Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adhock Bye2! Again??

Heart falling :

You know how I hate Goodbyes! Now I have to bare it again, again and again...
It does hurts...

And yet it always happened when I'm not around!!! Geram tahu???
Both of my Jr. will not be around anymore as they received an instruction with a notice of ONE DAY to be place in another division.
One of them put all the guts to spilled the beans (considering I'm on vacation itself, they just don't want to ruin the mood - got to know they been discussing this among themselves who should tell me this).
I am sad, shocked and curious why a decision always be made like this?
You might do this to us(the real team) yet you experimenting with those Jr's too? Motif?

Came back with a news that my another lil kitty have passed away last 2 days.

And my dear beloved Cinta, who got his exact date for his DPA course. By means he will be away for 7 months.

What more goodbyes I will get further more?

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