Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cinta Tanpa Sempadan

Brain reminiscing :

Was doing some researching for the big day.. playing youtube..and came across with this clip..

I knew these kids and this Puan Norlina Alawi. Had visited them for the past seems like ages ago. Yeah during my uni time. Wow, that was so long ago. But being at PERNIM will never be brushed off from the box of memories. U guys must be haven't heard for a such place kan. Basically it was a place for kids with HIV.

I was a Project Manager for one of our final year assignments. Had to make a video clip ..homai...of course takde basic for doing those. Super amatur okey. Macam2 proses, even nak chose the concept, where its gonna be, the people, the music, the cover, macam2...mmg havoc! Sampai satu tahap my friends said to me 'Gila!'...when I was suggesting PERNIM as the main concept. Haish dasar penakut budak2 ni. Pi google sekarang how HIV did merebak? Deng!

But actually my dear team ni drama je lebih...when they were at the place, automatically muka2 cam gangster kampung dusun became so penyayang one to those kids. Wah tak pernah tgk this side of them. Bocor rahsia hati kaca jugak. Ahahaha~

Sorry I can't post the video that we made. Ntah mana nth...but it had been submitted to the college and directly to UK for an assessment. With all our efforts, of course la dpt 4 flat for that kan! Hoyeayyy!! Hehehe~
Below was the design for the cover of the VC we made ages ago. Nih je I sempat jumpa balik. Something that was years back, 7 years ago I think.. So what do you aspect? ;P

Well then, I think I should pay a visit again to this place just to drop by to say Hi!

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