Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hidden Talent Ke?

Brain circulating:

Bila Cik Enny getting handy in her own personal private world...ART!..
Hehe~ please don't be so skeptical IT Specialist need to be that geek...sbb I am totally not getting near that word of 'GEEK'! You might see one when I put on my speky mode and start to read but then geek ke? Hahaha~

Lately ni I've been doing some makeover-rajin tetiba..
Painting, doing handicraft always be in my waktu senggang. Cuma kadang2 M besar tu je yg dtg. Hishh kena halau jejauh ni...Ish3..Well then, lately ni mood untuk lembutkan tangan, lembutkan hati tu datang balik instead jari jemari sibuk menaip emails, playing with system, troubleshooting remotely - might be I been showered with lots of love. Tu yang artsy side of me start to rebuild through my veins again. Owh my Cik Enny being cheesy much! ;P Get use to it okey..Hehe~

Last weekend, I've just done making a feature wall in my room...pic tu baru dinding je siap...whole makeover blum complete lagi..Everything gonna be a huge changes...hee~ nama pun makeover. Yes painting tu I did alone in 3 hours time, ntah kenapa I do love keje2 mengecat ni. Padahal akan comot je manjang and baju surely jd pakai buang je (sebab susah nk sental hilangkan kesan cat tu..hahaha).

And today, while mmg amik cuti hari ni, I decided to buy some ribbons and playing with it. Tenkiu Cikgu Google...I made it...Ada reason gak why I out of blue moon have to create some accessories as I need to decorate for 500 boxes in 6 months time. -pengsan please..hikhik...but then td buat timing I can do ONE in 2 minutes times at kira2 it is manageable la jugak. So momantai, small the matter. Hee~

People might not know I used to :

1. Mural painting for kindergarten school around Shah Alam (ntah ada lagi ke tak artwork tu..)
2. Made handmade birthday card for sale
3. Drawing for my juniors to get A in their Art Class (okey ni jgn tiru ye adik2...junior2 akak kau ni mmg mengada2 skit...;P)
4. Completed 100 of crane's origami for a dear friend ( there is some sort of Chinese punya kepercayaan, if you completed 100 of those origami crane, you wish will come true - I did that for my sick friend previously when everyone given up on him..haiyaa long story to tell, later la k)
5. Jadi photographer bidan terjun for some big event (thanks to some friends yg mmg suka wat keje terkejut tergempak ni - I rarely published most of the pictures.. tau2 je jadi mangsa keadaan..huuu~)

En.Tunang pun dah mula adapted I do have such interest which he have no idea at all I love to do such things randomly.. actually this thing applicable to my whole family.. We gonna make our own pagola in front of our house soon.. Nantikan....;P

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