Friday, January 17, 2014

A.W.E.S.O.M.E (Part 2)

Heart thankful :

Saje2 uploaded the screen captured to FB, berderet plak 'Likes' nya...(padahal cerita dah seminggu lingered between GSC people...hahaha~)
Yeah to some people will tertanya2 why I checked-in The Premiera Hotel tengah2 hari? Siap berjemput!;P
Ha jangan macam2... I was invited for this..

Awesome Employee Award Luncheon Ceremony (Quarter 1 2013/2014)
Venue : Level 5 Coffe House, Premiera Hotel, Menara MARA, Kuala Lumpur

Its not only me, there were another 13 of Awesome Award recipient  too with me yesterday. Together with the management of GSC. Makan2 dengan bosses la kiranya. Heee~ Apart of makan2 thing, we also awarded with a certificate and Tesco's voucher. Boleh bwk gi shopping barang dapur esok lusa ye. Hehehe~

We did had a good laugh and good looking food.....but sorry cik organizer, this hotel punya food..omg! FAILED! Thats was the main reason we gelak sakan masa makan tu...we did tested each other food and drinks...masing2 dah ala2 masterchef bg komen. Tapi memang sumpah tak sedap, the more we eat, the more dosa kering je we gave to the chef in the kitchen. Hahaha~ The only thing saved the day was the desert - a very nice icecream instead...
Tapi takpe la, if we did't try it we never know kan, new hotel some more...(but for sure it will be the first and the last time I came for this..ku lebih rela gi makan kat kedai mamak blkg office tu ha..hikhik)

Btw, thanks to gadis2 in HR yang sungguh2 susah payah organizing this thing...and the screening part.:P
And thanks bosses for THIS! I'm the AWESOME Employee for the 1st quarter... Yeayy! ;D

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