Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome KL!!

Brain preparing :

With a new day, new week and a new place. Owh even with new people perhaps (sebabnya I do know some people of this floor..heee)

Basically it's not as bad or kata lainnya horror like I could imagine it. Hehe. Okey tu saje drama ;P
Ni datang dengan aura yg sangat positive and yes! the day was far much better unexpectedly. Nice!
Especially I have 3 lil 'clowns' surrounding me. You nak yang mcamne? Yang kiddos? Yang ala2 kpop or the cute one? I have it all. Jangan jeles yaww...Hehe~ 
Okey confirm I kena sekeh if one of them rajin plak pegi google my name and found this. Hey2, I like to be with you guys la...(ayat cover line...hahaha~). It was so much fun even terkelam kabut sikit to catch up here and there.Kinda easy though sebab my junior2 ni dikenali and disayangi ramai. Well known! Woww~ Well I still doing the same things with extra plus2 yang En.Boss memang suka nak bagi surprises. 
Tapi cam dah leh bau je what he has in his mind *kerut muka...Tapi tak kisahlah kan...dah nama pun keje and I'm up to the challenge.  Wuhh confident much! ;D Kata nak jadi boss #eh ;P

So my answers to some my beloved Motorians yang missed me that much and asking how am I here, I can say "So far so good. Insyaallah everything will fall at their own place any time..heee~"
So jangan risau2 ok, Enny ok! *thumbs up sambil wat muka bajet comel...^ ^