Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Fight!

Heart feel:

we fight for the people.
who treat us like shit.
we love the ones,
who don't deserve it.

we cry for people,
who don't think twice about us.
we try so hard for ones.
who always let us down.

there;s only so much,
you can do.
for once,
let people show you
they care.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Hazey, Please Go Away!

Brain suffocated:

Kabus sana sini! Eh bukan kabus!! It's HAZEEEEEEE!! Owh my Miss Hazey kenapa lah nak muncul2 time begini? Till can't see the 'Supermoon'.
And dear KKM, are you sure you're not a part of this?? *muka xpuas hati..
It's been almost a week ;(

Seriously this is sooo not good. Kulit rasa gatal2, bau asap and hard to breathe. Sungguh tak best! Hopefully for a brighter day tomorrow. Sebab dah hujan tadi kan..Pray hard for it please.

Some info :

Saiz jerebu 3-2.5 micron.. saiz rambut 7 micron.. dan partikel jerebu mempunyai toksik. Menyebabkan masalah respitori atau pernafasan, iritasi mata, hidung... sentiasa cuci muka dan tangan selepas pulang kerumah, bg mengelakkan pengumpulan partikel2 tadi di anggota badan kita... Lagi bagus cari mask N95 yg boleh avoid 90% partikel partikel halus... tapi N95 hanya boleh dipakai 2-3 hari sahaja itupun kalau dijaga dengan bersih... IPU 100++ dah dikategorikan tidak sihat.... tuan puan adalah digalakkan utk memakai mask N95 ini sekiranya keluar dari rumah.. (Penunggang Motosikal adalah amat digalakkan)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mysterious Much?

Heart said :

Funny when a friend of mine kept on saying I'm a girl full of mysteries, past stories that hardly to be revealed?

Am I?

I'm just a normal ordinary girl that in the midst of learning to be a lady in a perfect sense my dear. There is nothing for me to hide.
Just sometimes, something is better to be left unspoken. For a better.

Memories? All of us have that don't we? But I chose to forget, let go some of it. Years to be trained.
How to do that? Ignorance! Well, is not really morally thing to do. In my case, I HAVE TO! My data bank storage capitalizing all my neurons. It can't work well if I kept remembering the past. It is good to reflects back, to know where we stands before, what is our history is. But then what coming over is more important right? The future? Then why we have to keep holding the past? Yeah at times, there will be a thing trigger up the memories back, how that I forces to remember it, I just couldn't. I'll end up with NUMB.

Being a keeper, a 'carer' will find how this 'mysterious' thing can rise up. It's okey dear. Not to worry much. I'll manage this. I'll keep smiling as that been thought by a dear friend to keep me strong and stronger when the times come.

To my dear friends of yesterday,
Thanks for coming back in one piece. Thanks for the smile and warmth love.
But I wouldn't turn back to you. Enough say...enough is enough. The story ends years back remember?Live well will you?  =)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No Heart

No heart could be of a Mu’min without the struggles, sorrows and pain that it had gone through. It is through these certain events in his life that he finds the inner spiritual strength that none can give but his faith in Him.

So let the beauty of accepting His Qādr reflect your strength in handling things in life, wherein at the end it is only through His Mercy that we find the peace that we need.