Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bee's & Encik Ted ;P

Brain randomness :

2 November

Even plan asal bertukar automaticnya, I can per say someone had made my 2nd day of celebration to be such a sweet one.
Again, randomness taking the place. Asalnya sesi mengacau je dalam tweet2 tu sebab the person keep tweeting 'terasa nak tgk movie..blablabla..'. End up a became a date for us. ;P As what he said, 'its gonna be my birthday treat for the birthday girl'.
Macam sangat comel when he planned the the time to fetch me up, dinner where and what movie to be watch. Huu sungguh berefforts. Terharu ni. Hehehe~

He was on time (yeayy 10 markah for you), and we up to Jaya One to have our dinner at The Bee's. Ntah kenapa terasa I macam pernah reached this place. Pikir punya pikir, yeah I was here too last year as my birthday treat also from a GF to watch some sort of comedian thing at PJLA. ahaha~

Makan and chat sampai tak tgk time as our movie will be at Signature at 1155pm.
Owh we did tried the latest Brown Butter Almond Last Polka icecream. Kongsi je..Ttba jadi romantik semacam. Motif?? ahaha~ sebenarnya bajet takut tak habes. All my foods and drinks approved by him ;P
Changing stories. Ada ke dia kata I am such a mysterious girl and kept on 'kagum2'...Ntah apa yang kagum pun xtau..Ish3
Actually this was our first proper meeting up. Yes kenal dah lama, but haven't meet up padahal our place are just so near by. Near yet so far, that is so Enny. ;P
Yeah I am having few friends yang kenal dah berkurun but not meeting up personally, semuanya so virtually. And sangat loyal. Kau ada?? ahahaha~ IT sgt kids nowadays kan ;P

Headed to Signature, naseblah on time and he already booked the tickets. ;P Thank God PJ and Garden tak jauh. If not I rasa kim salam je la nk tgk movie tu.

Bengong skit cerita ni as its also fall under 18 rate movie. Hehe~ But well try to look at the positive side. The meaning of true friendship and tak semestinya you kawan baik with someone, you akan terinfluenced by him/her kan especially for the bad things...its all about choice of yourself.
That's why people say, to know your truly character, we have to see who are your friends are, with who you associate with.
And I am grateful enough, nowadays, HE started to give me path of having a right click of friends for the better. Feel so much love.

Btw, to Encik Shazni yang akan ke Cambodia soon for your backpack traveling (jealous much)..thx for such a sweet birthday treat. Never know you such a gentleman sampai depan muka pintu umah you nak hantar ha. Just to make sure I'm safely and sound at home. Chill2, I'm an independent girl you know. Hehe~. Well then, hard to see such gesture from a guy zaman2 ni dah..Huhu~ Thanks beb.
Till we meet again! ;D

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