Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet Much ^ ^

Heart can't stop smiling :

Haihh nak sorok sgt ye Puan Atiza a.k.a Cik Atiz kat office ni. ;P Well then gara2 I was looking at her pictures and terbrowsing her FB profile. Tada!! Your wedding video was there. Ohoo xhabaq mai no! ;P

I thought there was only one for the solemnization itself. BUT so many thanks to En.Youtube, its linked to each other. Ada 3-3 majlis sekali. Hahaha~

The Solemnization
"...Aku terima nikahnya Atiza Binti Sarbani dengan mas kahwin RM 300 tunai.."

Bride's Reception
" Atiza : dia ada ciri2 like my father . Fitri : ..yeah sbb dia lawa..tu main factor la.." ;P

Groom's Reception
"..setelah 5 tahun, kini dia menjadi isteri saya "...;D

Pheww khatam sudah kali kedua tgk video korang ni. :P Love much teasing Atiza by im'ing her.. "Weyh Enny malu2, geli okey, I pun skip xtgk...geli3..."..AHAHAHAH~ comel la ketahuan sejarah korg ni. ngeee~ Buat hati I yang bunga2..Over! Hik3..

And if you come across to read this, I never knew that so many of my name imprinted in your blog too ;D


Owh turned out to be we had a reunion between me, Atiza, Wanee and Hana. Reunion upon the luncheon at Baci, Citta Mall today were so much us. Makan best! ;P

We MISS you girlss!!Shud catch up again soon my lovely gorgeous girls. ;D


Brain nodding :

Yeayy got another one in hand! Even the person already back here for quite some times. Always like that, the postcard came in a lil bit later. Hahah~ ;P
But yeah I am a happy girl to receive this ;D

Postcards for the past 3 years. The current one just received from Shanghai, China.
Thanks to a friend Danny!! Who travels either for work or for fun yet he always sending this to me no matter where he is.
I guess one way of how he teaching me beautiful place existed in this globe.
Even though I'm not there yet my name were all over the world because of him.

22nd March 2010 - Alishan, Forest foothpath (Forest Bathing), Taiwan(Republic of China)
1st November 2010 - The "Bird Nest" and the "Water Cube" at night, Beijing China
20th November 2010 - Gyeongbokgung Place Gyeonghoeru, Seoul Korea
01st April 2011 - Phong canh vinh Ha Long Landscape of Ha Long Bay, Hanoi Vietnam
13th May 2011 - Gyeong Ju, Historical Town of South Korea, Seoul Korea
27th October 2011 - La tour Eiffel, Paris Italy
18th April 2012 - 'Rape flowers and Seongsan Sunrise Peak'Jeju Island, Korea
12 November 2012 - Hangzhou West Lake, Shanghai China

More to come right Danny? Santorini, Greece? Los Angeles? I just can't wait for it. Hehehe~

We do have YM, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, it but I was just so fall in love in such conventional ways like postcard and letter. The efforts in it : to get some postcard, write on it and post it at the local post office (I wonder how many people willing to do these..ehehe~)

Nothing beat the conventional way to say 'Hi & Hello'. ;)

Fry..Flyday Perhaps?

Heart beating up :

To some music..hehe~ Listening to this. Thanks to Azhani Ali who posted this. Love it to the acoustic beats.

Yeah today gonna have a lunch date with gossiper terhebat ;P
Plus need to get ready for Akasha's wedding for tomorrow. Sambil2 menjahit last night ( am I typing this? MENJAHIT? hahaha~ ) Yup2, much to add some material to my peplum shirt actually. Ntah apa jadi, well then need to see it tomorrow la kan. Heee~
Siap2 mintak tlg Abah send out the D300 for tomorrow to the house as I'm not going back to Saujana..again for Saturday..(pheww too many events to attend). Seems to be early day of tomorrow, need to do the wedding gift hunting and feel like going for a movie. En.PTD jum teman Nini esok tgk movie? ;P

p/s : There only one particular guy je yang suka sgt panggil I 'Nini'. Dah gaya nama kucing dah ha...but to him its gonna be 'Nini cokelat celup..celup..celup'..Homai...hahaha ;P

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wed Must To GO!!

Heart blissfully :

Hari ni dengan motivatednya datang office as I was expecting someone to come. And YES!! He is coming!!
Ntah kenapa excited sangat jumpa En.Batman yang sorang ni. Hee~
You just make my day Kasha! ;D
Well he is my BFF kot. The one we kept promised to keep each other for long. ;)

Hehe..yeah if seeing the date, why he just sent the card now?? Chill2. We knew about this for quite sometimes but due to his work and kalutnya kawan yang sorang ni, sekarang je dia ada masa to send this out and I don't mind.
Seeing him, really trigger how I miss him so much. How we tends to share each other stories, whatsapp mcm org gila even we were totally diff time by 24 hours, how loyal we can be each other even apart far2 away like this, and he always came dropped by to the office just to catch up with me personally. Such a very nice friend you can be Kasha..

Now you going to get married soon enough. And seriously I am super duper happy...sangat2 happy! Tak pernah I rasa seexcited like this for my friends' wed. Of course I'll be there for you. Really can't wait.

Okey time to wedding gift hunting and prepare my dress for this ;P..-semangatnya. Ahahah~
Owh my gadget too! Going to be a beautiful wedding by Reka Teemor, of course I'll not miss this. Combination the wed of my BFF + Reka Temor touch. Awesome!!
Shall wait for the update k peeps ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Such a Goodie Enny! ;P

Brain speculating :

Today just full with unexpected statement from dearest colleagues. Macam comel je. Tengah2 buat kerja dgr nama disebut2. Eh apa benda budak2 ni duk cerita2 psl duit? Sekali keluar statement :

" Enny tak pandang harta benda ni, dia tengok hati budi "

Wow, those words coming out from you?? Baiknya I? Hahaha~ I did tweeted this just now, my dear friend tup replied suh gi lunch! karang lapar semua tak pandang. Hik3 . How thoughtful you are ;P

Then masa luncheon with my dear Santa Claus, actually tak la lunch sgt sebab dia kena teman me cari something from Kardashian Kollection. Suddenly he commented:

"I don't feel you such a schopaholic like other girls, right"..

Ahaha~ you never know how shopaholic I can be. Cuma bezanya with concrete reason.  Hu ye ke? ;P
Well have to be with me la to see how I shops.. Hehe

Yeayy , done buying tickets for this!!

Something to look forwards in December!! ;D

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kisah 12 Jam

Brain depleting :

Depleted sgt..dah rejuvenated pun. Saje gimik skit..Heee~ Sowie2..
It just happened last Friday, mcm makan terbyk sgt...perut sesenaknya..Homaii makan xberagak lagi sape suh?
Ala, orang dah celebrate kan birthday kita.. What Enny? Again? Yes2, but this time by office people..Yipeee~
Thanks En.Andrew for the arrangement (memang keje u pun kan..;P) HR awal2 lagi dah tanya are you working on the Friday? Make sure you datang tau. Something up for you. Huhu~ Baik Boss!! ;P- nampak sgt muka asik cuti..hahah

Then, instead of going home to Saujana as usual, I stayed in KL as I have something to do plus a private screening for the Saturday night. Wehuu~ The Twilight Marathon of course.

We went there about 10 something. The screening will be starting at 1145pm pun. Smgt je nk pegi awal2 skit sbb dah kena pesan pegi amik pass dulu. Owh yeah we also have been reminded to bring sweater, your own pillow and blankets. Homaii, seems like we going to sleep here.
Kisahnya memang YA pun!!.. and back to back for 12 HOURS!
Actually I didn't know this will be a private screening itself and there were 3 groups of Metro, Hitz.FM and NTV7. Macam agak ramai jugak la..Tapi special, my one was on NTV7 team (insider dlm tu ma..;P); my name was the 1st in the list..nama E sgt. Heheh~
Siap kena signed memorandum, for the sake of our security as we gonna be there for the whole night di kala Wangsa Walk Mall tu dah tutup.
Due to some technical issues, our marathon started at 1 am to be precise. Macam nak tepu menunggu sambil duk makan popcorn yang manis tahap leh kena kencing manis kalau makan berbakul2 ni.
But the crowd were so sporting, we memekak2 je dlm tu sambil tahan sejuk. Haha~
We were provided with popcorns, Coke and mineral water during the movies. Owh there was also breakfast buffet for us. Tapi ingat boleh makan ke time2 sejuk beku tu? xlalu menahan mengantuk! Huuu menjadi satu sukan mencabar minda jugak ni.

I even made a hashtag for it  #TwilightMarathon2012 in Twitter and rasanya Naqib & GG je perasan I buat hashtag tu. Gara2 bosan punya psl..Updated spjg masa marathon tu dari the Twilight > New Moon > Eclipse > Breaking Dawn Part 1 > and the finale Breaking Dawn Part 2.
12 hours for this movies which made me such a bloodsucker the next morning. Memang jadi vampire sungguh as we were up for the whole night for this. Baru la Twilight kan!! as what Naqib said ;P Ceyhh ~

I just can't imagine if there will be Harry Potter Marathon like this. You wanna go? If I...pikir 10 kali jugak kot. ;P When Twilight Saga -5 movies stands for 12 hours, Harry Potter Trilogy -8 movies will be how many hours?? Calculate la..

Well then, it does happened to be a fun event then. Buat record sndri. Before this I pernah buat marathon 3 diff movies in the same day ngn En.Advisor. Now he can't beat me with this Twilight Marathon. ;P
Special thanks to Nusantara Film, TGV and NTV7 especially April for the hospitality. You memang junior I paling best. hehehe~

Okey time to pass out...I tak tdo for the past 24 hours ni ..Talk to you later peeps!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Final Touch ^ ^

Heart blooming:

When finally managed to complete this artwork for Project Antarctica! 
Pheww even sehabesnya near to 3am in the morning. And I need to wake up as early at 530am. Now please imagine how 'weng' I am..

Jenuh tried macam2 design, ends I chose to be less is more and make is as sweet and romantic.  Huu romantic sgt.
The wording were courtesy from En.PTD sebab I memang sangat failed mencari ayat2 jiwa in Malay ni. Hee~ Plus kita kan sediakala tau him is good in this. ;P
Thanks awak. Kira berjasa la jugak even org tu menjelang kul 1 lebih dia dah tdo sebab kekenyangan dek durian. Haihh..berjaga la sorang2 menyiapkan ni.
Nasib ada the guy who gonna bring this piece to Antarctica was online and had a chat with me. He just like a big bro to me. 
Who is he? I'll reveal later k peeps!

Waiting for printing. sleepy now...
Owh got to go! Having another celebration of me birthday yang tak tau dah bape kali dah ni but this time by office Motors tercinta..Heee~

Makan time!! Again!! ;P

Twilight Feverish!!

Brain biting :

Its been released yesterday. Yes, exactly on your birthday la Cik Nisa. Hehe..
Have the thought of watching it...but yeah...who knows our rezeki right? Watching movie pun rezeki ke Cik Enny? Aduhai la..;P
Speaking of that, tomorrow night : I'll be attending the Twilight Marathon..completing the whole 4 books; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn  which make 5 movies including the latest Breaking Dawn-Part 2. Wuhuu..
It's going to be a date with my future sis in law soon enough to be my real sis. Girls night! Ni dia dah sgt excited. Jangan tdo dlm tu sudah. ;P Aza ko jgn sebok. ahahah~

All thanks to my dear junior of highschool and u lebih la April..hehehe~

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shout Out for Nisa!

Brain accommodating :

This shout out definitely for Cik Nisa!! Ingat Shout Out Award je bleh? Ahahah

Kita kenal dari satu cerita,
Kita kenal dari Blogspot ke Twitter,
Terus ke Email, telefon number kita bersuka ria,
Kita kenal orang yang sama,
Kita magnetized to photographer,
Kita pakai perfume yang sama,
Lahir bulan yang sama,
Nama mak pun sama,
Attitude lagi lah, kita memang cool sentiasa.

Even kita tak pernah jumpa lagi owh my dear,
Tapi kita tetap berkawan macam biasa,
Mungkin sebab kita serasi bersama,
Berkongsi rasa, mencari rahsia..
So seperti biasa,
I nak kacau you di hari bahagia,
Selamat Hari Jadi cik Nisa dear!!!

You memang kawan yang membahagiakan jiwa!!!
Jangan nakal2 ya!

p/s : bila nak jumpa I kutip your prezzie ni????

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beautiful Much?

Heart tim tam :

Much apply to work ha? Hehe..Actually can be apply to daily stuff too...
Kita biasalah kadang2nya penuh je dengan alasan. Sesaje nk procrastinate padahal benda tu boleh buat on the spot. 
Tapi MALAS kan...huhu~ ;P I rasa mcm sama je kat semua orang kan...Jangan tipu tau. Awak pun sama je kan. Hahaha~
So meh kita test do we complete all those stairs??
Tapi pagi2 ni seperti biasa, amik mood by playing Tumblr (tgk tu bukan nak buat lum kul 830am okeh..we start on the dot..*alasan..huhu)

Owh see this...awesome design Hatta Dolmat for Yuna. I memang la tak tgk AIM*perlu ke? ahaha..but seeing this from Hatta tweets...make me WOWW!! Super nice. With the talk sleek and slender Yuna, she looked stunning in it.

I always a fan of ombre style. But its kinda hard to find. When seeing this, rasa mcm nk print out frame je pix ni. Ahahah over! Color combination tu sgt awesome okeh..
#Ok mode berangan turn on  -___-

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning!! ;D

Heart stimulating:

Back to the OFFICE!! After a week break! Seawal la ha kul 7pagi dah terpacak kat sini. Ish3..
Tgk emails yang berderet, cases yang perlu diupdate. DONE!
So takde la Monday bluesss sgt.. 

Pagi2 lagi dah menganggu dan diganggu manusia ini!!
Dah jadi habitat agaknya teasing each other every single hour since last 2 days.
PTD takde keje eh? Hehehe~
Semua started sbb kisah Gadis D3S..Dengki letteww ;P

Bila dapat this yg terang-terangan dia published kat page dia sndri mmg mendatangkan gelak tawa yg non stop punya.
Senget punya budak!

Maafkan lah saya kerana mempunyai kawan2 yang sikit 'mental' begini.
He giving me an idea, apa kata kita ajak dia pegi wedding Kasha ok tak? :P
Sesia menjadi mangsa PTD yang sorg ni. Ahaha~  Xpe kan sbb hari2 nak kacau I kan..So we shall see how gentleman he can be. Ngee~

Ok peeps. Later up. 8 dah. So nak amik mood pekerjaan plk.  ;D

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre Wed ke?? ;P

Brain working :

On the same day we were having a 'Kenduri Doa Selamat' for a neighbor that will be going for his far2 away land expedition, my lovely super adorable lil bro came to me making a request :

"Kak, akak la snap pix kitaorg. Segan lah dgn Abah. Kat Putrajaya eh?"

Wah demand plak.
All this just because it was a request from Abah to him to prepare a picture imprinted on a piece of cloth. For what? Aha.. sebab tu I called it as 'Project Antarctica. Hehe~
Mana boleh reveal skrg ;P

Its not easy okey to snap pic budak berdua ni. Dengan takde mood , berdrama plak ni. Haihh~ Its not me, I cool je. Ahaha~
Believe or not, this photoshoot only took about less than 1 hour. Harus PANTAS!!
Dah nama pun Dataran Putrajaya, been watched by people while I was doing my job... AWKWARD please!!
Mengada je.. Sape suruh kau sebuk snap pic tgh2 alam tu then you as a photog wearing a skirt while doing your snapping? Kata cool ;P

Done with editing for FB, now I have to do a special one for the particular project.
Idea2 come to mummy!!
Deadline buat sendiri : ESOK!! *pengsan

Well then I'll give a lil clue for the Project itself. Its related to this :

Shall wait for it okey?? ;D

Sad 1st Muharam

Heart weakening :

Why? Why this have to happen exactly on our New Year (Islamic calendar) itself?
Bukan ke kita patut ber'hijrah' kepada sesuatu yang lebih baik?
With no hearts and brains to comply stupid war to innocent people. That's not HUMAN!
Stay hold dear Gaza. May Allah protecting you with HIS bless. Our prayers are around the globe for you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Mine please!!!

Heart smiling :

Hehe~ Chop 2 minit...Don't set your mind to far my dear...
Be MINE sgt...said to who? shuuuuuuu...;P

Hahah~ Actually I just came across with this music video and straightly smiling for the cuteness mode.

Bermula di Facebook  
You IM I dulu taktahu malu  
I malas nak layan So I buat taktahu
You terus cuba dan mencuba  
Sehingga I jatuh cinta  
Gatalnya diri you  
Membuat I terjatuh
Bila kita dah start mengada  
Kita selalu keluar sama  
Borak panjang panjang  
Makan dan tengok wayang
Sikit sikit je I merajuk  
You selalu sabar pujuk
Tapi sebenarnya I cuma test you saja
c/o : Let me tell you that I love you  
And I never wanna wrong you  
Take my hand baby  
Come, go through with me  
Let me tell you that I miss you  
And I never wanna lose you  
You're my heart baby  
My life is incomplete without you
Dalam pada I gembira 
Sometimes I feel so sad juga  
Cause you dah berpunya  
But I always want you to be mine forever  
Please be mine forever

Always adoring these two young peeps. And now they came up with official music video plus with some choreography dance. Hahaha~ comel sgt!

Nite peeps!!

9 October 2012

Heart pounding :

Nothing more ease seeing these lil furballs playing around the room.
Ahaha..yeah now I do have 8..repeat 8 furballs yakni sejenis binatang bernama si Kucing.
Now expecting Si Ratu Kimmy plak nak deliver..homai bertambah lagi kroni2 kekucing ku. Heee~

These 4 was born on 9th October 2012 exactly the same date with my younger bro who getting married end of this year. But of cos la taun lain kan..;P
Today dah genap sebulan 3 bulan tapi lasaknya..jgn ckp! Ikut pangai tuan yang mana ni? Miahaha~

p/s : This post is the 1st one 'live' from Saujana Putra. Akhirnya UNIFI tiba jua.. TQ Datuk Zam. ;D

Friday, November 9, 2012

Kesabaran SAYA ada LIMIT!!

Heart burning :

What is this I'm hearing pagi2 buta ni?? I just called to remind you for something you need to do. Instead of that, there was a sound from your side that just bursting my blood to the high end.
OMG! Why you have to do this??
I might not that good but yet... keaiban diri sendiri boleh cover tak? I don't want to know!! Just burn deep into your own grave.
Don't make me like this. Enough its enough. Thats IT!!
Can you dipersilakan dengan segala hormat back off from me?
I don't want to associate with people like YOU!
Owh yeah jangan drama SANGAT boleh?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shrimp All the Way ;P

Brain stuffed :

Meeting up again! Makan time again. This is what I love seeing my sis sebab kalau boleh memang kitaorang akan cari tempat makan best and chill. Somewhere we never be before or either one of us. ;P
Pastu kejap lagi dia akan salahkan I, 'keluar dengan you ni mmg gemuk I!'. Ahahah~ Kita plak? Akak tu yang asal tgk muka Enny je lapar. Camne tu?
Sume sebab masing2 bila bercakap, or doing something masing2 tak ingat makan. Then tiba2 je out of no where, eh lapa okey. Jum makan!

And last night sasarannya lepas ada orang menshoppingkan kasut di Payless, tempat being our choice was Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Wuu shrimp2.

Tengok la muka 2 org manusia yang tahap2 kebulur time2 hujan ha.. ;P

And that were our foodsssss!!
Nasib la xorder dengan kaedah yang agak tamak dek kelaparan punya pasal, if not memang pasti akan rasa bersalah pada tubuh badan. ..( ke mmg dah mmg penuh penyesalan ni? hahahahha)
We had  :

Main course :
Bourbon Street Mahi Mahi
Charbroiled Cajun spiced Mahi Mahi with
Bourbon Sauce and grilled Shrimp, served
over Mashed Potatoes.

Salad :
Pear & Berry Salad
Fresh Greens with charbroiled Chicken, Strawberries,
Pears, and glazed Pecans. We toss it all together
with Raspberry Vinaigrette, and top it with Feta

Mama’s Bread Pudding
Bread butter pudding with Vanilla icecream.
“No one made it like Mama!”

Nyummmmm~ Its all so nyummy plus I'm who someone who didn't eat much of vege but this salad were superb like no others.

If you wanna go, there are few places in KL & Selangor area. The one we were last night. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.@ Sunway Pyramid.

All pics snapped by my BB. ;P

Extreme Enough?

Brain rushing :

Finally the day! Another birthday treat for myself. Yeayy..And the most likely. 
AEROCHUTE!!! In Pulau Indah (pegi google map mana area tu) Hehe~

Seharuslahnya lah my partner in crime yang mana lagi ku haruk pegi buat benda2 camni.. We present to you my most-sama je pangai -gila big sis, Kak Alena. I feel like mcm byk je nama Kak Al inside here. Huhu~ Xpelah bagi femes skit ;P

As early as 6am, I'm off to KotaWarisan to meet up my sis. Felt a bit weng gara2 tido for only 2 hours and I have to be up for our day. But the excitement up beats the wengness..huhu~ Semangat punya pasal. ;P
It took like 2 hours to arrive. Siap sesat2 segala. Memang confirmed la sampai Westport terus. Haha~
Tersangat la extreme perjalanan kami ke Pulau Indah. Well the video down here is the way how we get there. Itu pun after few attempt of sesatness baru we managed to find the exact place. Gila horror!

The guy who gonna assist us have waited for us sambil sengih kerang busuk. Motif kau nak senyum2 camtu? Tadi org text takmo offer plak to guide us. After almost one hour we sesat, baru nak call?? Memang nak kena sekeh dia ni tau.

Huu adrenalin was rushing so fast! Okey tu drama. Tak rasa apa pun sbnrnya. Haha~ Best layan angin kat padang luas macam ni. It was like 1km from our place is the sea. Eh ye ke? But so call as Marina Pulau Indah.
Nice view. There were another two girls also joining us for these session. Eh where were guys??? Konpem2 korang penakut buat benda2 camni kan...;P..Knowing me and Kak Al, ntah sape2 je terus jadi kawan. Hampeh..hahah~

We started with my big sis. Bagi honorable to her to fly first as she is the most penakut one. Hik2...Encounter your phobia sis (kegayatan yang acute. adui!). Ye ye je.  Turun2 je, happy kemain.

Time for me to take off!! Kali ni dengan arahan sila bwk camera skali naik atas tu. Perintah dituruti.;P
Sangat breathtaking, memang la Pulau Indah ni tak seindah mana. But watching the earth from up in the sky will never go wrong. All the wind and how smoothly my 'pilot' cruised us around the area. Awesome!
Pic2 all with my sis, siap kidnap from her, I'll post some of the view okeh.

Its ended in the afternoon itself. Wuuu after this wanna try the paramotor plak. Jum! That one need to do some exercise of the hands first and some training how to handle the parachute. Agak mencabar jugak gayanya tu.

Our day didn't stop yet. Food tasting in Saujana Putra and we headed up to Reko Zone' I0I Mall Puchong with the kids; Adam, Awal and Adeena. Play time!! Phewww...
Sudahnya kul 11 jugak la baru sampai rumah sampai si kecik Awal  'nak Auntie Enny, nak Auntie Enny' when Kak Al dropped me home. Sudah, dia xbg balik. Siap nages2...hehe~ si kecik ni mmg drama skit. InsyaAllah next time Auntie Enny jumpa Awal lagi okeh. 

Now nak pengsan dah. 

Fun day!!! ;D

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bee's & Encik Ted ;P

Brain randomness :

2 November

Even plan asal bertukar automaticnya, I can per say someone had made my 2nd day of celebration to be such a sweet one.
Again, randomness taking the place. Asalnya sesi mengacau je dalam tweet2 tu sebab the person keep tweeting 'terasa nak tgk movie..blablabla..'. End up a became a date for us. ;P As what he said, 'its gonna be my birthday treat for the birthday girl'.
Macam sangat comel when he planned the the time to fetch me up, dinner where and what movie to be watch. Huu sungguh berefforts. Terharu ni. Hehehe~

He was on time (yeayy 10 markah for you), and we up to Jaya One to have our dinner at The Bee's. Ntah kenapa terasa I macam pernah reached this place. Pikir punya pikir, yeah I was here too last year as my birthday treat also from a GF to watch some sort of comedian thing at PJLA. ahaha~

Makan and chat sampai tak tgk time as our movie will be at Signature at 1155pm.
Owh we did tried the latest Brown Butter Almond Last Polka icecream. Kongsi je..Ttba jadi romantik semacam. Motif?? ahaha~ sebenarnya bajet takut tak habes. All my foods and drinks approved by him ;P
Changing stories. Ada ke dia kata I am such a mysterious girl and kept on 'kagum2'...Ntah apa yang kagum pun xtau..Ish3
Actually this was our first proper meeting up. Yes kenal dah lama, but haven't meet up padahal our place are just so near by. Near yet so far, that is so Enny. ;P
Yeah I am having few friends yang kenal dah berkurun but not meeting up personally, semuanya so virtually. And sangat loyal. Kau ada?? ahahaha~ IT sgt kids nowadays kan ;P

Headed to Signature, naseblah on time and he already booked the tickets. ;P Thank God PJ and Garden tak jauh. If not I rasa kim salam je la nk tgk movie tu.

Bengong skit cerita ni as its also fall under 18 rate movie. Hehe~ But well try to look at the positive side. The meaning of true friendship and tak semestinya you kawan baik with someone, you akan terinfluenced by him/her kan especially for the bad things...its all about choice of yourself.
That's why people say, to know your truly character, we have to see who are your friends are, with who you associate with.
And I am grateful enough, nowadays, HE started to give me path of having a right click of friends for the better. Feel so much love.

Btw, to Encik Shazni yang akan ke Cambodia soon for your backpack traveling (jealous much)..thx for such a sweet birthday treat. Never know you such a gentleman sampai depan muka pintu umah you nak hantar ha. Just to make sure I'm safely and sound at home. Chill2, I'm an independent girl you know. Hehe~. Well then, hard to see such gesture from a guy zaman2 ni dah..Huhu~ Thanks beb.
Till we meet again! ;D

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kisah 28 ^ ^

Heart & Brain sync :

Cerita?? sambung nnt bole? ngntuk sgt ni...
Kisah 28 ni slalu start sehari sblum. huhuh~

Edited version

Birthday Eve

Halloween!! But instead of partying (ish bukan Cik Enny's thing), I got a special surprise by my dear GF, started at the office yet with no plan for the night, tetiba muncul lagi sorg GF yang sgt kebetulan bertembung. Duk main tweet2 lagi, plus hujan and we planned to go home together. (rumah sgt dekat pun)
Both yang berbaju kurung separa basah dibuatnya but gara2 kebulur we headed to Old Town for our dinner. Ahhh tak kisah lah basah ke apa..lapar ni. Ahaha~ Rain cannot beat up girls who in a hungry mode ;P
Makan punya makan, gosip punya gosip...rupanya kami diminati 'jejaka' comel. Kept on coming to our place tanpa segan silu. Homai... Kitaorg pun melayan je, sgt comel okey.
Hahaha~ mesti pikir lain dah ni. It was a lil boy nama Amirul la .;P Son to a couple yang makan meja blakang kitaorg je. Dia suka sangat datang and makan at our place. Senyum2 happy sangat.
Wah aura ibu kuat sangat ni. Hik2..
Sampai nak balik dia masih nak dekat kitaorg. naseb lah dia tak meraung nak ikut balik. Jadi satu keje plak. Yet it was so sweet of him. InsyaAllah kita jumpa lagi kay.
Still raining for the whole night, sudahnya konsepnya; kitaorg main hujan selamba je. Whats wrong with you girls?? Ahh ada ku kisah? Hahaha~
Thx to Cipika you just made my night with main hujan thing and that beautiful shawl. Siap buat remark 'Enny, shawl tu cantik kan. Jangan risau, sbb tu limited edition..memang tuk Enny"..
How thoughtful you are. Hehe~

1 November

Inilah hari yang boleh  bajet retis! Miahahah~ People were wishing you up and down kiri kanan in anywhere medium they can reached me up.
My BB drained sebelum waktunya sbb sgt sebuk nk replied every single wish.
Thanks to FB who published terang2an the date. So akan beratus2 orang wished. TQ my virtual friends.
To my real friends, they were approaching thru BBM, Whatsapp, SMS and call je directly. Siap ada yang bertahan tunggu exactly midnite to wish, sang a Birthday song by the phone and ada yang buat virtual cards. Ala...comel je. ^ ^
Memula ada nak merajuk gak tapi xdan sebab tetiba got a text from En.Pilot sahabat dunia akhiratku wishing the birthday. Ingat kan lupa, rupanya memang niat nak jadi org terakhir wish. Eh? Hahah~ Knew it you will never forget sebab tu syg you lebih. Ahaha~

I was wearing the pallazo given by Anonymous, chunky necklace from Syairah and the shawl from Cipika 
I'm honored to wear all the gifts given by these people for a special date with my big sis Alena today. And I did make a diff appearance for the day.;P Tuh la jadinya. Wuuu~ ;D

Meeting up with Kak Al in the afternoon to catch up some movie, trying the Kenzo Fish Spa at Pavillion and lunch cum dinner at Levain (yang sepatutnya dekat Palates but sudahnya pusing2 tak jumpa.print out map tak membantu betul...ish2).
Ada kisahnya bab try fish spa tu, as for me I used to this sbb slalu buat dekat Bukit Cerakah dulu after cycling session but adalah 'org' tu kan nak try sgt -rupa2nya sangat penggeli. Letak sikit, angkat kaki balik. Owh my Kak Al, can you just rendam your kaki? Hahaha~ Memang jadi drama gelak guling2 dulu. OMG! Mau taknya sbb ikan2 tu agak besar dari biasa berebut2 nak makan the kaki. Kalau piranha ni mmg mau ilang dah kaki ;P
Dah puas gelak tahan geli, at last we relaxing layan ikan2 tu main ngap2 kaki. Memang licin la kulit kaki tu..Hehe~
Done with that, eating session at Levain. What a nice place to be. To Lundin people, tmpt ni jadi tempat breakfast dorg je. Huuu` Sebab near by to their office. Okey terima alasan itu ;P
Nak snap pic tak terdaya dah sebab dah sgt2 lapar..sudahnya makan sampai perut agak senak la jugak. Over sebab perut dah kena pam ngn angin then sumbat ngan foods. Memang mendapatlah. Okey salah sendiri. Hahaha~

Well then, basically that was my date for birthday treat from special one. Thank you my dear big sis. Meet you up again on Saturday. Another birthday treat in diff version. Tungguuuuuu! ;P