Friday, August 30, 2013

Lil Furballs for Sale

Tommy and Tomok, lil furballs to my Caspian Rillian (flat face persian) and Kimmy (persian). 
And they are for sale!!
My house dah byk sgt kucing...
Anyone interested?

Name : Tommy & Tomok
Age: 2 months years old
Type: Persian
Price : RM 700 (negotiable)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cinta Tanpa Sempadan

Brain reminiscing :

Was doing some researching for the big day.. playing youtube..and came across with this clip..

I knew these kids and this Puan Norlina Alawi. Had visited them for the past seems like ages ago. Yeah during my uni time. Wow, that was so long ago. But being at PERNIM will never be brushed off from the box of memories. U guys must be haven't heard for a such place kan. Basically it was a place for kids with HIV.

I was a Project Manager for one of our final year assignments. Had to make a video clip ..homai...of course takde basic for doing those. Super amatur okey. Macam2 proses, even nak chose the concept, where its gonna be, the people, the music, the cover, macam2...mmg havoc! Sampai satu tahap my friends said to me 'Gila!'...when I was suggesting PERNIM as the main concept. Haish dasar penakut budak2 ni. Pi google sekarang how HIV did merebak? Deng!

But actually my dear team ni drama je lebih...when they were at the place, automatically muka2 cam gangster kampung dusun became so penyayang one to those kids. Wah tak pernah tgk this side of them. Bocor rahsia hati kaca jugak. Ahahaha~

Sorry I can't post the video that we made. Ntah mana nth...but it had been submitted to the college and directly to UK for an assessment. With all our efforts, of course la dpt 4 flat for that kan! Hoyeayyy!! Hehehe~
Below was the design for the cover of the VC we made ages ago. Nih je I sempat jumpa balik. Something that was years back, 7 years ago I think.. So what do you aspect? ;P

Well then, I think I should pay a visit again to this place just to drop by to say Hi!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Personal Web Of Cinta ;D

Heart happily :

And his own personal web will been soon officially launch! Next week la kot. Heee~

Jenuh okey ikut requirement dia ni, Ahaha~ Basically it will be a simple web itself for him to upload selected photo of his own. So passionate in photography as a hobby. Pastu jadi mangsa, I la jugak kan..huuu~ Redha2..;P
Cita-cita nak ada self-own studio after kawen nnt. Homai...hehe.. InsyaAllah sayang, ada rezeki we will do that together. ;)

See kan I dah kata....heheh~ He loves randomly snapping some pic of me. Kadang2 muka huduh tak sempat apa pun, dia suka2 snap..Ikut suka sayang la okeh. Janji bahagia.

Look for more?? Stay tune for the launching of his website later...

IB Again Please!!

Heart thumping:

I really wanna go for this pleaseee..pretty pleasee.. Hope so kalau beli tix minggu still belum sold out. *penuh pengharapan...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Been 'Booked' With Love ;P

Heart smiling :

Heee...Sebab kat office xleh ngadap blog ni lelama...kita bagi teaser dulu eh...;P
Nanti balik, I is rajinkan diri taip panjang lebar about the booking time..huihhh bunyi cam booking ticket flight je dah ha..hahah~

Ok2 mai sambung citer...even ni menaip kat office jgk..tapi I ada 15 minutes nk siapkan entry nih..

Date : 10th August 2013 bersamaan 3 Syawal 1434H
Location : My home sweet home, Bandar Saujana Putra
Event : En.Cinta merisik Cik.Bulan ;P

Actually benda dah lama been suggested by his cousin... sbb kalau nk tggu dia habes kursus mmg berjinggut la jawabnya. Hee~ So kata putus masing2 agreed, ok fine raya ke-3! owh my...
Memula tu cool je tp makin dekat hari mcm suspend jugak pun iye.. Mau taknya..dari mula2 patut family2 je, end up jd 8 keluarga serentak..-_-... boleh bikin majlis lain ni.
Tapi happening je!! ;D

We started to get ready for the foods dr mlm lagi...siapkan bahan2 nak buat nasi beriani..huuu nyum!! Sampai lenguh2 tgn la jugak dibuatnya sbb a part of nasi beriani, abah nak masak nasi putih with lauk2 kampung jugak...ikan pekasam yg berlambak punya pasal. huhu~
Kiranya dah jadi tema 'open house' la jugak. ;D

He arrived exactly on time! Sungguh PTD sebab nanti kena bebel ngn Kak Ina..hik2..Setup all done by my youngest brother and abah. Mak and me busy masak kat dapur, siapkan apa2 yang ptt. Dah macam nk buat kenduri -_-

And here we go the event itself, hosted by Pak Uda, my beloved uncle. Bagi kat dia mmg takde kisah pantun2 ni, terjah je..heheh~ better such way I think. So takde la awkward sgt kan. Plus the other side pun dah siap2 tanya, we ada protocol ke? eh...protocol2 tu dlm istana je...we nahe! ;P
Sementara I is nyuruk jap sementara dgr dorang bermadah kat bawah tu. hikss~

Then kena panggil turun bawah, as the 'new families' nk tgk sape la anak dara sorg ni yang En. Cinta nak kawen sgt ni..Hee..segan u ;P We can even bergurau masa duduk depan Makngah my Peanut Butter. Saje ckp 'takmo'..hik2..of course I do sayang.. Saat disarungkan cincin tanda, rasa berdebar2 ok! Ingat I sgt cool? Tu cover line je..

Finally I am 'semi-engaged' to my dear Cinta. Alhamdullilah. Syukur!
Kali ni bukan lagi main acah2 yg dpt proposol every single month dr random people. Ingat keje kawen, mcm main kawen2 time budak2 ke? Cepuk kang! Huhu~
Hee see how happy he is? ;D

Sebenarnya ada scene yang sebak skit, whenever my uncle asked for Abah to say something and his Abah too. Bila tgk his Abah tak tercakap, he was crying, the whole atmosphere becoming a silent moment for a while. Well, it's understandable which ever when we in this kind of event, we want our beloved one to be with us to see our own son is a big guy now, becoming a man and soon become a husband to a lady chosen by himself. Maybe tulah perasaan nya kot. sob sob..

But basically it was a happy day for all of us. And InsyaAllah, we will be officially engage on 4th of January 2013. Pray for us will you? Sayang banyak2 if you do. hehehe~
OK! Time to crack my head. Girlss you are wanted now! ;P

Monday, August 5, 2013

When You Been Spotted!

Brain digesting :

Received an email randomly from a personal of one big department in KKM itself. A department yang ditakuti semua orang. Sebab apa? Ha after this you will know. ;P

It's a department will do the audit of each department in the company itself.
Me? Been offered to join them as a part of GCAD IT..layman term : Internal auditor IT.
Homai, in sense of prospect mcm menarik lagi2 it got to travel a lot but if they say this last 3 years ago, I might go without hesitation but... now I'm not keen to travel to leave my beloved one alone behind and been working like almost 20 hours per day. Macam super horror -_-

It's been almost two weeks been bugged by them. Beriya2 suruh I just go for the interview at least to know what the scope, what they can provide. Terasa terharrased ok. Ahaha~
Even tried to persuade me as this offer is by invitation, special. So? Just because someone higher recommended my name, I just might go? Of course I need to think the pro and cons right?
Really appreciate when some people do see my potential but not in this way. Thanks but no thanks.

I did have chat with a friend of mine who is Asst.Manager in PWC..kroni2 auditor la jugak..Agaknya mingled with him lama sgt, end up dgn I melekat to be an auditor. Haha~ Taknak la.. He was so happy when got to know this, siap cakap 'wah rising star Sime ni!'..yadayadaya... I'm not interesting cuma rasa excited bila people do this to me. Hampeh tul kau ni Enny.
Sorry, seronok ok bila rasa actually people are calculating your potential and know you because of your work..bukan dari gosippppssss! So much entertaining. No beautifulnara here please! Hahaha~

So moral of the stories, keje la dgn ikhlas, jujur, people will see the truth you. Jangan byk sgt mengelat.. what ever we gain, the rezeki runs in our blood.

See ya!