Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Again??;)


Heart thumping and keep forcing brain to think :

I was sick yesterday…and missed out my another good friends wedding. OMG Ainul @ Adrian, I’m really2 sorry couldn’t make it to your day..I know I’ve been promising you guys ages ago to come..but…’s hurtful to feel when I break my own promises..    ;(..sorry guys…


Yet there is another story for today! Chin up and smile Miss Enny..

Wedding??Owhh its soooo into me right now…Everyone been realizing that I am super busy with all kind of weddings…until I got this remarks from friends “Asik gi wedding je u ni…u punye bila plak?”..Ish…attending a wedding pun salah ke?Hermm…Some people will be asking don’t I feel anything when seeing lots of my friends are getting married? I’ll be lying if I answer NO..but may I just smile as the answer? :) Weyh…jgn buat i nages la ok..Erkk tuk apa i nak nages eh??Ishh..shushhh…

Back to the main topic! My dearest ICHA got married!Yeayy..owh the solemnization was yesterday but then the reception is today..Love to be around her as she is ‘kaki melatah’..and of course I always being the culprit to tease her…best kacau dia.ahahahah~ sorry Icha! ;P..Icha sayang Enny kan…heeee

Our friendships started back 5 6 years ago which era of MYSPACE are so cooolll….I’d be friends with Ayu..and then we got attached with another two girls, Mery and Icha..they were so hell fun! One by one getting married..after this Mery will be in the line..NEXT!!! As Abg Amin is the OP for the day…I very the malas to kacau so much to snap2…but here are some of mine curik2 shots…;P

_ETA9258 Ish pengantin main talipon lagi…BZ..BZ…ish3…;P

IMG_9007 We are the ‘artist’ for the day…Awww..heheh~

_ETA9307 Nyum2..Iceroom after the wedding…Sorry Abg Amin tinggal…ahaha..

ennya Me for the day…”Enny wearing a dress?Goshh…”….;P


Okey enough of the wedding for these past 2 months…In TWO months…I've already attended 5…repeat! 5 weddings…What’s next??huhuhu~Ok I nak lari go for my vacation..Owh no..not yet as I have events on March..dang!Heee….

Till then peeps…;))..Nite2…Mwahhhhhh~<3

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