Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Invitation #TOF

Brain constipated:

Owh my! Got an email from our Volunteer Coordinator of Mercy Mission Malaysia...
It was a special invitation for all volunteers who got involved with the event a month ago. Hermm... Really want to the same date I got another 2 more event. Which I wish can belah2 diri to go for all...: (

15th Feb  - 1. IT Escapade 2014 (company event - compulsory)
                  2. A wedding (old school friend -MGSKL - which I mmg org paling susah utk dorg jumpa)
                  3. MM Ansari Special ToF Volunteer Appreciation event (Mercy Mission Malaysia)

Dah pasti la I kena pegi for the company's one..  hope the gathering will be fun. huuu~

One Step Closer...(Full Story) ❤

Heart blossomed:

If everyone busy with the New Year Celebration, but me? Busy with changing my own personal 'title'. It was a day I've been waiting for.
My 2014 started with THIS!

The Engagement Day
Aqiqah Muhammad Aisy Rayyan Shah

Date: 04th January 2014
Location: Topaz 3, Bandar Saujana Putra
Apparel: Dress by Najjah, Shawl Qisha and detailings by Raudhah Shawl Store
Mini Dais: Shayana Creation
MUA: Mariam Zaid (my own sis in law)
Photographer: Azizie Hanazawa Rui (

Clearly from the pic yang meramaikan majlis were the Tahfiz boys from a Tahfiz school somewhere in Klang. Blessed to have them all in my small event. :')

People who doesn't know the real itinerary will said that I had such a big majlis tp sebenarnya the guests were for 2 EVENT at one go. There was a combo event with mine;  Aqiqah for my lil nephew, Muhammad Aisy Rayyan Shah - son to my lil brother who got married last year. Tapi of course the highlighted one was mine. ;p..Sorry Aisy..nnt maklong buat birthday party utk Aisy okeh...Hiks..

Hantaran baru siap a night before sebab gara2 nak sgt guna fresh flower kan...sudahnya sume2 tdo pukul 1 pagi nk menyiapkannya.. baru lah thrill..hahaha~
The day itself, I dah mmg tak take incharge dah..kena duduk ddiam dlm bilik. Tried curi2 dengar tapi xdgr..main bisik2 apa dorg kat bwh tu. Tak dgr ni pe yang dibincangkan ni.. Hish stress! -padahal duk camwhore dlm bilik..;P
Then Abah panggil we go!...Bermula sesi kena tahan senyum ni..Phew! Mula2 relaks lagi, sekali turun, MasyaAllah apa ramai sgt ni? Hati dah mula xkeruan...bole tak nak naik balik? Okey saje drama..Cik Enny buat cool je tapi masa his Auntie; Makngah nak sarungkan the ring...bole pulak shivering x pasal. Eh En. Photog, jgn snap scene yg tak patut okey..hahaha~

Alhamdulillah both event went well. Photog I tensen sbb I takde bunga tangan..:p..Sorry la beb, I memang tak buat bunga2 tangan xperlu je.. Sudahnya habes bunga I kat rumah jd props dia..dengan kitchen2 I jadi mangsa ala2 studio dia...ya ampun! Sukati u la Jie, janji you bahagia. hehe~ and hasilnya??
I love all your pictures bro! Owh btw, my photog ni pun just got engaged a week after I engaged...katanya mine was his first job for 2014 and amik berkat sikit...Amboi sempat lagi tu! ;D

And now *dancing...I'm officially Hasif Rahman's fiancee ❤

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12 & 9 Months Before #wedding

Brain stimulating:

Checklist sana sini, merata2 checklist I...kat wardrobe! buku conteng! my workplace! my wedding planner!...ahaha...semua gara2 takut termissed out certain things. Tapi taknk stress sgt nnt kang transform jadi 'bridezilla'...Haru! ;P Owh Cik Enny kan sgt bertenang orangnya...ngeee~

Basically I've done some...pheww!
This coming Friday and next Friday ada site visit nak tengok tempat and package2 yang ada... Sungguh2 kena nego ni sebab everything have to in budget. STRICTLY ABIDE! :p

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Being Me

Heart felt :

At times, I did get some remarks randomly of people wishing to be ME!
- pe kes? I ni dah la tak cukup tinggi, got rabbit teeth, flawless jauh sekali, magneto to 'peliksm' people. Byk drama ni. Nak ke? -_-

"Seronok kan jadi kak Enny, ramai orang suka, ramai orang sayang" - a sister
"Sometimes I envy dgn you, pegi mana pun ada je orang tegur you, mana pun ada orang kenal, you brought your positive vibes everywhere" - a GF
"I wish he can be at least 20% of you pun dah cukup baik" - a Boss
"Uih you ni macam MAGNET!" -a BF

Be careful of what you are wishing for dear.
Yes, you might see I got 'Engaged' and got an Award for work for this first quarter...senang cerita macam byk all the good things happening to me. Alhamdullilah, I am grateful to HIM for those 'gift'...
what people might not realize, I also have my own bitter sweet time, upside down, the beautiful lies the ugly truth which people barely see with their naked eyes. Looks can be so deceiving =)
How could I share my sadness, disappointment, frustration, sickness to the people who need my strength the most? Saat I feel lost in decision making, out of track in finding alternative, mental block accessing my neurons, numb towards my own feelings...
I do feel the pain in my ass.
I do fall sick.
I do out of control.
I do have uncertainty.
I do cried through the night.
Only things I can do is remain calm...bertenang2..tarik nafas dalam2..istighfar! Bertabah la wahai hati. MasyaAllah. (Sometimes goyang jugak, angin ribut taufan ...but certain people je yg akan rs tempias nya...hee...sorry darlings)
I hold hundreds of secret, hopes and dreams; stored in my brains partition...sampai satu tahap kena defrag susun2 balik all the files... then I'll be stable again and ready to receive more input without hesitation.
If you guys got to know this directly from me, means I'm fond to you.

I do believe everyone have their own bibliography behind on what they are today. What I've been through all this while make me what I am today. So do you. It just matter the different of our chronology in life.

You are beautiful as you are.
Hold this...'No Pain, No Gain'....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

..and It's BEGIN....With Love

Heart felt :

And the journey begin.....
This will be mine soon!! Guest this is for what ;) TQ Soulcrafty! ;D
#customize #ebay

Wedding guest book alternative 3D Wedding Tree

Description :

Personalized wedding guest book alternative - 3D Wedding Tree guest book Alternative - Rustic wedding -200 hearts

This could be a beautiful decoration at the reception counter which later a home decor. after your wedding day.

These wooden trees stand beautifully on a natural wooden slice which perfectly matches an Eco-friendly , rustic or even a vintage theme wedding. It comes with 200 red heart die cuts in a vintage wooden box. Each tree could accommodate up to 100 hearts on each side. So it could hold up to 200 guest's signature when the tree is full.:D

Guest will write on the heart and stick the heart to the tree. (comes with double side tape at the back of each heart)

Tree will be personalized to E&H and the date will be 11.10.2014.

Overall measurement : appx. 10"(H) x 12"(W) x 4"(D)
Tree : appx. 9.5"(H) x 8"(W)
Base : appx. 12" x 4"

Heart die cut : appx. 2.7cm(H) x 3cm (W)

Wooden box : appx. 5cm(H) x 9cm (W). While the inner space is measuring at appx. 4.5cm (H) x 7.5cm (W).

Friday, January 17, 2014

A.W.E.S.O.M.E (Part 2)

Heart thankful :

Saje2 uploaded the screen captured to FB, berderet plak 'Likes' nya...(padahal cerita dah seminggu lingered between GSC people...hahaha~)
Yeah to some people will tertanya2 why I checked-in The Premiera Hotel tengah2 hari? Siap berjemput!;P
Ha jangan macam2... I was invited for this..

Awesome Employee Award Luncheon Ceremony (Quarter 1 2013/2014)
Venue : Level 5 Coffe House, Premiera Hotel, Menara MARA, Kuala Lumpur

Its not only me, there were another 13 of Awesome Award recipient  too with me yesterday. Together with the management of GSC. Makan2 dengan bosses la kiranya. Heee~ Apart of makan2 thing, we also awarded with a certificate and Tesco's voucher. Boleh bwk gi shopping barang dapur esok lusa ye. Hehehe~

We did had a good laugh and good looking food.....but sorry cik organizer, this hotel punya food..omg! FAILED! Thats was the main reason we gelak sakan masa makan tu...we did tested each other food and drinks...masing2 dah ala2 masterchef bg komen. Tapi memang sumpah tak sedap, the more we eat, the more dosa kering je we gave to the chef in the kitchen. Hahaha~ The only thing saved the day was the desert - a very nice icecream instead...
Tapi takpe la, if we did't try it we never know kan, new hotel some more...(but for sure it will be the first and the last time I came for this..ku lebih rela gi makan kat kedai mamak blkg office tu ha..hikhik)

Btw, thanks to gadis2 in HR yang sungguh2 susah payah organizing this thing...and the screening part.:P
And thanks bosses for THIS! I'm the AWESOME Employee for the 1st quarter... Yeayy! ;D

Black Burger In the House!

Stomach do the talking :

Ke perut En.Tunang yang did the talking? Hikss... Happens to be this week kan byk cuti public, so makanya mmg kes nak saje pegi jalan2 out from KL.

Tak jauh pun melencongnya, just melawat kawasan (bajet ayat YB sgt..hahaha)...Kuala Pilah and Port Dickson. Yeah, soon these place going to be my hometown too. Haih den jadi org nogori plak dah ha.. Yang penting, dia pun bukannya pandai cakap bhs negeri sndri pung! Hish celup sungguh. :P

Supposedly, ada  this one kedai yang En. Tunang beriya nak try sgt - pengaruh rakan2 sebaya la ni. haih la sayangku sorg ni..unfortunately kedai tu bukak tghri skit. Sudahnya kitaorg pusing2 dulu satu kawasan Kuala Pilah tu tengok2 apa yang patut to kill some times....
Menjelang tengahari.....its MAKAN time..owh time yg paling heaven okey...hahah~

Tadaaa!! Ini lah kedai yang dicari2...

Big Mouth Burger (Zone Seremban)

Tak pasal ada org tu buat 'cheat day' dari program diet dia. Perlu ke diet? Hilang satu nikmat dunia ooo...miahahah~*gelak jaat.

Actually this franchisee is very lah , kita kan biasa dgr burger Ramly tepi jalan tu and famous now Burger Bakar Abg Burn and what not...ha specially to peminat burger2 sedunia, you can try this one too, no harm....
Yang specialnya, it comes in BLACK! Hahah..jangan risau, roti hitam tu bukan sebab hangus ke apa...mmg doh rotinya dah sediakala dibuat jadi hitam sebegitu, rasanya tetap mcm roti burger biasa, cuma colour je lain. Rasanya masih normal ye..:D
Btw, you do need a bigggg mouth to eat it at one it is BIG! Significant with the name la kan...tapi I sopan la makan, duk makan selapis2...-agak sememeh di situ sebenarnya...hahahah~(jenuh okey nak menghabeskannya)
Price wise, it is very reasonable.  If you commonly eat those fast food burgers with those famous name, it just in the same range. So mampu je la kan kan kan? :P
But the deco which catches my will feel like you are in a construction place but without any habuk simen..Cool kan!~ The setup purposely made to be such way, jangan terperanjat la if you see safety hat for construction merata2 and you gonna wash your hand in kereta sorong. Nasib air dia tak serve dalam small bucket je..heheh`
Well then something different though. Love it!

Yang I pergi ni was in Zone's the map..

But to whoever living in Sunway/Subang, you can find it here..

A part of these 2 zone, there are another two in PJ, SS2 and Cheras, Taman Connought too.
Pssstt basically this kedai bukak pukul 11 pagi ye...jangan plk bantai pegi time breakfast..mmg korg tolong bukakkan kedai la ye...ahahah~ (Mmg kagumlah kalau you guys mmg nak breakfast with burgers #salute)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Me The Supervisor!

Brain calculating :

Cik Enny dah besar! Eh still kemetot comel camtu gak...cuma my JD je yang dah 'besar'...
JD tu stands for 'Job Description' ye anak2.. Kang korg ingat G-Dragon Big Bang plk..huih Kpop sgt..hehe~

Ever since I came back to GHO, my roles getting wider and merrier...Woww...byk sungguh tugasan ku.. Antaranya: salah calculation, salah charging, habes teman2 ku tiada bonus. Miahahah~ andddd....
salah ajaran, mmg sesat la tunjuk ajarKU SIFU to my new staff and intern2 that will be under my responsibility.
Owh my Cik Enny nak kena jd expert, cikgu and a big sis here...
Itu lah responsibility! ;D Well, I'm fine with that...well trained by hardcore Motorians kan - itu bezanya bila you biasa di operation -exposure to sosiologi manusia yg berbeza (wah bahasa buku dah..;P)

Just done supervised my Intern in front of her official supervisor from UKM; a very young Dr. Dian...- huu jeles much yang datang for a visit. Tsk tsk..(need to pursue my Master and PHD soon!). Kemain laju ha my Intern made her presentation. Nervous la tuh.. Chill!..Depan akak je la kot..Ish2.

The first experience even though my dear Intern ni not my 1st practical trainee been trained by me. Ikutkan, I dah trained termasuk yang ni dah 4 org Intern dr school yang berbeza sejak2 balik Berhad. But yg officially under me ada 2 org, unfortunately the 1st one met up with an accident during I was on leave to somewhere for my holiday, so dia sempat buat internship for 3 months or less. We did visit him in the hospital and the parents made such an effort -ulang alik dtg office bwk surat, bwk mc, bwk borang penilaian to ask for our jasa baik utk pelepasan dia. There was where I learnt how to be responsible on my own decision yang melibatkan masa depan seseorg. Its lay in your conscience. Of course I'm gonna released him.
*If you reading this, you don't have to feel guilty for your wrong doing to us and do get well soon. Kata nak jaga I kan (sounded mcm lil gangster Pantai Valley when you offered such protection ;P)

The very particular one in the pic was my 2nd Intern, right in after the 1st one been hospitalized. Pantas sungguh boss mencari replacement. Yang sorang ni pun ada incident jugak, bone fractured during I was on leave to Kota Kinabalu. *tepuk dahi. Dah kenapa la intern2 ku ni asik accident saje when I was not around? Haha~ Okey2 lepas ni tak boleh tinggal saje, kang apa saje plk jadinya. Haih anak org.
She did MC for a month due to the incident. It's okey, benda nak jd kan. We did visit her back in her hometown in Temerloh, Pahang. This event, even my bosses pun taktau yg kitaorg ada pegi sampai ke Temerloh to visit our own Intern. Yang penting, sgt langkah kanan, we dijamu Ikan Patin masak gulai tempoyak..huu..nyummm...sampai ada org tu xleh bgn dah la duk makan berulang. Hehehe...Takde niat pun nak susahkan the family. Sebab mmg dah rancang dah makan those ikan patin kat R&R je. Well, orang kata rezeki jangan ditolak kan. Ngee~  As even now, the mum still invited us to come again siap pesan..kena bgtau awal2 so boleh tempah ikan patin elok2. Erkk...segan dah ni. InsyaAllah we will come again if ada kesempatan  (hopefully ada org tu emo dia cepat sikit dry jadi ashes). Ikan patin Temerloh is calling nih.

Done with this blogpost, I ada evaluation form nk kena completekan ni as she will end the Internship this coming Friday. Sob sob..Sekejap je 6 bulan berlalu. Time fliessssss!
Sedar tak sedar pun I dah 9 bulan kembali 'family induk'. More to come I guess ;)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Circle of D.R.A.M.A.

Heart explaining & motivating :

Life it is full of drama... Sama ada you suka tgk online, on TV, cinema or any media...even secara 'live' pun byk je drama. For me as mmg sumpah la jarang tgk tgk TV and so drama consist of my own actor and actress surrounding me. ..

Eh kejap, nk pegi wat some drilling..Later i SAMBUNG ;p

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A.W.E.S.O.ME! ;p

Brain giggling:

'Enny, congrats!'. 
'Hey, wahh AWESOME sgt ni..weyh leh main Yammer lagi...kena belanja ni' 
'It's my turn to say Congrats to you..check email!'
Blink2 IM kat lappy ni ha..

Menjadi blur sekejap I yang time tu tgh ralit testing the Yammer (facebook versi company punye..nak jugak kan ;P) jadi terpinga2 you guys ni wished me Congrats for what?...I byk je event yg mmbolehkan utk those complimentary..hik3

Rupanya because of THIS! *tutup muka.. - ha perlu ke korg2 pi screen captured menatang ni? -_-

Haha~ thanks to the portal guy yg siap screen captured this for me at the first place. Memang la dia dpt info dulu as he's the one who going to update the portal kesayangan tu. Semangat! :P


OMG, pic dah kluar kat portal. Thank God hanya org2 GSC je yg dpt announcement tu..Pheww! whoever yg rajin membelek portal KKM tu for sure akan terbaca the details inside there.
Takyah baca sangat okeh...The write up.....emmm... boss I yang tulis. Hahaha~ Exaggerated much..Ish2...
I did knew about the nomination a month ago, siap kena bahan la dgn boss kecik, mcm mana dia tau nth...sbb tu hanya between me, my boss and Head of IT je...CNN KKM sungguh - now ada Yammer lagi..owh myyyy...*pengsan..
Btw, big thanks to my boss!! Sebab nomination from him la nasib ku jd begini...Hikss drama much ayat tu..;p

What a kick start for my 2014! I feel blessed and motivated. Cheesy sgt..hikhik~
With a new title in life (Cik Tunang) and work (DRSE)... let's move on utk dpt promotion plak okey! -Pray hard..Work hard la jugak..Hee~


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marry Your Best Friend

Brain mumbling:

Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly.  Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. The kind of laughs that make your belly ache, and your nose snort. The embarrassing, earnest, healing kind of laughs. Wit is important. Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them. Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry, too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Most importantly, marry the one that makes passion, love, and madness combine and course through you. A love that will never dilute - even when the waters get deep, and dark.” 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Beginning of Headcracker ;P

And my journey begin... (harap2 tak jadi bridezilla - calling for all angels to step forwards! I need you guyssss..hee)

Never, Ever Settle

Heart mumbling :

Never, ever settle. You may think
you aren't gorgeous, smart, and have 
too many insecurities to count, but 
there is going to to be someone in the 
world who truly loves you for you.
Don't ever think that you've got to put up
with some boy/girl's shit because he/she's the
first one in a long time to show some
interest. You are all beautiful in your 
own individual way so never lower 
your standards.