 2012.
Our arrival been welcomed by a welcome drink (tea punch what it so called off la kan..but nice drinks).
But then what happened we arrived quite early than the check in time so we have to wait. Huu xkisahlah, Cik Pantai dah ada depan mata..Owh dear beach, how that I miss you..(huu drama ;P)
So basically for our first day xbuat apa sgt pun, just chilled out by the beach and petang sikit we kluar jejalan kat Lumut. Need to find some local food to eat! Laparrrrr! I'm a hungry monster!!- yang comel la kan..bahahahah~;P
So pusing2 pebenda plk byk kedai nasi kandar ni. Nih Penang boleh la. no! Last we just had our dinner infront of Lumut Waterfront. Nice jugak. Dekat je dengan bus station.

The next day baru we packed our day. Starting with breakfast, trus je pegi pantai as our stay mmg ada complimentary to play watersports.
Dengan tak semena2nya, pepagi lagi we dah ber'canoeing'. It was first time for my GF, so makanya jadi macam2 je la kan. But it was fun bg dia experience tu as for me mmg dah biasa bercanoe whenever I'm at the beach. Siap ada personal trainer okeh. ;P

Ha, then mmg dasar takde keje la kan, next activity was ARCHERY!!sebab mmg for that particular day mmg kitaorg berdua je yang sebuk strolling by the beach. Been a while tak pegang bow ni. Yes leh bajet ala2 Robin Hood. Hik2..First try memang ntah ke mana2 je then dah banyak kali....tada!! Almost bull eyes! By means my skills is still there hiding somewhere. Aceyh2...tak sesia jadi President Archery Club time sekolah dulu. Okey fine that was ages ago. Hahaha~

Next!! Our island hoping trip and snorkeling!! Yipeee...finally! Escorted by ex-navy..Heee~ Cool kan. We went for our snorkeling at Pangkor Barat near by to Pangkor Beach Resort. Situ je ada tempat snorkeling. The best part was, instead of just went for snorkeling, abang yang temankan kitaorg tu made few pit stop kat certain island and certain places to show us the interesting features of every island. Extra learning. Hik2.
Owh and even bawak us snorkelled to see coralsssss...Dengan dia-dia skali terjun. Maybe agak tak percaya 2 girls nih snorkelling sendiri2. Tapi best la especially got the experience to hold the sea cucumber. Lembik2..My GF dah jerit2 geli takmo pegang. hahahahaha~ Tertelan air laut brape banyak tu tak payah cakap la kan. Memang cuci isi perut dah ni. Ngeee~ Masin gila!

Menjelang dah agak petang sikit, perut dah muka kriuk2 mintak belas kasihan. So we headed to Jetty Pangkor. Abang yang sorang ni mmg saje nk bg extra experience kat kitaorg, siap bwk naik kat tempat para nelayan loading ikan2. He said barulah thrill. Dah memanjat2 macam ni, with basah kekuyupan mmg thrill sgt la kan. But we peduli hape...;P
Okey perjalanan blum habes lagi, the abang brought us to kawasan TLDM. We managed to see our own kapal perang named Mahawangsa. All the navies sangat excited we datang visit but tgk dari jauh la kan. Main lambai2 je. Ahahaha~ Selamat berjuang! Owh we even got to know some Navy knowledge from the abang. What it is takleh la reveal kat sini...kang pecah lubang rahsia. Weee~ Memang terasa super best for the day!

Balik bilik hotel, masing2 pengsan but then terjaga awal jugak like 6 pm something as we do planned nak tengok sunset. And here we are. It's so breathtaking with the sound of the wave and wind.  Ha imagine sendri la ye. Heee~

The next day baru terasa sakit2 badan gara2 semalam punya kes. Ha galak sangat bercanoe, tarik string bow tu and terjun open sea tak ingat benda lain, nih la penangan dia. Hikss, sendiri buat kan!
We checked out and balik Ipoh. Sempat je singgah Lumut to buy some makanan laut for home..lagi2 ada pesanan utk mencari 'cecomet'. Hehehe~

Well, to conclude it, it was a really good escapade for us and hoping my GF happy with this as for what we did was a first experience for her. There always a first time for everytime kan. Hik2.
And thanks to her jugak yang rajin bawak I to taste the specialty food in Ipoh. Hari2 makan macam ni I am so gonna be 'fatty Enny' ;P

Okey guys! See ya in the next round! ;D
Ehhhhh..jap2...somehow if you wanna go for this kinda of trip or how to go to this place, here the map for you.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adhock Bye2! Again??

Heart falling :

You know how I hate Goodbyes! Now I have to bare it again, again and again...
It does hurts...

And yet it always happened when I'm not around!!! Geram tahu???
Both of my Jr. will not be around anymore as they received an instruction with a notice of ONE DAY to be place in another division.
One of them put all the guts to spilled the beans (considering I'm on vacation itself, they just don't want to ruin the mood - got to know they been discussing this among themselves who should tell me this).
I am sad, shocked and curious why a decision always be made like this?
You might do this to us(the real team) yet you experimenting with those Jr's too? Motif?

Came back with a news that my another lil kitty have passed away last 2 days.

And my dear beloved Cinta, who got his exact date for his DPA course. By means he will be away for 7 months.

What more goodbyes I will get further more?

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Brain updating :

It just another day in my new week and new place.... Fortunately I've been accompanied by Cinta (via phone) and my team mates yang sangat cool! Happy je hari2. ;D I will called them as my "B" for now (this due to some complication of mis-saying things unnecessarily- we just being us! Hehehe~)

I am so in the midst of being busybee coping up with everything, assisting my new team mates and completing my KPI task! Urghh boss, can I just leave for my trip first? Nanti I make it up okeh ;P ( Itu ayat free mintak penyekeh..hahaha~) Nih mode nak terjun laut dah ni..huuu~

See the above pic? Yes, that was a part of the event we've attended for the Friday. HR4U!! It's all about HR, whatelse la kan..heheh~ Bumped to lots of people that I big this KKM can be, how small it will be to see the same face everywhere. But to whom that knew me from Motors itself, will asked exactly the same question..." Enny, why you tak submit your pic for this?"...O.M.G.... Macam terer sangat I ni nak snap2 pic and submit for the competition..hahah~ (and sedang terfikir how they know my skills tak berapa nk terer ni, xpernah pun publish my artwork kat mana2..hermm....*curious ni!)
Next time la ok boss. Heee~

And THIS!! Memang I rasa nak belasah orang yang snap pic ni! Hahaha~ Thanks to my photographer diva yang memang sentiasa sempat je nak snap any candid shot of me. Memang hobi you eh? :P
Actually kinda rare to see my place to be really empty like that as me always surrounded my lil 'baduts'.. mana ntah ilang mereka2 ni time pix ni di snap.. Just the perfect timing ha!

Well then, don't miss me to much okey kiddos!
I'll be leaving for Ipoh tomorrow and head up to our actual destination the next day..
Cuti2...again Miss Enny? hahaha~
See ya.. live update from atas laut..hik3 (if I rajin la kan ;P)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shoes Affair

Brain completing:

Sebab wordless Wednesday we post pic je. Hee~

Welcome KL!!

Brain preparing :

With a new day, new week and a new place. Owh even with new people perhaps (sebabnya I do know some people of this floor..heee)

Basically it's not as bad or kata lainnya horror like I could imagine it. Hehe. Okey tu saje drama ;P
Ni datang dengan aura yg sangat positive and yes! the day was far much better unexpectedly. Nice!
Especially I have 3 lil 'clowns' surrounding me. You nak yang mcamne? Yang kiddos? Yang ala2 kpop or the cute one? I have it all. Jangan jeles yaww...Hehe~ 
Okey confirm I kena sekeh if one of them rajin plak pegi google my name and found this. Hey2, I like to be with you guys la...(ayat cover line...hahaha~). It was so much fun even terkelam kabut sikit to catch up here and there.Kinda easy though sebab my junior2 ni dikenali and disayangi ramai. Well known! Woww~ Well I still doing the same things with extra plus2 yang En.Boss memang suka nak bagi surprises. 
Tapi cam dah leh bau je what he has in his mind *kerut muka...Tapi tak kisahlah kan...dah nama pun keje and I'm up to the challenge.  Wuhh confident much! ;D Kata nak jadi boss #eh ;P

So my answers to some my beloved Motorians yang missed me that much and asking how am I here, I can say "So far so good. Insyaallah everything will fall at their own place any time..heee~"
So jangan risau2 ok, Enny ok! *thumbs up sambil wat muka bajet comel...^ ^

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Final Goodbye

Heart trying :

It's all about you...

Hehehe..chill. It's got nothing to do with specific people.
It's about a place that I will miss the most.
I guess you guys pun tau je this goodbye is for what. Dah few entries that I wrote indicates the reason. Its's not easy okey.
Ini lah jadinya kalau you been so attached to the people and the place.

Farewell lunch, farewell dinner and farewell party all be done for me. I is so terharu. As I really don't expecting this at all. Lagi2 dengan niat, I just wanna tell people that I will be leaving on the last day I'll be there. But it's not fair right for those people who really taking care of me since day one I was there.
Memang I bgtau in stages, tapi macam2 reaksi I terima. How hard that I hold my tears to drop hanya Tuhan je yang tahu. Yes I tau I jahat to let you down and making this adhock movement. But to shine, I have to do this so called 'sacrifice'.

Towards to the end of the day itself, I received lots of encouraging words from bosses who met me personally, kakak2 yang sentiasa jadi 'ibu', 'kakak', and even my own personal farmasi bergerak, abang2 yang bertindak jadi advisor @ bodyguard tak berbayar I and also from my dear officemates yang memang dah jd kawan dunia akhirat. Your words are just like a 'blood diamond' to me. Those tears...omg, tertumpahnya kerana sedih tengok I pergi, it is something that I'll hold deep in my heart. As I got to know you do love me that much.

There is a conversation between me and a sister yang agak kena metaforanya walaupun at first I mcm blur apa yg dia cuba sampaikan but its true how they feel about this goodbye.
I'll share with guys nnt k sbb nak kena screen capture from the im itself. Ha this one!

For me, this is not a goodbye. It just a starting to a big 'Hi' to another phase of life.
Just pray for me will you.
InsyaAllah ada jodoh, umur panjang, kita jumpa lagi..^ ^

Cinta ku pada mu tiada syarat... *this is the full song that I wrote the lyric at the entry of 'Dear Motorians'..:=')

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

# Penang Travelogue

Brain insisting :

Of course it's been a week I overdue of updating this! ;P
Ini pun tak sempat nak tulis in details..pic first okey..
Mostly it were from my BB as this travelogue I made a polaroid project on it. Hee~
Will share with you guys once it DONE! ;D

Date : 25 - 27th March 2013
Location : KUL -PEN
Airlines : Air Asia

Seawal sesubuh sepe'e dah sampai airport, bayangkanlah. Tapi LCCT tu kan dah serupa mcm stesen bus, ramainya umat takyah citer la kan. Dah nama tagline Air Asia pun kan 'Everyone can fly'..ha ni lah gayanya. *straight face

Sebab dah web checked in awal2, so leh la lambat2 nak boarding..hee. Okey satu tips! Sila jgn makan dkt airport sbb ia akan jd super mahal and super tak sedap. Tapi kalau tekak korang leh terima silakan..duit masing2 kan..;P

Tepat 835am , we were leaving on a jet we flying with Airbus and touched down Penang International Airport 20 minutes earlier than the estimated time. Wahh, rempit plak apa En.Pilot ni? No no..hahah..mmg kelajuan Airbus is faster than another type of plane.

Sampai2 je, thought of having breakfast dekat this one gerai yg mmg femes with roti bakar and telur separuh masak sebab memandangkan breakfast kat LCCT xsedap! Unfortunately kedai tu tutup! Down! So headed up directly to the hotel.
Owh mmg sentiasa kalau family ke Penang, Cititel Penang will be our choice. Reason : sbb dia center of the city. Nak pegi pekan, nak pegi Komtar, nak pegi makan nasi kandar, nak makan sup, nak beli jeruk2 kat pasar Chowrasta, minum cendol, it's all there. Walking distance okeh. Exercise la sikit. ;D

Basically, the real reason we were in Penang was to visit my lil bro yang still study kat sini for final year. Sambil2 la bercuti kan.
Tapi trust me, duduk seminggu di Penang boleh menjadikan anda gemok! Ahaha~ Asal tghri je nasi kandar, asal malam je roti with sup yang macam2 sampai xlalu nak makan dah la. But then, all those karbo akan terbakar dengan pantas if you really do the walking for the sightseeing and kepanasan yang amat! Leh tahap berpinau2 dah. Owh my lupa this is pulau Cik Enny! Haruslah dia kepanasan yang agak tahap nk kena heat stroke and berendam dalam air batu..pastu demam. Sekian terima kasih. :P

Panas2 tu sempat je singgah most famous cendol place called Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. Nyummm~
Balik hotel tdo! Hehehe~ Esok punya kisah cerita lain...kekeke~

Then for the next day, we did planned to go to Bukit Bendera; granted my mum wishes. Padahal hari tu dah pegi dah but then now nak test drive the new tram. Best! Sangat la convenient. Ikutkan Cik Enny, ada misi lain. I wanna go to the Museum Owl.. Owlsomeee!!! Yes2, tercapai jua. The museum taklah besar mana pun. It was like a collection of owl stuff around the world at one place. Tapi mmg sgt menarik la mengetahui yg I ni pun spesis burung hantu gak! Eh tak tak...suka aksesori bermotifkan owl...even Abah pun dah paam sangat ;P

Ingat nak pegi Toy Museum jugak but then heat yang tak bole nak ditoleratekan lagi, we cancelled that plan. Takpe la next time! Hehe~ Nak pegi Padang Kota makan rojak pasembor tapi membayangkan tikus2 yang sebesar ayam, xlalu ah...Ok2 hiperbola much ;P I bet the place are much cleaner now. So boleh makan dengan tenangnya. 
Well then seems byk je tempat yang tak tercover lagi. Should plan with friends to come again, leh try nasi ketam kat Juru, hangout dekat Hard Rock Hotel.

Owh btw, as I said Cititel that we stayed memang dekat sangat dengan tempat nasi kandar yang famous ni : Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Ikutkan banyak je tempat tuk makan nasi kandar ni, tak tersebut je nama tempat dia. Local people surely will know mana yang paling best kan! Takpe next time kita terjah. Hahaha~ Kalau terer and perut tu leh expand, try la makan nasi kandar siang malam. I tak mampu terus terang cakap. Sudahnya next one two days tak lalu makan nasi dah. Hahah..over! ;P

Malam pulak you can try this..Sup Hameed, also sebelah je hotel..*tak sebelah sangat la kan but memang very near. Actually nak pegi minum petang pun boleh.
Mengingatkan benda ni teringat En.Sayang yang tak abes2 whatsapp dia dengan sup torpedo! Of course I will not try that..hahah~ sup lidah, sup perut, sup tulang, sup daging, yes I can telan..sup torpedo tu sayang je la makan okeh. :P

It was the same day, we went to Pasar Chowrasta to buy things for you guys. Jeruks, those fridge magnets, sotong2 bergula tu...naseb  tak exceed berat luggage. Sebenarnya ada beli beg hand luggage yang lain khas untuk jeruk2 mu. Hahaha~

Fly back to KL on Wednesday evening. Okey dah sampai rumah baru terasa penatnya. Owh my, kucing2 sebelasan ku.. miss you so much! Dan2 rindu kucing, ke rindu orang kat PD ? ;P

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Motorians ❤

This entry dedicated to you..

Dear Motorians,

It just hard for me to say this,
But I have to right?
How soon its gonna be so soon,
How later it can be later,
How that I gonna miss you,
Miss the relationship,
Miss the play time,
Miss the 'makan2' that Motors known well by that,
Miss the pressure,
Miss assisting my super manja users,
Miss listening to all sort of things,
Miss learning not just about works but also life.

6 years, 6 years been here,
I do grown up with you,
My smile, my laugh, my tears, my sweats,
My upside down life,
All I been through here,
It's nothing can be learn from a book,
It just from YOU and another phase to be.

Thank you for the care, for the love,
So many names to be mention here,
To who been working with me all this time,
Playing with me,
Teasing me with those stories,
I am gonna miss to be call 'Cik Senyum', 'Cik Pelangi' and even 'Datin' by a boss,
It is fun to be with you,
And I am thankful for that,
Thank you for the good memories,
It will be remain in my heart till my last breath,
How that I can forget you,
When the facts my strength is here.

Please do accept my apology of saying this late,
I am sorry,
Sorry for my flaws,
Sorry for my words,
Sorry for my crazy attitude,
Sorry if I hurting anyone in any ways,
I truly asking for the forgiveness.
Saying goodbye will never be my favorite things, 
But hey, I might not be by your side anymore,
Yet it will remain here,
In my mind, in my heart, in my soul,
Where is everything starts.
                                                                                                                                With love,

Hard Goodbye...

Heart choked:

How hard it can be?
But it just so hard in time being
Hard to say it
Hard to feel
Hard to see the expression
Hard to accept
Hard to give in
Hard to move on
Even hard to do it

It is really hard for me to say Goodbye
But I do know I have to say it

Bertabah la wahai hati.....T___________T

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Unwanted

Heart felt :

Hear the song while you reading this okey...
I am writing this whilst drafting this for quite sometimes.

Headache? Heartache?
At the first place, if you don't love why heartache? If you don't care why headache?
A thing called 'feelings' have to be considerate in any decision you wanna make...

Jodoh? For me it's an unexpected things to be happen. We planned yet God knows better and dah planned for us dari azali lagi. Quoted from my big sis " destinasi tu mmg dah ada, cuma jalan tu je yang kita taktau samaada straight atau bengkang bengkok". Itu sume pilihan.


Brain calculating :

Hey babes! Been a while right tak semak2 kat blog ni. ;P
One whole week packed mcm sardin with activities yang mengerah tenaga secara optimumnya. Ha ni la gayanya I remained 'slim2'...Tiru macam saya! Miahaha~
Actually lots of things to update tapi yeah whenever I'm traveling or at Saujana home, I rarely to update you la missy bloggy. Sowieee..! Alkisahnya malas nak ngadap lappy or Mr.Imac. Huuu~
So pe kata kepada yang siapa2 yang baik hati, belikan I Mini Ipad pleaseeee....bleh bwk rata2 and update 'live' dari tempat kejadian.. Can ha? ;P Dream Enny dreamsss!! Hahaha~
Psstt, hantaran bleh? Tapi lambat lagi...beli sendirik la Cik Enny...

Yes2, I bz with dramas, telenovela and cereka2rama sort of things for the past weeks. Hiperbola sgt! Hee~
To whom been reading the entries 'March Yang Pack?'...I've completed all that! Phewww...
Sumpah penat! Tapi yang penting hidden mission accomplished! ;D

Feel like I hutang few entries right : The Unwanted, Penang Travelogue, Shoes Maniac and Jum Steamboat (wah dah siap tajuk...okey tu heading semata, isi perut kena recall balik ni..huhuh)..Cik Bloggy, can I write more than one entry per day? Of course I CAN!! Blog ni I punya! Wahh kerek..hahah ;P

Plus I do have some announcement to do!

8th April 2013, I'll be leaving Motors for good. Tsk tsk...T________T...Haruskah sedih atau gembira rasa nak loncat2 ni? Hermmp..
Bye!! Adios Amigos muchachos..
I haven't tell anyone yet here.. Nak buat drama sikit bleh x? Hik2...