Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wed Must To GO!!

Heart blissfully :

Hari ni dengan motivatednya datang office as I was expecting someone to come. And YES!! He is coming!!
Ntah kenapa excited sangat jumpa En.Batman yang sorang ni. Hee~
You just make my day Kasha! ;D
Well he is my BFF kot. The one we kept promised to keep each other for long. ;)

Hehe..yeah if seeing the date, why he just sent the card now?? Chill2. We knew about this for quite sometimes but due to his work and kalutnya kawan yang sorang ni, sekarang je dia ada masa to send this out and I don't mind.
Seeing him, really trigger how I miss him so much. How we tends to share each other stories, whatsapp mcm org gila even we were totally diff time by 24 hours, how loyal we can be each other even apart far2 away like this, and he always came dropped by to the office just to catch up with me personally. Such a very nice friend you can be Kasha..

Now you going to get married soon enough. And seriously I am super duper happy...sangat2 happy! Tak pernah I rasa seexcited like this for my friends' wed. Of course I'll be there for you. Really can't wait.

Okey time to wedding gift hunting and prepare my dress for this ;P..-semangatnya. Ahahah~
Owh my gadget too! Going to be a beautiful wedding by Reka Teemor, of course I'll not miss this. Combination the wed of my BFF + Reka Temor touch. Awesome!!
Shall wait for the update k peeps ;)

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