Monday, February 28, 2011

A lil pinch of Motivation


Heart asked to be cheer up :

deserved love Can someone make my breakfast like this ?;P


P/S: Heart feel so jumpy when I got this text last night

“Ladies and gentleman, now control this is MH4324, registration mike charlie charlie papa, person on board 159, temperature 27, observation 12km, QNH 12, request for ur friendship, my transponder code is 3800. Hehe u pekbr? Rindu u la…Sorry lame xcntact, kinda bz.Ampon ek tuan puteri ,:p “


Hehe, by reading it whoever in the same field would know where is this coming from with all the codes which I also have no idea on it…;P

Yeah,it was from my MR.PILOT yang gila…want to get mad also couldn’t do that as he knows how to capture my smile again…I miss you so much tau tak?? Haih…Menguji kesabaran when you have a good friend like this..

And yes, another good news, both of my another 2 ‘A’s also are coming back this March…Yeayyy…can’t wait for them to land on bumi Malaysia again…Just my lil motivation for coming months..(as this entry will be the last one for this February) ;))

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Could You?


Heart feels with words without sound :

When my ‘pelangi’ went missing, I still can accept it,

when my ‘pelangi’ want to be alone, I give the space,

When my ‘pelangi’ need my warmth, there I am listening,

But when my ‘pelangi’ betray me, I lost my words…….


I’m a bundle of mixed emotions and I don’t know how I should feel this very instant. You see, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between feeling sad or angry. –at times I don’t even know the difference between being happy or being sad – as crazy as that sounds. All I know is that I’m too complex to ever classify myself as being a specific emotion and I hate feeling lost in between every single one of them.

The thing is that no matter how many times I’ve wanted to do wrong to a person I hate, I never have the heart to. I could never sit there and live with the thought of fucking anyone over. –No matter how much hate I have towards that individual. No matter how many times they’ve done me wrong. Ultimately none of that ever matters.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happiness?Pursue for IT!


Heart feel a bit of weird beating :

happiness This song had been shared by my dear friend who far2 away from here…masih accross the sea…just feel so close with the song in sense of something..;P

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Merajuk & Menjauh..


Heart feel, brains think and fingers typing this :

Merajuk? Hurmmm…It’s kinda tired of sulking if you merajuk tak pasal2…siapa yang taknk di pujuk..But have you guys think what the reasons that we have to be merajuk out of no where…Its all about emotion. sikit2 nk sentap..cepuk nak?? Ke we can say it as mengada-ngada je..??

For girls merajuk, its very norm thingy to think about.. but for guys?Ermm …let me crack my head first..Motif kau nak merajuk? Hello…people with kromosom Y nih pun ada hati dan perasaan, of course la dia pun leh merajuk but takde la tunjuk depan2 macam perempuan kan..Konon acting cool la..Tarik muka, buwuk ah… I am someone who doesn’t know how to main pujuk2 ni. Owh no wonder la people pun also don’t know how to pujuk me.Hermm.. Tak perlu pujuk, tak lut! Malas..and ‘eh you merajuk eh?"’..Owh my Miss Enny, terang-terangan tuh dia merajuk..

For me, girls kinda very rare to ‘merajuk’ with me but guys? So many of them..Apa salah i nih? Adui. Ahahaha~byk jugak sbbnya. Let me list some of the reasons( I knew these after proses pujuk tak jadi..and we good again…;P) :

1. My words – mulut daring sangat sometimes…sarcastic tuh takyah ckp la kan..

Replied : Siapa suruh cari pasal?kang ckp bunga2 tak paham plk..lagi payah nk kena translate 2 3 kali dlm mcm2 bahasa ni..huhuh~

2. My acts – as like buat mimik muka nth pape..and just walk away if doesn’t like something

Replied : Lah…tak comel eh?hikhik..kay2 tak tak..ala…You know I can’t be so hypocrite right. Better for me to leave dari ada yang sakit mata if I did something out of your thinking ..;P

3. My feels – tak reti2 nak angkat phone, reply text yang dah berjuta and suddenly missing out of action..-as what they said…’I risau’ la…

Replied : Erk…?? Who want to pick up the phone if you start to mumbling ..bebel dalam phone??..owh gosh pembebelan comes from guys mmg tak bole terima akal..ahahaha~ Tapi cek dengar je la no…I letak jauh2 je phone tuh..oopss..bocor rahsia..;P About texting : Nih lagi satu masalah were texting while I’m working and you expecting me to reply to you 24 hours?Kes phone nih mmg kronik skit as actually I am someone who not so attached to phone..sorry..;)

I know some of the reasons up there are reflecting to you also right! ;P Ngeee~ Well some part of it will be dragging up to the extend that I will be ‘menjauh’ from these kind of people.

Menjauh… yes my heart getting far2 away from you but I remain the little piece of it to stay…as we being friends for quite sometime..Actually hati i yang merajuk but you will never see it..NEVER! Because you will never be the right person for me to show you who myself really are.So tak perlu risau2 about me k..I’m doing fine..:)

I Found You Mr.BBM


Heart always adore this :

Ha kan dah kata, I am so gonna find you Mr.BBM (remember from the last entry i was talking about a photog who offered the BBM Pin when we gonna buy the Terima Kasih Cinta’s merchandise?ahaha – I know you just kidding ;P)…..your face look…GOTCHA!!I mmg kenal you but lupa nama.Ahahah~ My bad!Opsss~ When I said adore…what that I’m adoring is your video done by CST Production…Abg Rosli mmg rawk!!Hehehe~

Okey you can click on this pink2 link to see the video of how sweet of this MR.BBM & MRS.BBM… (the photog yg sgt cool tuh dah kawen pun..hikhik)




Comel kan?? It is one my dreams…(just a dream for the time being)..I am so gonna  have the touch from this production..Sweett!!! Drama hidup aku…ahahah~

Terima Kasih Cinta


Brains need to update this :

Okey2, this entry got nothing related to the emotion of mine right now kay peeps..;)

Tada!!This is what..

TKC Poster

GUA-settle_tkc_default_113508817 Casting :

Latiff Ibrahim, Safura, Anding Indrawani, Deja Moss, Faradhiya, Shajiry, Nadia Aqilah, Vince, Norish Karman and Tony Eusoff.

Seat layout Terima Kasih Cinta Guess where we were sitting? Clue – the red one!!;P

It was an adaptation from a movie called ‘CINTA’..please google if you doesn’t know this story before. (Actually I also thought it will be a different story as the title reflects to Afghan songs which for the exact movie…I haven’t watch the movie too..;P)

Attended to the first performance ever for the act,as on 17 & 18 February shows has been cancelled for some reasons…Cool..and of course you can’t aspect much…           (warning..don’t aspect this piece of act will be boommm something like Puteri Gunung Ledang’s piece previously as it is totally a different genre)..;P

Overall I can say it was a good shows..all actors/actresses can really sing..mmg out of expectations..hee~ the compilation of the songs…GOOSEBUMPSSS!! Story line? It was a slow acting I can say but it is what it is..CINTA…need I explain more?heheh~ Just a lil bit weird were the costume for the castings…but nevermind, their powerful singing already covering up the lacking plus the pintu grill can’t be open suddenly while they dancing..ahahaha~Ok2…we close one eyes yeah..;P

Btw, today show also were a preview for media and VIPs…so the audience kinda packed for the day. ;)) some familiar faces..ok buat2 tak kenal eh…nyorok dulu..heee…..even the photog at the merchandise booth cubaan tuk mmbuat system barter pin BB kan for us to buy the merchandise..ish2…(hello I kenal you kot…ish….sat gi i cari you nyer video sampai dapat!Ngeng tul…;P)ahahaha~

Started at 3.00 pm till 6.00 pm..owh my…then we did some ad-hock plan….BURLESQUE coming up…!! At 7.00 pm till 9.00pm..(AGAIN!!!) What a day!! Thanks Syaira for becoming a great I yang jadi companion ke you?:P

tix The ticket!!!IMG-20110219-00161 Where my pic for the day??Of cos zero as I was the one who didn’t bring my ‘baby’..hikhik~


Whatever it is…we did have a GREAT time right! Next coming up……LAT KAMPUNG BOY THE MUSICAL..weeee..

Till then..night peeps..;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Reply From Someone


Heart feel wanna keep on smiling :

It just like not more than half an hour i posted an entry before this one. A reader sent these pictures to me via my mail….and the thing is…he/she already make me smile for tonight.


P/S : To whom who may be concern…thank you for really looking into my craps thingy writing..but I just wanna say…I AM OKEY! No worries…ni kan ‘Supergirl’! ;P

Just Listen


Heart wanna say it for you :

Sometimes I just need to rant to someone about my life, without them saying anything. Without them giving an opinion – Without them judging me – Without them saying one word. I just need them to sit there and listen. Listen to every single word I say. Just listen…..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cinta @ Suka ?Hermmm


Brain calculating the truth :

BEZA ? :)

Saje2 berfacebooking then terbaca this notes…macam menarik and terasa nk share..actually bagus untuk judge diri sendiri gak…sbb saya dlm DILEMA!! ;p

Sebenarnya, kita perlu memahami akan subjek di atas terlebih dahulu (ayat dah cam ayat buku ..;P).ramai orang cinta nya ditolak di sebabkan perkara2 begini selain perkara sampingan seperti MONEY and etc .. dan ada pula yang ramai tidak mengetahui mengapa mereka ditinggalkan walaupun sudah lama bersama , ada di antara mereka melafazkan perkataan yang sama tapi sebenarnya tidak dapat membezakan perasaan mereka , lalu hubungan sebegini atau hubungan CINTA berdasarkan sayang , amatlah goyah bezanya ? 

Baca & hayati la yang mana satu anda dgn pasangan anda ……

Di hadapan orang yang kita cinta,

hati kita akan berdegup kencang …

Tapi di depan orang yang kita suka,

hati kita akan gembira …


Di depan orang yang kita cinta,

musim sentiasa berbunga-bunga …

Di depan orang yang kita suka,

musim itu cuma berangin sahaja …


Jikalau kita lihat di dalam mata orang yang kita cinta,

kita akan kaku …

Tapi jikalau kita melihat ke dalam mata orang yang kita suka,

kita akan tersenyum …


Di depan orang yang kita cinta,

lidah kelu untuk berkata-kata …

Di depan orang yang kita suka,

lidah bebas berkata apa sahaja …


Di depan orang yang kita cinta,

kita menjadi malu …

Di depan orang yang kita suka,

kita akan tunjukkan imej yang sebenar …

Kita tidak boleh merenung mata orang yang kita cinta …

Tapi kita selalu merenung mata orang yang kita suka …

Bila orang yang kita cinta menangis,

kita akan turut menangis …

Bila orang yang kita suka menangis,

kita akan turut membuat dia gembira…

Perasaan cinta bermula dari mata,

Perasaan suka bermula dari telinga …

Jadi, jikalau kita berhenti menyukai seseorang

yang kita suka … umpama kita membuang telinga kita


Tapi jika kita cuba menutup mata

Cinta berbuah menjadi airmata

Setiap orang yang akan mengalami ini dalam hidup mereka,

Cuma fikirkanlah bersama-sama siapa yang anda

cinta atau sayang

Tetapi, hakikatnya

Cinta kepada Allah swt

Adalah lebih hakiki dan abadi

Yup , jika anda mempunyai cinta yang menurut seperti di atas , orang yang anda cinta itu pasti setia , kerana dia memang mencintai anda , anggap sahaja olahan di atas sebagai BASIC sebelum memulakan percintaan dengan sesiapa sahaja tanpa perasaan sedemikian , hubungan anda pastinya kurang kukuh dengan si dia , tips untuk lelaki :

anda mahu si dia setia dengan anda ?

pastikan ,

ada duit , ada gaya  , pandai ayat wat hati dia cair , ada agama , ada muka , ada kelulusan…

kesetiaan yang sebenar memang berasal dari hati , tapi ? :)

My 10cents :

Nak gelak pun ada gak…makin konpius dibuatnyer…tp mostly what I can say..


eheheh..C.I.N.T.A??…erkkk..nanti2 la sensitip tul perkataan tuh..heeeee~

Owh before end of the story…this song are just so lovely and syahdu…Enjoy..!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Again??;)


Heart thumping and keep forcing brain to think :

I was sick yesterday…and missed out my another good friends wedding. OMG Ainul @ Adrian, I’m really2 sorry couldn’t make it to your day..I know I’ve been promising you guys ages ago to come..but…’s hurtful to feel when I break my own promises..    ;(..sorry guys…


Yet there is another story for today! Chin up and smile Miss Enny..

Wedding??Owhh its soooo into me right now…Everyone been realizing that I am super busy with all kind of weddings…until I got this remarks from friends “Asik gi wedding je u ni…u punye bila plak?”..Ish…attending a wedding pun salah ke?Hermm…Some people will be asking don’t I feel anything when seeing lots of my friends are getting married? I’ll be lying if I answer NO..but may I just smile as the answer? :) Weyh…jgn buat i nages la ok..Erkk tuk apa i nak nages eh??Ishh..shushhh…

Back to the main topic! My dearest ICHA got married!Yeayy..owh the solemnization was yesterday but then the reception is today..Love to be around her as she is ‘kaki melatah’..and of course I always being the culprit to tease her…best kacau dia.ahahahah~ sorry Icha! ;P..Icha sayang Enny kan…heeee

Our friendships started back 5 6 years ago which era of MYSPACE are so cooolll….I’d be friends with Ayu..and then we got attached with another two girls, Mery and Icha..they were so hell fun! One by one getting married..after this Mery will be in the line..NEXT!!! As Abg Amin is the OP for the day…I very the malas to kacau so much to snap2…but here are some of mine curik2 shots…;P

_ETA9258 Ish pengantin main talipon lagi…BZ..BZ…ish3…;P

IMG_9007 We are the ‘artist’ for the day…Awww..heheh~

_ETA9307 Nyum2..Iceroom after the wedding…Sorry Abg Amin tinggal…ahaha..

ennya Me for the day…”Enny wearing a dress?Goshh…”….;P


Okey enough of the wedding for these past 2 months…In TWO months…I've already attended 5…repeat! 5 weddings…What’s next??huhuhu~Ok I nak lari go for my vacation..Owh no..not yet as I have events on March..dang!Heee….

Till then peeps…;))..Nite2…Mwahhhhhh~<3

Cinta Itu Indah


Heart feel the goosebumps :

It does made me cry at the first time I heard this song.. and I do believe in IT. It just I couldn't find the key of IT that I threw away quite sometimes ago… Just come back to me again will you…

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Brutal Girl Becoming a Wifey!;))


Heart smiling and love to say :

Bie!! You mmg rock la..eheheh~ As people who know this particular girl surely know how her character is…but finally now she is WIFEY! If you was reading the previous entry, the SCENARIO 3 are belong to her story…;P

A week before the wedding, I just dropped by at her place in the office just to have a chit chat with her ( I kan ADUN Motors..ahahaha). Yeah..obviously she soooo kelam kabut..and there is another thing that bothering her which is…LOTS OF CHANGES NEED TO BE DONE!!! ahahah~ I can only laugh ..knowing her and her character that a little bit “boyish”..yes it is gonna be hard for her. But who my advices for her..just be Yoi falling in love you because of YOU, yourself..Nothing to worry much..take it slowly dear…your Hubby surely can adapt it as he is willing to live with you forever right …;)) – Slightly changes to be more feminine surely make him more falling into you..hikhik~

A day before the wedding itself..ONE CALL from her…”Enny, teman aku nikah…!” Adui…selamat la I amik EL kan for the day itself sebab the solemnization is on FRIDAY! and I’m suppose to work!..Suka buat terkejut tergempak ni tau..Has been requested of course I’ll be there kan..Heee..As usual Miss Enny mmg suka kena jadi family extra. It just me I guess.;)

Before I start to merepeking will tell you more kay peeps! Enjoy..

_ETA9100 Picture wajib…amik berkat ke apa Cik Enny?heheheh

_ETA9128 The Bride of the day!

_ETA9182 Wee…selamat dah jadi PUAN!

_ETA9206 Comel Bie pakai tudung..Yoi sgt sweett..;P

_ETA9247 Just love the pictures..we acted like that requested by the OP

Congrats Bie & Yoi…the event were so sweet, cozy and private…Wish you happily ever after… Hugs and kisses from me to Diba okey…;P

Rabun ke Buta? @ Buang Tebiat?


Heart jumping and brains keep on processing :

Tak tercapai dek akal.!!

What?? Meh explain skit…how on earth people can fall in love without knowing that person? By pictures…?By voice…? By sms semata..?

Faith or mmg  ‘JODOH’..?Hurmmm…..I wonder love can be so BLIND…

Sorry, it just sometimes it really drag me down to drain as I’m seeing lots of ‘evidence’ with my two eyeballs lately. But well what ever happened must be a reason behind that right. Ok la must be you guys pikir pe la Cik Enny merepek ni…tetiba tajuk nak I’m a rabun girl!(Salahkan UBAT!!huh..if not i dah jadi pilot now..)…Well,well..shut Miss E…baru je ckp what happened always a reason nak bebel plak..;P

Ok OK here are some example of it : (berdasarkan kisah benar)

Scenario 1 :

People claimed to fall in love on me..Erkk??Macam issue soal perasaan sendiri je kan..but guys its the facts!Lagi2 with younger peeps…Ok this magnet haven’t stop yet which is sometimes I feel it is like a curse but a friend of mine always keep me down in saying ACCEPT it as gift Enny!.Wuuuu….being friends is not a big issue with me but FALL IN LOVE WITH ME? Huh…let me see what they have to say after I buat soal siasat…well sort of.. ‘You look nice! Macam YUNA!’ – huh…it’s been a while ..dah few people saying the same things…mana celah Yuna pun tak tau la…until they can called me..’My Yuna’..ewwwww…Till they called me via phone..’suara comel gila’…hah??aduih..suara nih leh wat suara latar citer katun bole la…ahahahaha~ and another common things ‘awk ni manja sgt kan’…owh ohh…what the heck that i said till you can say that…I nih brutal okey ( is it?..;P)…this dragggggggg till to the extend..jealousy comes up…concern…over protective…report duty please!! (means you have to tell where you wanna go,with who, what time to come back..bla..bla..bla..) and ..

This is when…tada ! “I LOVE YOU SYG/BABY/HONEY”…My reaction??Hikhik….guess la sendiri…;P

I can love but don’t hope to I tends to hurts than love..I try to please everyone but I’m not perfect though..Sorry..Just hold to it k deariessssss..;D

This song not for you k but for another YOU which I know you trying to make it up to me but hermmm…as I said…I’m not buying any of your words anymore..too bad…You need hard works to gain my LOVE again! Tuh la lenkali cr pasal la lagi kan…Girls you know who i meant kan…;P

Scenario 2 :

I do have a couple of friends which is which yang nyaris buat I hilang sabar..SPEECHLESS..How wise I tried to say..How hard i tried to convince..How lenient of my ears and eyes to listen and read..but somehow these people seems like lost in their own world…Bak kata org, “Dah terang lagi bersuluh”…the girls are playing with you..Just taking an advantage as you always throw to them ‘I'm here even as a friend’..sedangkan she don’t even care what you feel or appreciate what have you done. End up your HIGH HOPES…dushhh…jatuh 10 kaki ke bawah..and you keep on saying ‘I didn’t do good enough I think”..Owh gosh…my getting sicker and sicker day by day…Nak tunggu sampai masuk hospital or wad sakit jiwa baru you nk sedar? I hate seeing you like this..and I HATE seeing you like a LOST MAN tenggelam in your BLIND LOVE..

Scenario 3 :

This kinda fascinating…Knowing each other just like an ordinary friends for the past few months…not yet achieve 6 months of friendship..but seems they are so comfortable to each other…Till one day, they met with a minor accident 3 weeks ago( from this date)..the next day the guy came to the house MERISIK and terus BERTUNANG…and this girl came to me a week after to make a special invitation to her WEDDING which is ONLY 2 weeks ahead ( the date was yesterday..) Memang FAST & FURIOUS…I even made a joke with her..Must be the guy terhantuk mana2 ke during the accident tuh yang shot skit terus tiba2 pikir nk ajak kawen…heheheh~ Well this what we called as ‘JODOH’ as what Kak Ezan said “Inilah Cinta Syurga”..Wowww…


Well then…betul kan my tajuk entry as Rabun?Buta?or Buang Tebiat? Ahahah~ Let me share of some facts about TRUE LOVE..

The progression of true love:

*  Meet one another and are attracted.

*  Either fall in love over time, or the attraction fades and both move on.

* Get to know each other better and decide to make the relationship permanent.

*  Spend considerable time attempting to change everything about the person loved order to make him/her conform to the "idea" of love.

* The "honeymoon phase" comes to an end.   Weigh the pros and cons of "sticking it out" because the significant other is not going to change. If it is true love, the pros outweigh the cons.

* Accept the true love with all his/her warts and flaws and pray he/she accepts ours.

*  Wake up one day and realize they have been together for many happy years, cannot imagine life without the other, and even love the warts and flaws that go with the whole package.

Infatuation and attraction deny any imperfections. True love embraces them. Love's keen vision does not miss a detail.

"True love is not blind, it merely enables one to see more clearly what others fail to notice."


Till then, Cheers!! ;D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RINDU!! ;(


Heart said :

Sorry peeps, this entry is dedicated to certain people yang buat saya terseksa jiwa & raga.

Rindu tau tak??Haih..*Sigh*

Name : Muhammad Akif

Location : Route tak ketahuan…based in Singapore

Pesanan : Akif, you mana ni?? I tau you selalu baca blog i…sila reply my text where ever you are..Telefon tuh sila belek skit..Tak sesat nyer flight you tuh…auto-pilot kan..Haiyaa..Suka jd biskut chipsmore tau…at least biskut tuh leh makan…kenyang pun..YOU? suka buat org risau..Sila balik cepat & text i…sob..sob…;(( kawan you ni byk kisah nk cite…


Name : Akasha

Location : Colombia

Pesanan : Kasha!! Still on field eh…?Can’t wait for you to come back this March (come back ke?;P –silap2 for your holiday) Lots of things to catch up…Miss to hang out again…I know setiap kali awak balik, kita tak sempat jumpa saya bz awak pun bz…-nth pe yg bz pun taktau la…;P But promise this time, I’ll make sure we make our date satu reality..chewahh..eheheh~ Take care okey..takmo skip mkn & solat okes dear..


Donno why I keep on missing you guys?? Maybe we just far..far..away…Hermm…balik la cepat…..;(

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Brain and heart sync to shout this :

AWESOME OF THE AWESOMENESS!!! Only word can be say for this superb screening…

It’s totally can out beat the Moulin Rouge ..huhu~


Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams to LA. After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue, Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club's proprietor and headliner. Burlesque's outrageous costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young ingénue, who vows to perform there one day.
Soon enough, Ali builds a friendship with a featured dancer (Julianne Hough), finds an enemy in a troubled, jealous performer (Kristen Bell), and garners the affection of Jack (Cam Gigandet), a bartender and fellow musician. With the help of a sharp-witted stage manager (Stanley Tucci) and gender-bending host (Alan Cumming), Ali makes her way from the bar to the stage. Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory, though not before a charismatic entrepreneur (Eric Dane) arrives with an enticing proposal...


I’d been invited by gorgeous girls whom to be my GF & our lil sis to be their companion to this special screening last night. Started at 9pm…the show started with a very strong singing…knowing of Christina Aguilera of her powerful voice…just imagine that!;)

Not wrong for me to say this about the movie..IT WAS SPECTACULAR! We laughed, we enjoyed the musical, we adored the sexy dance..and yes as what our lil sis said “depressed tengok body dorg”..ahahaha~

But actually it is much more to the story line itself.Can be rated this screening are very SEXY, strong story with a really deep meaning if you can define it.. It takes us to stand up and believe in yourself, push out yourself as the sky are the limits,loyalty towards friendships and learn how to listen to people…coz it will helps you a lot. Quoted from the pick up line “don’t you ever stop listening to your own voice?, so now listen to me”…and things work out.;)… will never know right until you give it a try.. no harm! And of course giving up is not suppose to be in our dictionary – related to the song by Cher : You haven’t seen the last of me… (listen to the song dearly…you will get what i mean).

It is recommended for you to see this piece of film arts…go watch it!! ;D I definitely gonna repeat to watch this over and over again..ehehe~

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Choose Please…


Listen to your lil’ heart :


MALAS Weekend


Brain lazy to think and let heart spell it out :

Dengan ini saya declared as this weekend were the most MALAS Weekend ever!!

Tomorrow MONDAY??? Couldn’t anyone just change the name of the DAY??  Gosh..Hyepp…takleh…I need to be productive! Enough of bermalasan day..getting sick of it dah..huhuh ( I know sounds like a bit ‘poyoness’ di situ…hahahah).Let it be!!;P


Buy Groceries  -DONE

Helping Parents –DONE


Work List for tomorrow – DONE (see2 my new memo pad calendar 2011 tuh?)

Appointment –UPDATED!

Re-decorating my own cubicle – In brain processing!!!!

Sleep –I GUESS IT WAS THE MOST I DID THIS WEEKEND…ahahahah.. oopssy!

IMG-20110206-00134 Me and colors are unseparateable – there is where the ‘pelangi’ and ‘peacock’ came from..;P

Saturday, February 5, 2011



Heart just wanna share :


P/S: Lets your brain try to manipulating it… if you really can’t read it, I’ll translate it for you later yeah..ehehehe

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Like You


Brain dictating to say this:


“And I don’t, don’t, don’t get the hate. Self hate, women hate, body hate, stranger hate. That seems so exhausting.

I like me. I like you. I like you, even if I don’t know you. I like you until I have a reason not to. And then I’ll probably still like you and try to view your meanness through the lens of your experiences.

I try. Some people really work at making it hard. I don’t think it’s naive, though I’ve heard that before. I just think it’s a better way to be.”

Bahasa ‘Comel’??


 Brain is laughing with this :

Owh I’m falling in LOVE!! REAL THING?!Who is?

Ini Anwar Hadi (pengakuan jujur ni..ahahaha). Ooppss…;P…sila la google who is this guy..:P…Special thanks to En.Pjie who bring us together (drama gila ayat..;D)

Ha don’t get me wrong…I love the IDEA of him, JUJUR nya dia in projecting his opinions about the current issue and it is HILARIOUS though..Believe me you should see this…

Especially about the title of this entry…EEEWWW babe!Yucks!!Ahahaha~


Penat gelak dah??

It is true right!!….ha ke sbb korg pun ada texting by that? Ngaku cepat!!..Owh pleasseeee STOP it…annoying and irrirating okey, jenuh pulak nk kena bukak kamus Dewan Bahasa yang sumpah takkn jumpa ejaan macam tuh…

Want to do shortform pun please use the trengkas lesson that we learned before (tak pnh dgr ‘trengkas’ sila tanya parents anda ye adik2..).Kan senang nak faham…Adui!! Enough with ‘Manglish’, now kiddos are manipulating the spelling by tambah eeeww at the end of the word. Bajet COMEL??OK sangat pening dah…

Thanks Anwar..You mmg rock on..can’t stop laughing seeing you doing this…;P

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tribute to P.Ramlee


Heart smiling while listening to it :

Thanks to ERA FM as I’d come to listen this from the wave in the car…Old songs but have been given with new touch and new singers who sang with their own version which is I can consider it as INTERESTING!!..nafas baru sambil menghargai yang lama…;))

Enjoy it peeps!! ;)

Tanya Sama Hati (buat we satu family sang together in the car..ahaha)

Tanya pada pokok apa sebab goyang,
Nanti jawab pokok angin yang goncang,
Tanya sama langit apa sebab hujan,
Nanti jawab langit tanyalah awan.
Awan nanti kata aku kandung air,
Sampai tempat sejuk aku pun cair,
Tengok dalam air nampak bayang-bayang,
Campak satu batu bayang pun hilang.
Tanya sama hati apa rasa sayang,
Adakah tandanya nampak dipandang,
Kumbang rayu bunga bulan dan bintangnya,
Punya tanda-tanda hubungan mesra.
Tanya sama hati pernahkah merindu,
Tiba masa lena apa mimpimu,
Masa berjauhan apa nan dikenang,
Bila difahamkan itulah sayang.
Jikalau tidak kerana sayang,
Kuntuman kasih tak mungkin kembang,
Andainya jemu mengganti rindu,
Jambangan mesra tentulah layu.
Tanya sama hati pernahkah merindu,
Tiba masa lena apa mimpimu,
Masa berjauhan apa nan dikenang,
Bila difahamkan itulah sayang.

And another song which has been a part of my status for today in FB..

Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti ( hati terusik..sob..sob..drama!!)


Di manakan ku cari ganti
Serupa dengan mu
Tak sanggup ku derita dan berhati patah
Hidup gelisah
Alangkah pedih rasa hati
Selama kau pergi
Tinggal ku sendirian
Tiada berteman dalam kesunyian
Dunia terang menjadi gelita
Cahaya indah tiada berguna
Keluhan hati ku menambah derita
Kini kau jua tak kunjung jelma
Di manakan ku cari ganti
Mungkinkah di Syurga
Untuk teman ketawa
Menangis bersama selama-lamanya