Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Motorians ❤

This entry dedicated to you..

Dear Motorians,

It just hard for me to say this,
But I have to right?
How soon its gonna be so soon,
How later it can be later,
How that I gonna miss you,
Miss the relationship,
Miss the play time,
Miss the 'makan2' that Motors known well by that,
Miss the pressure,
Miss assisting my super manja users,
Miss listening to all sort of things,
Miss learning not just about works but also life.

6 years, 6 years been here,
I do grown up with you,
My smile, my laugh, my tears, my sweats,
My upside down life,
All I been through here,
It's nothing can be learn from a book,
It just from YOU and another phase to be.

Thank you for the care, for the love,
So many names to be mention here,
To who been working with me all this time,
Playing with me,
Teasing me with those stories,
I am gonna miss to be call 'Cik Senyum', 'Cik Pelangi' and even 'Datin' by a boss,
It is fun to be with you,
And I am thankful for that,
Thank you for the good memories,
It will be remain in my heart till my last breath,
How that I can forget you,
When the facts my strength is here.

Please do accept my apology of saying this late,
I am sorry,
Sorry for my flaws,
Sorry for my words,
Sorry for my crazy attitude,
Sorry if I hurting anyone in any ways,
I truly asking for the forgiveness.
Saying goodbye will never be my favorite things, 
But hey, I might not be by your side anymore,
Yet it will remain here,
In my mind, in my heart, in my soul,
Where is everything starts.
                                                                                                                                With love,

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