Thursday, April 2, 2015

When a Cafe Owns by the Cats! #penangtravelogue

Brain stimulating:

Meoww.....prrr....huishh bunyi apa tu? hihi...Suddenly I miss having these fury balls surrounded me. Present for 2nd year Anniversary a cute lil fury ball please honey bee!! ( Hihihi...request ssiap utk taun depan bole..;P)

But then terubat jua rindu bila we jejak kan kaki at the only one Cat Cafe in Malaysia. Kalau google pun, it were like not more than 10 of cats cafe around the world...and Malaysia one of the lucky one. Plus this place awal2 lagi dah lama in our Must Visit list in Penang.

Located in Muntri Street, Georgetown, Purrfect Cat Cafe is divided into two separate floors. The first floor serves as a retail store that sells cat memorabilia ranging from T-shirts, bags, mugs, and greeting cards. When customers move up to the second floor, they will be briefed on several rules to adhere to before venturing into the cat zone to mingle around with the felines. A separate area serves as a cafe where patrons may dig in into selections of pastries and cakes by sitting in Japanese-style seating.

All pics above credited to Groupon

But basically while we were there, all the cats were so bermalasan. Usik pun xnak layan. Haishh..Nasib baik tak good thing was, the place was odourless (yeah typically when we in the place of pets, some sort of scent kan ada all around, but this one NONE!) Peacefully to enjoy our cakes and snacks for the day. Hehe~

Cuma a bit overrated as as per customer you need to spend like RM18 per person before you can get up to the second floor where the cafe and cat zone located. It's like paying the fee entrance. Well, more the new experience at a new concept of cafe, why not we pay for a lil more right? ;)

Map as below (if you are staying at Cititel Hotel, it just a walking distance from it), plus Photography Museum and Chocolate Museum also nearby for you to drop by..

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