Monday, April 28, 2014

Orchid lah!

Heart mesmerizing:

My mum hobby become an addiction of mine till a small garden created in front of my house called as 'Taman Astakonah' by my neighbour (jgn tanya I Astakonah tu apa...sbb dia je yg tau..hahaha)
Orchid does have a mild memory of my late grandma especially the 'dancing orchid. Yes we can love roses, jasmine, tulips, name it....but orchid always have their own class.

This orchid belongs to my mum. While I'm busying playing siram pokok bunga sempat snap shot this. Out of it my BB really can produce such a nice pic instead. Heee~

Sometimes to snap something doesn't matter with what you are using, but what came in your heart.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cik Enny Punya Weekend

Brain working:

Tak cukup dengan cycling and I was suppose to attend my dear friend's wedding, tapi tak pergi pun..huuu~ sowie la Fatah & Ain, next week Enny dtg eh..;P
Then I missed out the GHO & APS 9 Side Tournament..huu~ (ahahah~ sebabnya Cik Enny mmg some sort of 'pompom' girl for GHO-walaupun xde pompomnye...jd tukang sebuk je..ngee)

But then I did get the update soon enough sbb ada org tu was a TOP SCORER! Wuhuu~. From the pic teka la mana satu dia yg renyeh sampai telinga ha..#owhbffku. We won as 1st runner-up. Nak belasah team yang first mmg taklah a part of them SDFC player..Apakah? Hee...xpe...sbb accordingly to those brothers they did had fun.
Kuddos for you guys! InsyaAllah masa SDGG, Enny datang 'semak' as usual eh..hikss

Done with that, I is very tak reti duduk dediam jawabnya and kebetulan Abah dah beli those material for my vinyl plastic flooring, so my Sunday...gone with this! Huhuh..
Walaupun bilik ku taklah sebesar mana tapi jenuh jugak playing with the special glue, cutter, crafting the curve, tolak2 katil almari...and it tooks almost a day nak siapkan complete dgn rearranged balik brg2 dlm bilik. But then kejadian ini hanya seketika, sebab next week nk mengecat lagi..-_-....

Google image

Till then. See you Mr.Monday!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Polka-Dating With GSC #aTheme2Wear

Brain ticking:

The day we become lil Minnie Mouse wannabe...dah la motifnye sama...Ish3...
(TerPAKSA bajet comel..ngee) Eh sambung update later, batt dh nk KO dah...tggu deretan pic wassap masuk dari mamarazi ku...

All this caused by a day we called as ' POLKADOT DAY by GSC'....

aThemeWear Committee for GSC IT were me and Edmund yang pasti sume org pun taktau apa tugasan kitaorg...inilah dia! Tada!
Thanks for supporting guys...compiling your pictures pun I senyum sorg2..hee comellllll..

#atheme2wear #ProudToBeAGSCEmployee

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Present and Before With Iverson

Brain mumbling:

Pheww!! End of adrenaline running upside down for the past 2 days. But remain calm Cik Enny. Deeeeep breathhh..inhale in and out.. -
And guess what I managed to do that!...Never know the powerful of a smile can deceived people towards my own nervousness. Hehe~ not by means okey. Tuhan je tau how stressful we were been through the 'special' two days to transform us...being a good presenter. Memang magic la if the trainer can change us in one night. But of course the efforts from the participants pun penting jugak. Sporting je la kan..;P

Honestly it does kinda of stressful even though we just need to present for 5 minutes but then when you are doing some thing out of your usual norms, we became more nervous, panic and stiff while presenting stuff.
Lagi2 tetiba dapat case study totally..RFP for SAP ECC 6.0..O.M.G..pebenda plak ni?? ok BLANK! Totally out of our expertise. Just imagine my team who our big sis, is a TL for our Domino Email Enterprise, 2 gfs who are specialist for Network and DWM and me who far more to Desktop Services Specialist, disuruh translate kes SAP.. Aduh... bak kata our big sis...mmg Sistem Amat Payah ni.. hahahah~
Memang payah kak, sudahnya masing2 putting an effort study what the heck is SAP itself, sungguh2 la baca success stories, journal, wiki habes sampai tgh malam...nampak tak tu? Kembali ke zaman study jawabnya..huhu..ya Allah bape taun dah tinggal tu...ngee~

Sebenarnya yang suspend tu sbb kena present the proposal at our 2 bosses. Bare in mind yang ni were team presentation but the 5 minutes each to pun terasa like gajah in our stomach. Exaggerate lebih!
Ok ni nak sengih lebih skit as I got a feedback yg super positive!! Yeayy...
'Enny is very confidence, very calm' - uih sbnrnya mmg dah terasa ayat taknk kluar ni. grammar takyah cakap la...mmg tunggang langgang.. ;P
'Enny have a bright voice, she lifted up the energy for the team'
'Enny is the 'light-wired'...ok tu sebenarnya tak faham sgt..huhu~
All said by the trainer and a boss yang accessed us for the final presentation. Huuu~
But of course I do have area of improvement to be done - please pause! take your time to breath..hiks...terckp mcm bullet train plak...;P

But basically everyone sume pun ada kelebihan and our trainer said, "Practice make perfect!..Practice, practice, practice .....tang bila nye nth nk prektis...ckp sesorg dpn cermin pun boleh..hehe` End of it, we do have FUN!! Sebab sume pun sporting je and supportive...tu yang best tu..

Wrapped up for today. Esok kembali normal mode ye. Yeayy malam ni leh tdo awal..semata, padahal baru sehari je kena dera buat homework..hahah~ mmg over ;P

Monday, April 21, 2014

Clever Love Trick ;)

Heart mumbling:

People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other's personalities.
Who wouldn't?
Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person.
But that's not the clever trick.
The really clever trick is this:
Can you accept the flaws?
Can you look at your partner's faults honestly and say 'I can work around that. I can make something out of that.'?
Because the good stuff is always going to be there, and it's always going to be pretty and sparkly,
But the crap underneath can ruin you.
Try to accept the whole parcel shall we?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hidden Talent Ke?

Brain circulating:

Bila Cik Enny getting handy in her own personal private world...ART!..
Hehe~ please don't be so skeptical IT Specialist need to be that geek...sbb I am totally not getting near that word of 'GEEK'! You might see one when I put on my speky mode and start to read but then geek ke? Hahaha~

Lately ni I've been doing some makeover-rajin tetiba..
Painting, doing handicraft always be in my waktu senggang. Cuma kadang2 M besar tu je yg dtg. Hishh kena halau jejauh ni...Ish3..Well then, lately ni mood untuk lembutkan tangan, lembutkan hati tu datang balik instead jari jemari sibuk menaip emails, playing with system, troubleshooting remotely - might be I been showered with lots of love. Tu yang artsy side of me start to rebuild through my veins again. Owh my Cik Enny being cheesy much! ;P Get use to it okey..Hehe~

Last weekend, I've just done making a feature wall in my room...pic tu baru dinding je siap...whole makeover blum complete lagi..Everything gonna be a huge changes...hee~ nama pun makeover. Yes painting tu I did alone in 3 hours time, ntah kenapa I do love keje2 mengecat ni. Padahal akan comot je manjang and baju surely jd pakai buang je (sebab susah nk sental hilangkan kesan cat tu..hahaha).

And today, while mmg amik cuti hari ni, I decided to buy some ribbons and playing with it. Tenkiu Cikgu Google...I made it...Ada reason gak why I out of blue moon have to create some accessories as I need to decorate for 500 boxes in 6 months time. -pengsan please..hikhik...but then td buat timing I can do ONE in 2 minutes times at kira2 it is manageable la jugak. So momantai, small the matter. Hee~

People might not know I used to :

1. Mural painting for kindergarten school around Shah Alam (ntah ada lagi ke tak artwork tu..)
2. Made handmade birthday card for sale
3. Drawing for my juniors to get A in their Art Class (okey ni jgn tiru ye adik2...junior2 akak kau ni mmg mengada2 skit...;P)
4. Completed 100 of crane's origami for a dear friend ( there is some sort of Chinese punya kepercayaan, if you completed 100 of those origami crane, you wish will come true - I did that for my sick friend previously when everyone given up on him..haiyaa long story to tell, later la k)
5. Jadi photographer bidan terjun for some big event (thanks to some friends yg mmg suka wat keje terkejut tergempak ni - I rarely published most of the pictures.. tau2 je jadi mangsa keadaan..huuu~)

En.Tunang pun dah mula adapted I do have such interest which he have no idea at all I love to do such things randomly.. actually this thing applicable to my whole family.. We gonna make our own pagola in front of our house soon.. Nantikan....;P

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Si Kacak + Hipo!

Heart shout out :

Boo!! Kini si Hipo selamat berlokasi di sebuah bilik di satu department yang menyebabkan dia dibahan seantero kawasan. Hahahaha!
Serius sumpah rasa nak gelak guling2 bila dapat respond dari dia. Nasib thru IM je, kalau call or depan2, dah lama kena cekik2 gamaknya..;P..Zass I lari dulu...huu~

Sorry la putera lilinku...*I still can't stop
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SI KACAK! @ Kpop - Kemaman Pop..hik2
Ini pun cukup baik I xbuat announcement secara mass, you rasa2 apa akan jd?..hehe~ But of course benda2 mental camni, your BFF yang meos sikit begini je yang akan buat...
Bak kata orang tu tadi "Kurlass kau nyahh"...

For my favorite friend, I wish you all your favorite things on your lucky day.
The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck.
Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health.
Say cheers to life and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Special friends are a rare find, but am I glad that you are one of mine!
Happy Birthday to a friend I'll never forget!
Wishing my friend a beautiful day
Hopes and dreams I'm sending your way
May all be good and all come true
On this very special day for you!

Do you know why I never need to ask for any blessings from God?
That's because He has given me friends like you!
You are such a special friend, 
Who deserve a special day,
For being who you are and
Bringing joy in every way.
You make me smile and laugh,
with everything you do,
So today I get to send
A special Birthday wish to you!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You A World!

Randomly type.. i'll rewrite again later yeah..

Just to say...

Pic credited : HasifRahman Photography

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Truth v.2

Brain dictating :

Another truth! Version 2!
Haish byk sgt truth plak. Hehe..nak tulis ke xnk...actually takde pape pun sebab hari ni saya HAPPY!
Meh nyanyi lagu HAPPY! -eh taknk lah tepu dgr lagu tu hari2 En.Boolat duk pasang kemain kuat ha..-_-

The truth is like a lion.
You don't have to defend it.
Let it loose.
It will defense itself.

#the truth is about TRUST. Thank you for trusting me =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Truth

Heart at ease:

People always believe in the idea of the truth but how far they can take it? Yet simply people will far much at ease believing the beautiful lies instead of the ugly truth. Afraid to get hurts don't you?

Finally, I don't have to grumble with my own assumption, persecution of something that I'm not specifically sure on it.  ASK! Is my modest way to dis-tangle all the questions been dancing in my neurons for quite sometimes and I am happy to know the truth from the exact person.
Itukan lebih baik... your stories, your confession are in my safe box dear until the time you ask for the revealing.

Been googling stuff for some truth quotes, bumped to this one movie.. lets cari tonight..ironinya is the title..hehe~

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Bless You Will Never Know

Heart hoping:

Sebenarnya hati agak terluka hari ni, baru tau I have no mean to a dear friend, mungkin! just my assumption je?. Cik Enny!! Wake up! Assumption is killing people You know this by facts.
Tapi takpe lah, I just have the strength tuk doakan kebahagiaan dia. Wish I really hope so one day dia akan rasa bahagia ...itu je yang I minta.
I know I can't ask for more. Nikmat mana lagi yang nak ku kufurkan? Bersyukur Enny.

#basically hari ni it just a note to myself.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

KL Xtra Car Free Morning - 4th Edition

Heart beating faster:

And here we go again! It's back! Hehehe~ Memang super excited with this kinda of things. Tapi hari ni ada extraordinary skit as my youngest brother is joining us with his so called new bike and we been inter-framed in Cycling Malaysia Magazine. Plus Abah been interviewed by Bernama. hahaha~ Okey run from the camera please. ;P

The crowd never failed to marry the event. Thousands of many types of bicycle yang korang tak terfikir pun were joining us. Cool!

These two pictures yang berjaya di detected dlm page FB of this Cycling Malaysia Magazine.Of course these credited to them ;P

BF2 I main Futsal kala malam rembang, but I'm cycling during sesubuh hari...;D

Abah!! Tu tinggal nk letak GoPro je kat helmet tu. Hik2
Usually we gonna go back straight after the fun ride but today macam rajin sikit to stay up with the others at Dataran Merdeka, watching the gravitier put up their air brush drawing. Macam sangat kagum okey to see they can use couple bottle of spray to draw! The theme was #prayforMH370. And haruslah daku nk menyebuks di situ kan..Hikss~  aha...sama2 la bersenamrobik ala2 menari traditional tgh2 jalan tu..hehehe.

Kalau semalam dah makan sampai sendat2 perut, today we burned the calories back and forth (tapi tak jugak, lepas tu kitaorg pegi makan nasi lemak Tanglin..hahahah~)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kisah Patin V.2

Brain recalled :

Roadtrip!! Always be my favourite scene.. (kaki berjalan sungguh! Harus! Kalau dah ada such a great companion kan..mesti la jejalan cari makan..hiks)
But kali ni, it was kinda repeat trip..backing up the other purpose - Cik Enny mmg suka lari dari tajuk utama.
Atas permintaan a family who always asking me to come back with my dear friends yang such a big eater and of course fulfilled people's cravingness..- mengalahkan org pregnant. huhu~
*ironinya I kan mmg 'genie in the bottle ;D

Accompanied by a sweet rain, bubbly friends - at one time the comfy silence - enjoying the green highway (time for sakura tree look alike to bloom -tetiba feeling Jepun sgt, padahal pegi pun x lagi..hehe ;P)

Oleh sebab partner sebelah En.Tukang Paling Cekap Cari Jalan, we arrived at perfect timing as promised. Family my ex-intern dah menanti ketibaan kitaorg depan pintu rumah. Erkkk sumpah sgt segan. Satu, sebab cmtu skali dorg menanti, I know they been asking their daughter for many times asking me to drop by again. Second, datang rumah org tak bawak buah tangan.. Ayoo...gila xsempat to grab something. SEGAN2! Ye adik2, nak datang rumah org, visit org sakit, rajin2 la bwk buah tangan ye. Adat yang baik yg patut diamalkan. Jangan contohi kakakmu ni yang tetiba ada short term memory lost. -_-

I just feel so touched they been so warmly around us and of course jamu 'ikan patin masak tempoyak' yang paling best we ever tasted. Hahaha~ inilah bendanya yang di cravingkan sgt tu...sampai mintak puding patin..huihh ada ke org buat? Jangan mcm2 bro...hik3.. Maaflah daku dikelilingi orang2 yang suka mintak benda agak luar biasa sikit ni.. pening mak..;P

Yes, memang makanan kampung and this you can only get authentically in Temerloh. Tapi atas nasihat pakcik tu, rajin2, ringan2 lah mulut bertanya tu ikan patin jenis apa and berapa harga sepotong before pakai main order je. Karang jadi kes kena byr RM 13K utk sekali makan.. mampu? Cerita ni pernah keluar paper dulu...kisah ikan patinnya. Hee.
But of course, ours were made specially homecooked by my ex-intern's mum. TQ so much la makcik sbb melayan kami yang memang once dah makan tak toleh2 kiri kanan dah.. Mak mentua lalu blkg pun xsedor gamaknya. HAHAHA~
Agaknya sebab tuh la jugak the family loves us to be here, suka tgk kitaorg makan yg mcm tak ingat org lain. Kata lainnya, pelahap...huih..tak tak...kitaorg sopan je..berhemah..dengan niat jgn membazir...Membazir tu kan amalan syaiton..*ayat cover!

Done with that, tak sampai sejam after that...we been served with keropok lekor and kopi o panas. Homai..ini heaven kah? Heaven dunia...ngeee~ Not enough with that, the mum did packed for us bekal tuk bwk balik KL...our 'ikan patin gulai tempoyak' yang hanya perlu dipanaskan...Yeayy...super nyummy!
Okey bocor rahsia, cik Enny buruk pangai.. ahaha~ Too bad...this are just too good and way much good way to make the day!

Hugs makcik! InsyaAllah kitaorg dtg lagi... (dah ada another invitation untuk musim durian okey..hee~ )

Dear En.Tunang ❤ ❤

Heart smiling:

p/s: Cheesy much! Hehehe...sekali sekala kan... Love you always my En.Cinta!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Enny + Photographic = Creative ke? ;P

Brain playing :

Let's play the equation shall we? After math sgt....;P

Cik Photographer lepaking after the job while the girls looking at their own pictures


Design cover CD


Finally siap! Boleh deliver dah....Posto2!

Notes: Yeah job kali ni only for 'Shoot & Burn'...but the finishing kenalah bg comel skit kan. Btw, Monster Merah tu bukan untuk dijual okeh...hiasan semata2 ..hiks (that is my pendrive...;P)