Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crochet Addiction!!

Brain stimulating:

Semua gara2 crossed over this one IG shop yang buat such a cute crochet outfit for newborn and babies. They even make crochet doll based on request (but then for dolls, currently they closed for ordering as the staff who can make it its on maternity leaves..)

I did bought this customize crochet owl set for lil princess....comel kan...;P - currently waiting for the finish product to be arrive next week!!

And En.Hubby plak just bought Hello Kitty crochet beanie for newborn and custom made 'kupluk' for his Nobi (Nobita toy yg jadi his addiction right now..hahaha). This one dah sampai dah. Nanti I snap pic of it properly k. Terbang jauh dari kekanda di Sabah yang tolong buatkan. 

Stumbled up pulak with this dolls with the same IG yang I purchased the owl set tu..tapi tu la currently they closed order for this. Once open order, we surely gonna purchase this! Hee~

You know what? I might will be asking them if they can do these cutie dolls too...

I found this from Devianart images that reverted me to this Etsy link:

Super cute!!

I wish I can do the crochet by myself. Sure akan beli all those PDF files to create such a cute doll like this!! Ingat lagi our mak2 can easily mengait nak jadikan chairback for household. Girls nowadays?? I rasa macam rare je nak jumpa who can mengait like this. Sob sob...

En. Hubby, saya nak pegi kelas belajar mengait boleh??? - Semata kannn...hahaha...Eh why now kan, conceive a new skill kan bagus ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's Getting Bigger & I'm Getting Happier! #babyprogress

Heart feel blessed:

Terasa macam cpt je masa berlalu, now I'm officially in 3rd trimester! Wuhuu... Alhamdullillah (cuba wat perangai dalam iman skit Puan Enny..huhu) Syukur sgt! Seems so soon, si kecik ni will be in my arm. InsyaAllah. :D  It's a mix feelings, a bit scare pun ada, excited pun ye, can't wait for iye jgk. Common feelings for mummy-to-be I'm suppose.

And now baru it's like so obvious I'm carrying a lil nyawa in my tummy. Tumbesaran tang lain xnmpk beza pun, it's only effected to my belly. Hahaha~
Now pun, me and En.Hubby dah start busying ourselves completing the baby check list. But then we did it pun phase by phase. Takdelah at one go semua barang nak beli (even kalau ikutkan hati mmg nak beli mcm2 sgt for her. Everything pun super cute!!) and of course it was FUN process!! :D

Later I shared apa yg dah ready for her okey. All her stuff nomad berada di 2 3 rumah. Almaklumlah I ni kan duduknya pindah randah sana sini. hihih~ So nak kena kumpulkan dulu plus waiting for the other purchasing sampai kat office - online shopping of course! ;P Easy! Sbb bila survey2 sometimes, things in IG, FB or other online sites, baby things are much more cheaper and nicer than beli kat boutique babies. Kena rajin skit la kan...ala, all in your finger tips, click2 bukak banyak2 tabs. Jangan juling biji mata dah..hahaha~

Dari segi rohani and jasmani(ayat buku sgt!! ;P) mummy-to-be sorg ni, InsyaAllah I'm looking forward for it and harap sgt this lil princess will be just fine, normal, sempurna lahirnya dia nnt. Kadang2 wonders jugak what she is been doing in there...nowadays boleh nampak my tummy like berombak2 dek pergerakan dia. Kungfu pe dlm tu yang oi..hihi~ At times, hyper pun ye gak! Sorry ibu termakan terlebih gula ye syg...hihi~

At this moment jugak, everyone surrounding me seems more caring, huu terasa terlebih disayangi dah ni.
"Akak, duduk sini, takmo gerak2, biar orang yg cari" - my dearest bekas Intern
"Enny, you tunggu sini, I bawak kereta datang sini, takkan you nak jalan jauh2 pulak" - my team mates
"Laluan2, bagi ibu mengandung lalu dulu!" - My friends
"Enny, brape bulan dah ni?" "7 bulan dah" "Alhamdullilah tak lama dh dapat cucu lagi" - my super senior in the office (mmg pangkat atok2 dah pun..hiks)
"Sayang okey? Perut okey x? Sayang ada nak makan apa2? Cakap je takmo sorok2 tau kalau rasa sakit" - My En.Hubby

*nangis - terharu. Baru tau actually preggy ni seronok jugak, yeah even though my body not like before tapi macam amazing how it can get big like this. Magic! SubhanaAllah. Ajaib rasanya. At times ada jugak rasa sakit sikit2 but then bearable still lagi2 bila this lil angel wat aksi mcm2 dlm tu, the sensation automatic buat I senyum sorang2. What a beautiful feeling =')

Here some doa I can share with mummy2 yg tunggu masa tu, even me pun pratically amalkan this for now..Moga dipermudahkan..Aminnn~

Can't wait for next appointment with the doc ;D InsyaAllah will be doing the 4D scan too for her. Ibu nak tgk muka awak la sayang ;)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Shopaholic on MYSALE Spree! #tips

Brain calculated:

Sales! Sales!
GST Sales! Merdeka Sales! Raya Sales! CNY Sales! Christmas Sales!
Named it, it can be countless at one time. Hee.. tempting right!*wink

For girls especially 'shopaholic' this will be the 'momentos' of time. Heaven!! But then bias IF I said its only affected to girls....kaum Adam pun sama je kan kan kan (sometimes can be worse! Hahaha)
Well then, it is really a good time to splurge yourselves to get few items at once during mysale time with an amazing discounts price. 10% less, 40% less, 50% less or even 80% less especially during the clearance sales. Your call baby! Hihihi~ Chill!I know you are jumping up and down right now.

So what you are waiting for?? Go for it!
Eh stop stop, chup 2 minutes!! Beforehand, here some tips during mysale shopping to be follow. Yeah, kena lah follow a bit before you 'shopaholic' jadi 'shopazilla' - regrets tak sudah or suddenly baru terasa wanna knock your own head of buying things that you are not keen into. Kan membazir tu, plus it will put such a big holes in your fancy pocket. Want to be like that? No no no... so let's try these tips a bit okeh adik2 (jangan kata akak tak pesannnnn)..huhu~

Courtesy from En.Google - Really like the quote! Hahahahahahaha

Tips for not being the 'shopazilla' during mysale shopping spree: 

1. Do you like it? Do you really really really like the item in your hands? - Don't just because you see everyone is grabbing for it, you want it too...Owh my!

2. In term of food sales, do check for the expiry date. -You don't want to end up to have a stock up but at the end you have to throw it away. What a waste! 

3. If you are truly a shopaholic babes, you are so gonna be surely to know which is a truly discounted price. Sometimes it can be discounted price on old items, left out stocks or defected products. - Windows shopping does help you so much. Tau you guys memang rajin doing this windows shopping thing...cuci mata kan ;P

4. If you are someone who are not so keen into shopping in such a mess (noisy, crowded-umat manusia berjuta2 lemon), here are the MAGIC SOLUTION for you - online shopping will be your best ever solution for it. Easy peasy, just click2 on the tips on your finger. - Save energy, save fuel consumption, save time to drive out, even save you the cost on shipping delivery! #extratip: shop the amount more than the minimum purchase, if not, your shipping cost will cost more than your desirable items.

5. Price checking if you are doing online shopping!! You definitely want the best value on the money you gonna spend right? AND....most IMPORTANT thing, check the balance in your account babes either your saving or your credit cards...make sure you do a scribble somewhere of important things like bills, your commitments then your 'kehendak' thingy supaya tak over spent. - Nanti you guys makan maggi je throughout the month, jangan salahkan ibu mengandung. ehh..hahaha~

6. There are various online shopping sites which offers you various deals from one another. Just type the key word of online shopping, hundreds of sites will appeared for you to menjamu mata. Do choose the best one and shop with confidence. Ask friends around if you are in doubt of trusted seller or not. If you wondering where to get the special price items in Malaysia, ZALORA is one of the site that offer affordable prices - No kidding as I do say this based on personal experiences. Surprise gift, theme apparels, kenduri punya dress, name it...sounds like I am one of the online addict kan. Pengakuan jujur. Hikss~ 

To not miss any special offer, amazing discounts on Zalora's spread, just sign up for it okey. Free, xkena bayar punnnnn... Hehehe~

I love shopping for things online, because when they arrive, it's like a present to me, from me.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Answered Deeds

Heart felt grateful:

Nothing else makes my day when got to receive this from a person who in needs on the other day for the sake for his daughter.

And I am proud to be a part of the community which managed to reach up our target to make sure this lil girl dismissed from hospital happily without making the dad felt helpless.

Get well soon dear! =) You still have a long journey to experience this beautiful world.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Isteri Ohh Zaujahku...

Heart smiling:

"Sungguh apabila seorang suami memandang isterinya (dengan rasa kasih sayang)
dan isterinya juga memandang suaminya (dengan rasa kasih sayang),
maka Allah akan memandang keduanya dengan pandangan kasih sayang.
Dan apabila suami memegang tapak tangan isterinya,
maka dosa-dosa mereka keluar dari celah-celah jari mereka
- Hadis dari Abu Sa'id

So true! WIN!


#Isteri hebat bukanlah isteri yang hanya pandai bersolek dan hanya pandai menikur pedikur...
Dan hanya bisa menghibur...
Tapi dia yang siap menyemangati suaminya ketika rapuh....
Mendengarkan suaminya ketika marah...
Menenangkan hati suaminya ketika gelisah dan rela menjadi tulang punggung ketika suaminya tidak berdaya...

#Suami hebat bukanlah suami yang hanya pandai membuat alasan dan pandai menyalahkan isteri....
Tapi dia yang siap....memapah isterinya ketika lemah tak berdaya...
Menuntun dan mengendongnya ketika tak mampu berjalan...
Mengusap airmatanya ketika menangis...
Dan memperjuangkan agar isterinya mendapatkan syurga dunia akhirat...
Aamin ya Robbal' alamiin....

# Syukur Alhamdullilah, I am gifted with such a caring hubby that take me as his everything. Terima kasih sayang ;')

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Blink of Half A Year

Heart blessed:

Pejam celik pejam celik, time flies....It has been like 6 months we are officially lawful wedded husband and wife. It just feel like YESTERDAY; Mr.Hubby melafazkan akad menjadikan Mrs.Wifey menjadi kekasih yang halal ;') *tears of joy!
And soon our bundle of joy will be with us to complete the small family for the start.
Nikmat Tuhan mana lagi yang nak didustakan kan...=)

All these beautiful pictures credited to Farhan, our official photographer for the groom's side reception. Located at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lilkhalifah Listing!!

Brain disputing:

Start to main kira2, calculatorr pleaseeee...hihihi~ By this end of the month, dah bole start buying for the lil princess. Apa Ibu nak beli ye? Dari blur2 saje, thanks for this list En.Google. 
Meh kita main tick2 mana dah beli okeh..;D * Excited!!

Kita tgk sape yang lagi excited, Ibunya ke Abahnya? hihihi~

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GST? Pro ke Cons?

Brain stimulating:

I know this topic kinda of sensitive issue right now. Ada yang faham, ada yang menolak, ada yang buat2 tak faham and tak kurang juga yg take things for granted. Mungkin ada golongan yang tak terasa pun kesannya tapi ada juga golongan yg akan terkena impaknya hingga terduduk.

Its been applied to all big country, tak pernah plk you berkira bila travel around kan? Tepuk dada tanya diri sendiri.

Kebetulan ada a friend tanya to me ( I kan mmg muka kaunter pertanyaan bertauliah..huhu~) -
'Kak, nak beli buku kena GST tak?' Adeh ini budak...meh2...tgk diagram ni ye adik2... *Self-explanatory :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

26 Weeks and Counting #babyprogress

Heart exciting:

Thanks to babycenter yang sgt rajin update me with this. So 'Abah' please rajin talk to her okey. She starting to recognize your voice. Nyanyi pun boleh ;P

We just done with another checkup for lilkhalifah untuk kesekian kalinya...kalau ikut rekod dah 5 kali, so tinggal lagi like 3 4 kali kot before the due date. Pheww...
Usual checkup to check blood pressure, kandungan gula dlm badan, berat overweight tak, baby membesar normal ke tidak.. Tapi kali ni berat I takmo naik dah...Stayed at 48kg for the moment. Ish3..Makan byk dah...ilang pi mana nth.

Alhamdullilah this lilkhalifah sgt active. Doc nak scan pun dia duk main pusing2. Seperti biasa buat training berenang gaya kuak kupu2. Hahaha~ Additional for kali ni punya checkup, I need to get the injection of 'kancing gigi'. Purpose : untuk mengelakkan jangkitan ketika bersalin. We never know kat mana akan bersalin kan; it can be anytime, anywhere...
But accordingly to my doc, some private hospital dah xbagi dah this kinda of suntikan Tetanus ni but then for KPJ Tawakal, it still a part of the policy for mother to be to get such vaccine sbb atas arahan Kementerian Kesihatan. Sat gi jadi pape, sape nk jawab?? So saya yg menurut perintah. I pun menurut perintah jugak for the sake for this lil human kecik dlm perut ni. Baby stay kuat okeh!
Penangan of this injection, my left hand feel a bit pain ...and for sure akan rs lenguh2 for the next 2 3 days. Takpe still bearable, cuma tak boleh melasak sgt.

Owh, btw, we saje suruh doc checked again gender si kecik ni for a double confirmation as kat office everyone making an assumption based on my body figure and appearance. Mula dah cite2 mitos kekanda2 ku ni. -_- Perut boolat ke depan la, membujur la, mengembang no no...
So, terbukti! Jangkaan assuming tu semua xmenjadi. My baby insyaAllah still remaining be our lil princess. :D
Whatever inside, itu kan kejadian Tuhan. Mitos sgt tau! huhu~
Planning for 4D scanning masa I dah 30 weeks nnt, insyaAllah right after the next checkup for next month. Nanti I share the pic of the lil princess. Time to shop for her thing then..(drool...byk sgt benda comel for her ni....helpp!! ;P)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Snap2 Like Paparazi! #penangtravelogue

Brain recalled:

Tiada yang lebih mengembirakan hati En.Hubby bila one the place must visit in his list, tercapai! Yeay!! Its like a kid got a toy he want the most. Hihihi~ ;P

Actually this Camera Museum just right next to the Purrfect Cafe that I shared in previous entry and we were the last group visitors for the day. Lucky us! Pheww..If not mesti ada org tu gigit jari...sob sob...hahahah~

Again it was the 1st Camera Museum in Malaysia which is located in Penang only. Everything also you want to be the first ha Penang. Cool!

Notes from website during the launching:

The Camera Museum’s collection consist of Camera Obscura, Daguerreotype, Box Camera, Folding Camera, Large and Medium Format Camera, 35mm Camera, Single and Twin Lens Reflex, Point and Shoot o Instant and Digital Camera from the eighteenth century right up till present day from all over the world including, Britain, Europe, France, India, Japan Russia and Thailand which made a complete camera evolution timeline for the exhibition. 
Amidst the display, visitors will get the opportunity to handle actual antique cameras and the experience booth will allow them to feel the weight of the relics like the iconic Kodak Brownie, Rolleiflex and FoldingCamera in their very hands at the museum exhibition hall on second floor. Aspires to bring back the time through its exhibit captivating stories of how camera have transcended our human history since the fifteenth century, The Camera Museum believes that cameras need to be experienced.

It was like a heaven to him (one of the reason kenapa I posted so many pic of him... Thanks to dearest pengantin baru yang sakan jalan teman kitaorg for your second time special for us yg first timer ni.

For more info, you can just visit their own website:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

When a Cafe Owns by the Cats! #penangtravelogue

Brain stimulating:

Meoww.....prrr....huishh bunyi apa tu? hihi...Suddenly I miss having these fury balls surrounded me. Present for 2nd year Anniversary a cute lil fury ball please honey bee!! ( Hihihi...request ssiap utk taun depan bole..;P)

But then terubat jua rindu bila we jejak kan kaki at the only one Cat Cafe in Malaysia. Kalau google pun, it were like not more than 10 of cats cafe around the world...and Malaysia one of the lucky one. Plus this place awal2 lagi dah lama in our Must Visit list in Penang.

Located in Muntri Street, Georgetown, Purrfect Cat Cafe is divided into two separate floors. The first floor serves as a retail store that sells cat memorabilia ranging from T-shirts, bags, mugs, and greeting cards. When customers move up to the second floor, they will be briefed on several rules to adhere to before venturing into the cat zone to mingle around with the felines. A separate area serves as a cafe where patrons may dig in into selections of pastries and cakes by sitting in Japanese-style seating.

All pics above credited to Groupon

But basically while we were there, all the cats were so bermalasan. Usik pun xnak layan. Haishh..Nasib baik tak good thing was, the place was odourless (yeah typically when we in the place of pets, some sort of scent kan ada all around, but this one NONE!) Peacefully to enjoy our cakes and snacks for the day. Hehe~

Cuma a bit overrated as as per customer you need to spend like RM18 per person before you can get up to the second floor where the cafe and cat zone located. It's like paying the fee entrance. Well, more the new experience at a new concept of cafe, why not we pay for a lil more right? ;)

Map as below (if you are staying at Cititel Hotel, it just a walking distance from it), plus Photography Museum and Chocolate Museum also nearby for you to drop by..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Hitch & Seafood of Pulau Jerejak #penangtravelogue

Brain calling:

2nd day in Penang!! 15 March 2015

Pheww and it's the day for those two lovebirds.. Bangun2 gigih la iron baju, tudung sume as we need to kluar a bit awal...Nama pun non local people, so seharusnya harus awal tuk kemana2 utk mengelakkkan kesesatan yang abadi. Plus we were not driving at all. Huuu~

Ni la nasib bila travel berdua...nak pic berdua sila wefie dpn cermin besar. huhuhu~
Kitaorg mmg suka bersiap awal, sambil2 tggu the other friend siap duk main selfie2 dlm homestay tu dulu which is elok plk ada cermin besar sebesar alam ha..hehe~ ...almaklumlah yg sorg tu kena jadi pengapit bidan terjun..hahahah~ Bersiap mengalahkan pengantin ni...ayoo ma..;P

From our place, gigih la kitaorg naik bus pegi Komtar which is located in the center of Georgetown city..then from there baru we roger2 that uncle taxi.."uncle, kitaorg nk pegi Ayer Itam..ada wedding kat dewan FRU sana"...(yes, we used public transport all the time). Jenuh la uncle tu beriya2 "Padang Tembak ka?" Kitaorg pun blur2 la kot...nak pegi Dewan FRU la uncle oi...kot la byk plk dewan FRU dlm Penang ni. huhuhu~
Rupa2nya, I penah lalu kawasan ni dulu masa nk pergi Bukit Bendera and yes location wedding this time mmg sgt dkt with Bukit Bendera. Mula la memasang niat di hati nk menyinggah right after wedding kononnya. See? Nak berjalan saje kejenya ;P Guess what...uncle taxi tadi tu charged us RM25 from Komtar tu area Bukit Bendera tu..huuu boleh tahan tapi boleh tahan jugak jauhnya dari our place. Claim balik kat pengantin sat gi.. miahahahah~

Nak dijadikan cerita, we happened to be org yg paling awal sampai pun for the solemnization....and.....PENGANTIN LELAKI and the geng tak tiba2 even dah half an hour later.. Adeh! Sesat alkisahnya...krik..krik.. know the rest of the story, pengantin lelaki tak lari pung...sesat je. Hahaha~... and finally the ceremony has started. ......SAH! Here we go our lawful wedded husband and wife yang paling meos penah I jumpa. :P (sila saksikan Highlights Wedding of Zahirah & Wan Zul by Petaigraphy...surely akan paam why I said so...hahaha)

With the pengantins and pengapit bidan terjun..hikhik

Right after the solemnization, pengantin trus kelam kabut pegi tukar baju for the reception...and secara xlangsung, again...we jadi bidan terjun as a driver and helper utk pengantin bersiap2. Mmg muka superman kot kitaorg ni...hihihi~ Owh demi mu sahabat, ku layankan je...huuu~ Janji yang wajib dah SELAMAT! ;D Tapi pengantin tetap sengih2...salute!!

Oooopps...iklan seminit jap
P/S: Owh one thing I nak pesan for those who getting married any time soon or later. Please cari MUA or a friend who can help the pengantin lelaki bersiap okeh..No only the bride je yg kena nampak gorgeous, the groom pun will be the highlight for the event kan. Sian la ha, si pengantin lelaki kena bersiap sndri yang ntah camne gaya nk pakai samping berbunga2 ni ha. Terkujat jugak nak beryoutube time2 jugak. hehe~ So be aware ye dear friends. =)

Sementara the pengantin sebuk pegi outdoor, we pinjam kereta sang pengantin tuk balik ke homestay dulu...dah tahap melengas dek panas tahap gaban kat Penang ni...wuuu KL lagi sejuk...sob sob...hahaha dah nama pun 'Pulau' ...Byk songeh plk kann...heeee...ampun2.

During the night, ha jangan disangka pengantin akan duk ddiam kat rumah layan sedara mara, bukak hadiah2 yang bertingkat2 and so on...our pengantin ni lain mcm skit...bole pulak ajak kitaorg pegi dinner. Siap pegi for midnite movie lagi!!! Owh my...*juling bijik mata..redho je la...hahaha~

As Zaza is the local people of Penang, she suggested for seafoods. Jum! Kitaorg ni tolak batu kayu besi je yang tak telan. huhuh~ We did tried having our dinner at this one seafood place called Sampan Seafood at Pantai Jerejak. Tempat dia cantik, but then service dia agak slow. Sedih...kalau lapar tahap tenuk leh kena gastrik tau..tak tak...tu drama je lebih..hiks... But the foods were okey.
Dan sgt kebetulan met my dear photographer for my engagement before this and his cute wife duduk meja sebelah je. Feeling2 tgk lampu liplap2 Jambatan Pulau Pinang sgt. hihi~

Then we went to ...ala..xingat plk nama kompleks tu for our midnite movie. CHAPPIE!! Tapi yang kelakarnya, org yang beriya mengajak leh tido spjg masa movie tu going on. Hampes benar. hahaha~ It was  like 3 am baru kitaorg balik. Pengsan lepas tu xpayah cerita la kan..huuu~
That's wrapped up my second day of Penang trip this time. Nanti kita sambung with the 3rd day okeh..