Friday, November 23, 2012

Final Touch ^ ^

Heart blooming:

When finally managed to complete this artwork for Project Antarctica! 
Pheww even sehabesnya near to 3am in the morning. And I need to wake up as early at 530am. Now please imagine how 'weng' I am..

Jenuh tried macam2 design, ends I chose to be less is more and make is as sweet and romantic.  Huu romantic sgt.
The wording were courtesy from En.PTD sebab I memang sangat failed mencari ayat2 jiwa in Malay ni. Hee~ Plus kita kan sediakala tau him is good in this. ;P
Thanks awak. Kira berjasa la jugak even org tu menjelang kul 1 lebih dia dah tdo sebab kekenyangan dek durian. Haihh..berjaga la sorang2 menyiapkan ni.
Nasib ada the guy who gonna bring this piece to Antarctica was online and had a chat with me. He just like a big bro to me. 
Who is he? I'll reveal later k peeps!

Waiting for printing. sleepy now...
Owh got to go! Having another celebration of me birthday yang tak tau dah bape kali dah ni but this time by office Motors tercinta..Heee~

Makan time!! Again!! ;P

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