Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Short Vacay - The Shop Hotel, Kuala Kangsar

Brain do the talking:

20th December 2014 - Looking forward for December as a short vacay after our own wedding gara2 Encik Cousin ku sorg ni pun xmenyabor nak kawen jgk. Hehehe~. Kuala Kangsar here we go!
Yeah these two loving birds.. sbb his duty pun ibarat a bird who have to fly all over the sky to protect our own country. Gituuu...;P

Leftenan Muda Zulkarnain + Syida (lupa plk nama penuh dia..)
As usual, it will be me the master planner dlm bab2 mencari hotel everytime the family wanna go for vacation, outing, roadtrip or even to attend a wedding yang jauh nun kluar dr kawasan Klang Valley ni. Kuala Kangsar? Hermm kinda a rare place for people to visit just for fun melainkan anda seorg yang sgt2 la historical. Sebab kali ni to attend a wedding so makanya I can't say this a part of my travelogue edition. Kita leh review the hotel je la ye...ngee~ lagi2 we found a new boutique hotel through out the internet. Menariks!! Let's try! Abah pun kena pasrah je bila the daughter suka benar pilih hotel pelik2 je..apatah la lagi en.suami...Redha2 and tolong bayar je. Hihi ;P

The day has come...perjalanan from KL to Kuala Kangsar took about 4 hours jgk la. Tapi cuaca sgt menyebelahi kami. Eh tetiba ayat skema lak..silap2.. The weather just nice, sejuk2..hujan kejap2 sampai leh lelap la dlm kereta..hikss...again...en.hubby redha je lagipun dia mmg super fokus bila driving sbb nk kejar Mak yang drive ala2 Michael Schumacer bila dah masuk highway. Hahaha~

Sesampainya thanks to Waze yg sebuk bwk kitaorg pusing2, tukar navigation guna Google Maps baru jumpa the exact location. Pheww...it was like very near to Stesen KTM Kuala Kangsar. Kalau nk smpai this hotel pun boleh je naik train ye adik2.

At the first time seeing the hotel, wow...yeah it was quite small compared to the hotel2 yang biasa we stayed all around Malaysia....but then bare in mind, ni kan pun namanya 'Boutique Hotel'..haruslah comel2 belaka. 
Plus point, it came with a concept of coffee cafe for the entrance and with Christmas decoration. Suddenly feeling2 like we at some cafe kat oversea.. Huu bajet sgt. ;P The smells of the coffee automatically made us starving yang tiba2 baru teringat tak lunch lagi that time. 

Knowing my hubby as coffee lover, we did tried their special made coffee and the hot chocolate. Nyummy... the ambiance was so nice and the staff pun sgt peramah. Ok nak lepak lama2 please but unfortunately we need to bersiap as there will be a solemnization event on the night itself. *if not memang melepaks saje la kat cafe tu. ;D

During the night
The room - sebelum disepahkan ;P
Our minum petang for that day 
A part if beverages and interior design of the hotel - credited to AGODA.com
So nak I komen for the hotel ke?....

Price wise: Affordable and with all the deco, the initiative to make this boutique hotel concept alive with their own brand; it's worthy the price. - Owh you can cheaper price if you book awal2 #tips

Room: Slightly small and very compact but understandable as it came with a concept right. It still comfortable for two. If you come with a family, you can always choose the family room- bigger size than the standard one. Nice bathroom tooo!! ;P

Facilities: Convenient but of course without a lift. Namanya 2 tingkat je. The others it was good. The staff were friendly and very helpful even the owner love to chat with the customer. Nice.

Surrounding: This is the part they were lack a bit but I do believe they have a plan ahead for the landscape. It will very nice if the green landscape can be a part of the hotel. It will be serenade ambiance for the people. Love!!

#Co-currently the cutest boutique hotel concept that I fall in love at the first sight! ;D

Okey peeps, till then...we look forward for 2015 yeah.. next hotel, next destination please ;) Sekian dari Puan Enny melaporkan. ;P

Monday, December 15, 2014

Projek #tanahairku Street Art Exhibition @Gallery Petronas, KLCC

Brain stimulating:

Location: Suria KLCC

"Eh, ada exhibition StreetArt! Macam menarik je...Jap lagi kita singgah eh B? Tapi nak gi tgk collection musical box tu dulu. Hee~ Movie in next 3 hours kan kan?"
Makanya En.Hubby iyakan je..;P

Tak rancang pun nk singgah this gallery as the main motif came here pun nk catch up some movies but then an unplanned visit turned up to be an excited one! -Thank God that I have a hubby who shared the same interest. Pernah sekali I brought a friend to this gallery once, muka was very cannot go! I rasa kalau boleh tido, agaknya dia terus tido kot. Hahaha~ Well not everyone have the same interest right. Ku maafkan kamu ;P

Register and time to pusing2. And this time you can bring your camera too. Siap yang jaga kaunter tu cakap 'boleh tangkap gambar kat dlm ye'..Terkesima di situ! Hahaha~ metafora sgt. Ok sebab sebenarnya mana2 gallery pun selain special preview, camera are not allowed to be in.
So if you do have a free time while strolling around KLCC, do stop by. Get the feelings that streetart are just not contengan biasa di dinding2 bangunan.

Curator : PETRONAS
Duration : 25 November 2014 - 04 January 2015
Admission : Free
Time : 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM

You guys yang memang kaki pusing2 KL for surely akan nampak these graffiti sebesar2 alam satu bangunan. But mesti tak terfikir those were a special project commenced by Petronas sempena Merdeka & Malaysia Day. Petronas has embarked a collaboration with 14 street artist to install 6 new artworks across KL. Cool ha! We Malaysian do have the similar one at Street Art of Ipoh, Perak, Street Art in Georgetown, Penang and in Melaka too along the river while you river crusing. Hehe~

Owh lupa there are another two of this kinda of places called Laman Seni, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Selangor and The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Shall visit all of it. ;D

There also a talk and got to hear some of the comments from the panel : 
"Bagi kanak2 yang menconteng di kertas, di dinding..itu sebenarnya bukan contengan biasa tapi mereka cuba mengekspresikan apa yang mereka yg rasa. That is one way meransang kekreatifan yang ada dlm diri kanak2 ini. Begitu juga pada anak2 muda ini"

Well said, I bet it's true enough. Kalau ikut psikology course pun, one of the way untuk menyelami hati seseorg adalah dari lukisannya.

My hubby even asked me to draw as a part of imagination to be drawn on the building. And that drawing will be posted on this #tanahairku Wall. Hahah~ Memang xlah... inspirasi xsmpai on the spot. Yes I used to draw before but dah berkarat agaknya talent tu.. Hee~ (I wish I can draw a character like my friend Kat yang now tgh sambung study in Fine Art in Boston right now...suddenly miss you la dear...)

So, let's buat misi mencari grafiti by these superb street artist all across Malaysia - I always have a soft spot for these!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Familiar - so Overrated!

Heart talks:

The changes made me feel bloated but it seems when I was reading everywhere; it just a perubahan hormone for the time being. Haih la #lilkhalifah, you are growing up during night is it? Your mummy –to-be terpaksa la do some light exercise to make sure that gas out! Macam2 gaya dah yang oi. Tapi daddy-to-be yang kadang2 over gassynya..hihi~ :P

Yes, I am in the middle of 1st trimester. Cik Enny preggy? *blush yes hun, it’s been like 9 weeks for now and familiarizing with all the hormones changes. I know ada yg main kira2 jugak..hahaha…We can called it as ‘bunting pelamin’ I guess ;P. Rezeki kan. Sometimes terasa upside down juga. But I do feel blessed for it. One thing, trust me, if you are someone yang mmg sgt melasak : to be stay still and rest most of the time, it does swag your moods and you immunity.

“Enny, tuh heels xleh pakai dah tu!”
“Akak, sehat tak? Hari ni minum susu dah.? Makan tak?”
“Enny! Jangan berlari boleh x? Cuba jalan slow2” deng!

Urghh, ramainya guardian! Hahaha~ Well tu ayat2 biasa I got for now.  Sekarang faham tak situation I? Silap hari bulan boleh kalah mental instead of the physical itself. Actually taklah surprise sgt that I’m preggy right? Sebab thanks to a friend yang dah tlg announced kan the other day. Amik kau dia tempek trus jd status kat FB tu. Bertenanglah cik Enny di situ. What to do kalau ada kawan terlebih excited nih!

Kalau kat office, rasanya mmg muka sgt ‘open book’ kot..most of the sisters dah perasan when they said ‘Enny muka seposen je’…’senyap je’..’Enny okey? nampak penat je’…Macam2 la kakak2 ni.. Guess they were right perhaps. Until up we confirmed the lil soul is growing up bit by bit in my belly. :’) Tapi still I didn’t spread it out, kalau org tau, then tau la..if taktau…let it be…this baby bump will tell without a word right. Hehe~

Tapi kalau tgk reaction my En.Suami lagi rs nak tears up. To who been following his own blog, for sure understand apa yang I cuba sampaikan ni. :D This I quoted from his entry last 2 week.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku
Lindungilah Bakal Khalifah Ini
Semoga Ia Berada Dalam Keadaan Sihat dan Sempurna
Lahirnya Menjadi Soleh/Solehah
Lahirnya Saat Diri Ini Berada Di Sebelah Isteri
Selamatkanlah Isteri dan Bakal Khalifah Ini Saat Dilahirkan

I am so lucky to have such a penyabar hubby yang layankan je la wifey yang nowadays mmg dah jadi ‘ratu air mata’. Segala macam benda terasa super sensitive. But I do try x layankan sgt perasaan ntah pape ni. Dugaan sungguh but yeah one of the remedy is being with fun and positive people. It does help much!

Thanks sayang for being with me. I know its kinda slightly a bumpy road for us, xsempat nak familiarize with each other, with our own new life yet there will be another additional lil junior that will be with us soon. InsyaAllah, it will be ease at times. Rezeki kita yang tak putus2 kan sayang? …=)

Pic credited to Peekabo ( smitten by looking at all those pictures)

# found this beautiful setup and pictures in canvas. Wish to do this soon!