Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Havara Place in Heaven! #penangtravelogue

Braininess reminiscing:

Always like this like that... I'm procrastinating my entry like the past 2 weeks perhaps?..hahaha~ sorry la sayangness...kinda packed with some workloads - office works, houseworks, mummy-to-be works, wifey works...(psst, excuses je kan)..

By then hubby dah started to tulis his review pun for some places...sbb he was been ages tak visit Penang. So excited nak cerita macam2. Me? Excited jugak but then ada sikit malas..;P tapi dah janji with him I will update this regularly. Btw, what's up me and Penang again? Hobi sgt dtg sini kan..Hehehe~ I memang with macam2 purposes..but then kali ni for a special wedding invitation from our dearest bakal pengantin (by now...dah lawful wedded pun lovebirds 2 orang tu..hikhik). Alkisahnya sbb special skit, as these two lovebirds were my hubby Bestman & my Emcee masa our wedding day the other day. Siapa yg dah tgk our wedding video surely akan perasan these two..sbb mmg muka interframed je..;P

Uih back to main topic...suka la mukadimah 10 minutes cik Enny ni..okey2..

We've been in Penang kali ni for 3 days and 2 nights...nmpk x sungguh2 kitaorg nk pegi wedding u guys ni...sebenarnya ada motif lain jgk..hikss~Ye lah sementara I belum sarat sgt ni. ;D. For the hotel booking seperti biasa, kuasa mutlak was on me for the selection. So I decided nak try some other place dr usual place my family stayed setiap kali datang Penang. Google punya Google, found this one place..macam cute jugak.. nama jalan pun mcm pelik jugak. How come tak pernah perasan before this? Ish2...after the consent of En.Hubby, booked je la...price pun okey..plus dia pun suka je fancy2 place ni...yeah gonna be a subject to his camera kann...

See how happy he was...ish3

Pic atas tu subjected to me as  I yang snap even with his camera...hihihi...tuh perut tgh kenyang Nasi Kandar Line Clear- impian makan2 dia sejak2 planned nk ke Penang. Itu baru satu okeh...We shall see for next.

The actual place & interior

The spacious room

The huge bathroom...

All pic credited to Havara Place itself...seems yg En.Hubby snap ..sorry terbanyak I yg interprame..shebuk je...hahaha~ So I need to use the official pic baru bole buat some review kan...:D

Map Location:


Havara Place, Leandro's Avenue, 10250 Pulau Pinang

( if you are using Google Maps on your phone, look for Gurney Paragon, it will be much more easier as this place quite isolated from the main road)


Room :

Complete as a homely space. Humongous space of room and even for the bathroom (can main lari2) hahaha~. All the necessities are complete ; refrigerator (for you to sumbat your cendol or snacks), common area, free wi-fi,  flat screen tv (but then we rarely watch the tv as busying studying the map of interest ;P)


They were a sweet couple named by Ang & Hui Li, very friendly and helpful in so may ways. Even worried much about their guest comfortability ;P. Trust been given by them to us were beyond expectation (memang we buat like our own sweet home as for that moment, only me, my hubby and our other friend stayed there for couple of days..;D)....and the most super special thing was : the boyfriend was in plan of proposing his sweetheart to be his partner of life. And of course, she said YES!! Congrats both you!!!

Price rate:

It's so affordable. You can see the rate from Booking.com or Agoda.com. Just indeed for your knowledge, they didn't use credit card utilities. So you may deposit some amount upon your confirmation to stay here.


To get so comfy but then bila malam, our tummy xnak tolerate dah kebulurannya. hahahah~...I need foodddd!!!...Plus ada org tu dr siang duk kepingin Pasembor & Cendol. Mai la akak bwk adik2 ye..hihi~ Here we go to Padang Kota to get some Pasembor and cendol for the night. Excited En.hubby and a dear friend yang nak try macam2, ha makanlah korang selagi boleh. I had been here beforetapi with other friends masa visit yg before this. So basically mcm ingat2 lupa jgk which one yang famous. Ha tada!! Bertingkat2 ha makanan tuh...owh and my advice, I know mmg akan tempted to see those delicious delicacy but then pesanan org2 tua..jgn nak tamaks sgt even you tends tooo. Sat gi tak habes...kan membazir tu. huhuhu~

We had our Pasembor, cendol and kerang bakar.. Super duper kenyang!! I pun xsure sape yang mengidam sebenarnya. hahaha~
Btw, that's concluded for our very first day in Penang. hihih~ Balik, mandi, solat and terbungkang trus on our comfy bed. Lupa penat seketika. Dasyat kan. ;P

Next we sambung for the next day punya cerita.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Prrrrrr......Suamiku Encik Meow ;P

Heart blessed:

He's the one who called me 'Meow' when I'm not responsive to his call.
He's the one sometimes who treat me like a cat (manja like kucing).
He's the one who love cats so much...but then blum rezeki for us to pet one as masih nomad as for now. InsyaAllah once we settle in for good, this fury cute lil thing will be a part of our family. =)

For now he is my own version of big cat yang sgt comel. hahahaha~

Love you sayang! Meowww~

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Poppyseed to Pumpkin #babyprogress - Large MANGO!

Brain connecting:

Just got back from Penang!! Baby Ibu main kicking sana sini ni...penat ye? Or rindu those nyummy foods kat Penang. Huhuhu..no no...sat gi Puan Enny yang debabs sat gi. hahahah

Btw, its has been 23 weeks dah this lilgirl in mummy's tummy. Sekejap je dah almost 6 months dah..:') and babycenter.com pun rajin sent the updates to me. Comel je.

And by this week, this lilgirl might be dah sebesar big mango (tapi melasak sgt ni...hehe).
Let's read the progress yeah... info from babycenter.com.

This is just a guide, it might be different for different mumm -to-be progress


Monday, March 9, 2015

♂ + ♀ = ♀ #lilkhalifah

Heart smiling:

Nothing can compare how grateful I am with the news and how happy were everyone else #iyangpreggyorglainyangexcited... Comel je bila tgk En.Hubby sengih sampai telinga for the last weekend. Well yeah, we've been looking forward for this as nak tau our lilkhalifah will be daddy's girl or mummy's boy. Hehehe~
Jum tgk equation ni if you guys boleh shoot a guess....;P

♂ + ♀ = ♀

Boleh teka tak? Google la....hahaha~  Okey2, rasanya sume org pun tau je kan... InsyaAllah... the lilkhalifah will be...


Now faham la kan kenapa abahnya yang rasa berbunga2 lebih kannnnn. Dah bole rasa hint nya bila he kept on cari nama bby girl...pepelik lak tuh...bunyi German sgt...Tang mana plk la either one of us ada blood line German..ish3...

The doc siap kata nk tau tak baby apa ni? Or nak surprise? Nak suprise, saya pun tak tengok... Weee kitaorg nak TAUUUUU!! Excited lebih...hahaha~.. Doc kira jari dia, ukur tulang peha dia, tgk tulang belakang dia...tapi berpusing sokmo ini budak kecik. Tapi jari2 tangan kat kepala tu dah kenapa? Pikir masalah negara ke anak ibu ni? hihihi~ But then alhamdullilah, everything are normal and sehat2 je..Me pun dah gained like 5kg in 5 months...amboii...mokss jap lg kang Puan Enny. ;P

Sejak2 dah tau gender apa, makin rancak dia bersilat in my tummy. Apa bikin dalam sach tu yang oi?? Ni berenang kuak lentang ke kupu2 ni..? Ish2...
Nanti nak try buat 4D la..can see this lilgirl clearly. Plus next month pun dah kena amik vaksin kancing gigi. Huuu~  Nanti I attach skali the video of it okey? ;D

Basically what the baby do inside the tummy ;P

So it's time to start surveying for her stuff...(bertabah la wahai hati bila tgk baju2 comel tu...karang Ibu dia yang lebih..eh ke Abahnya?? Takleh caya gak tu. Hahaha~)

Baru balik exercise pun leh sebuk gi survey! Itu namanya x menyempat..hahaha ;P

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby Cot, Playpen, Bassinet @ Moses Basket??

Brain calculating:

Haishh macam2 plk spesis tmpt si kecik ni nk tdo.. Bukan tido nanti kepit dengan ibu ke? ;P Was thinking to buy out a baby cot tapi mcm bulky plk sebab we haven't stay at our own house just yet.
Hermm, surfing tgk alternatives...wahh!! It's like hundreds of design, type of baby place.

And so far yang rasa practical is the playpen with bassinet. Macam comel je. Not that big, not that small, safe, seems comfortable and lots of adorable design. Yeah yang penting PRACTICAL!!

Some of the playpen with bassinet yang sempat I googled and menarik hati...tapi ni sebenarnya mengada je. Reason? Sebab my bis sis said 'takyah sebuk2 pikir, nanti Kak Al belikan' Hikss~..Katanya rounded up skali dgn wedding prezzie yg tak bg2 lagi...ngeee~ Kak Al!! Nak neither one yg comel2 mcm ni eh...#eh demand plk ;P

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tax, Donation, Zakat! Tanggungjawab?

Brain do the talking:

Time for billss.... And it's E-Filing time again!! Kata dah masuk March don't we? TAX time -_-
Learnt from the past, all documentation, receipts all in order dah started from early of the past year...tunggu masa nk key in the E-Filing je all over again.

For me, every year mmg wajib la nk kena buat declaration ni, bukan sebab gaji besar sgt but for the sake xnk kena audit xmemasal for next 10, 20 years akan dtg sbb LHDN ni mmg suka random je pick up names to do the audit. Jap gi kena penalti, berpuluh2 ribu. Huuu takpe la, xredho I. Hahahah~ Very the dangerous.

Mine?? SETTLED!! Phewww...Tak susah pun nk complete kan E-Filing form tu, just refer to your EA Form yang company provided kan okeh. Easy peasy...;D Just don't procrastinate, as the dateline for taxes payment by 30 April. Buat la okeh wahai sahabat2 ku yg berkerjaya.. Tak sampai 10 minutes pun nk kena key in needed data tu. Silap hari bulan, you even get cukai terlebih bayar sbb you consistently bayar zakat or being a donor to registered NGOs which need your fund the most.

Tak salahkan giving some back to the masyarakat? Duk complaint sana sini, pernah tanya what you have done for society? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

I do have friends yg suka procrastinated about this tax thing and even bebel2 why I need to bayar this much?? Even questioned out to authority personel about that. Owh come on bro...gaji belas2 ribu, you berkira pulak about the tax. Yes mmg akan tinggi but setinggi your salary la..Try to do some- what people said nowadays #throwback, what are you been calculating all these day? Pernah terfikir nak tolong society, or silap hari bulan, zakat pendapatan pun you tak pernah bayar. So how? As I said, tepuk dada tanya la diri sendiri okey. Tak jatuh muflis pun if you rajing giving back to society, trust janji Allah...DIA balas dgn seribu satu sumber rezeki even for sekecil zarah you memberi ;)

You can read for more from here :

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