Friday, September 28, 2012

Wahai En.Customer Service!

Heart wanna laugh :

Dek kerana stress!! Stress ke? Not really that much..Just got the feeling something is incomplete. Hermmm.. What's that btw? Nvm...perasaan je kot. So buat tak layan je. Huhuhu~

Now and then we always looking forward for our break time, because of what?
  1. Office sejuk nak mati...hey ingat ni tempat beku daging ke? We are freezing here! Kang pakai mufler, winter clothing kat office kang baru tau.
  2.  Workloads always made us a bit 'tepu' whenever it comes ad hock or schedule treatment. Boss kalut, dengan2 exec nye pusing2 nk mengejar apa yang dia nak. Ish2.. Bertenang boss. Tangan saya 2, otak saya satu je ni.

Today I made a treatment for myself, indulging my ownself with my longed collections for most a year waiting for it. Weee~ nice! Smells good. Time to change the scent of Cik Enny. Let see if people can recognize again my signature scent. Hehe~

Sememangnya orang2 office ni sangat peka dengan bau yg pelik2 skit. Ahaha~ Let's spread the love. Haha. Dan2 je. ;P

TAPI!! Getting these at Tangs were FUN!! Customer service dia??? Homai... Don't know why he took his own sweet time to do his things. Lagi dengan muka xbersalahnya. Mendatangkan kemarahan sungguh! Hey jangan lems sangat boleh? Bukannya boleh duduk forever kat sini ngadap muka you duk nak tarik2 those voucher dengan penuh hemahnya! GF ku yang mmg orang yg sangt penyabar tak suka kutuk orang pun boleh sampai rasa cam nk sound je mamat tu. Ini keje ngan KKM alamat memang kena buang keje terus. Lingkup company ada orang terhegeh2 macam ni.

When we want to make the payment for the second purchase, the cashier asked again for us to go to customer service to collect another voucher of it. Ha mmg tak lah...esok2 je la time2 we can lepak one day kat Empire tu tanpa rasa bersalah. Mengadap customer service macam tu, silap2 kitaorg yang kena short cause letter sebab masuk lambat saje. Hish. Budak2 cashier tu boleh bantai gelak tgk kitaorg mengomel atas kelembapan kroni dorang tu. Without mentioning who, they can teka sendiri who the person. Lah mmg camtu gaya ke? No wonder. Everyone knows about it. Naseb baik I'm not the owner tau, ada pekerja camni mmg tak sia2 ku buang time tu gak ke nk skolahkan dulu? Ahaha~

Whatever it is...I am happy.. ^ ^

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proudly a DONOR!! ^_^

Heart spirited :

Organ DONOR?? No-no...hehehe~ Owh Panda you super duper cute!! Wanna see who my new chenta hati? ......Tada!!!

Heheh...jangan lah tensen!! Hey2....WWF tu not stands for that wrestling things.. this is for World Wide Fund for Nature. Asal sebut WWF je confirmed ingat World Wrestling Federation no... katakan tidak pada keganasan...huhuh~ I'm a lover not a fighter..;P

Btw, yes I am now officially one of the donor for this fund. Thanks to few girls of WWF themselves who approaching me with this. With a simple explanation, it's had hooked me up to take a stand to contribute to a cause most worthwhile. Since ages, I always happened to fall in love with this WWF things, it just the matter of time that hold me back of doing something out of it. Hehe~ Actually we can say it only an excuse. Okey now no more, might be I can't contribute my tulang empat kerat to help in conserving our nature for the moment, being a donor is one of my way of helping this right. Nothing wrong for us to contribute again to our Mother nature after what we've taken from her.

I must say go for it people! No harm of doing this. You can shops till you drop, buying all those exotic apparel, foods, accessories that unnecessary, what is to compare with little contribution with a hope of a better earth for us. Jangan kedekut sangat. The more you give, the more you will get , maybe not here but in hereafter, Allah tu Maha Kaya lagi Pemurah. =)

Owh and these soon to be my adoption babies...hee~

For more info how to adopt them :

We shan't save all we should like to,
but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried!
     - Sir Peter Scott (1909-1989.WWF Founder

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Dip

Heart minds reading this :

Once in a while, things don’t look so good anymore. 
You grit your teeth, anticipate the storm,
But what you get is a slow, agonising chill, and it lasts a lifetime
Removing your warmth gradually. 
You are stuck in this polar abyss,
Not moving up or down the mountain, 
You remain idle.

Sometimes you don’t even notice, but then you have
Those days where you have to plant a smile on your face
Where you force yourself to carry on walking
Or to get up in the morning. 
When the dip passes you feel silly for ever having been there
But you were there
Or you are there. 

And everything is a blur. The people. The goals. You.
The dip is a state of mind where faith is low
Where your in limbo
What we fail to realise is that
Allah pulls us back up again
Tugs you back in line
Prayer by prayer
Sign by sign
Step outside
Feel the wind
Breathe in and
Let it crash through the dusty halls of your heart
Let it beat again with a purpose
Let things move with you in the midst
You are a slave and your Lord will never forsake you
In return you keep up the motion of obedience
For only in obedience is there peace. 

And remember, there is a wisdom behind everything Allah has decreed. 
It’s a funny little thing this dip. 
But you always come back stronger.
Chin up, back straight, breathe in
And you’re awake again.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Undeleted Memories 'Reez'

Heart controlling:

FORCE it Enny!!! Mend your heart, let it bipping thru yourself, thru your steps, thru your mind. The determination its unspeakable beneath your skin. What is this? Perlu ke you macam ni?

If dia tau I jadi begini, sure the whole group takkan lepaskan I dengan pilihan sendiri if this the hardest way I chose for the past 10 years ago. I can't be your so perfect polished girl. I chose to create my own life even we know it's gonna be harsh, cruel, hurt to me...but you guys have to leave me, let me bare with it. I know I can be stronger than you expected. Guys, it's not that I didn't know that most of you guys already back here in Malaysia after for a long time sulking of my stupid decision of letting this go. If Reez can believe me, you guys need to believe me too. He know why I chose this. I can reshape this. Yes its gonna be hard but let it be.

Being heartbroken it just part of it but the ugly truth my heart still beeping because of someone. Someone that left without any sound of sadness but full trust on me. Separuh jiwa I adalah kekuatan you Reez. Kala my alter ego trying to destroy my other half, that strength gave a full hope to console it. 

I lupa janji2 tu? NO! Never! To be frank, all those memories never been deleted from my lil heart. How protective you guys are, how frustrated you guys can be when I chose this. All of us have 'the letter' from Reez right. I doesn't ask you guys to come back to rescue me as I doesn't need that. All I need is your doa'. Doakan I sehat, doakan I bahagia. Its more than enough. 

Maafkan Enny, Reez. Maafkan Enny dah lama tak singgah pusara Reez, papa and Abg Fir. Enny tak kuat. Setiap kali berada berdekatan, my heart beeping like no one business. Maybe I'm just scared or my heart just still strong for you. Berpuluh kali Enny cuba. But now Reez, I really wanna see you. Biar pun Reez xdgr, but you will be hearing me somewhere kan. Please be my strength again Reez. :'(  Enny rasa sakit tu datang balik, am I strong enough to get through this alone again?.. Ya Allah!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Tazkirah' Free @ 1am

Heart feel so numb :

2 3 hari rasa perasaan dibelasah. dihenyak2, di gumpal2, mcm dah kena langgar lari lenyek dek treler kontena 14 tan.  Sampai I came up with this status kat BBM

" You have to have my permission to break my happiness "

Cik Nisa la jadi peneman kala hati kekalutan. Haih... Gara2 dek status tu jugak one of my Devilish clan bertanya 'Anything happened?? What happened?' Tetiba rasa air mata nak berjurai2...Uhh kes nak cengeng sangat ni. Tup2..ini la dia 'Tazkirah' free from my non Muslim saying just to console my heart and believing in me.

Love will come to you one day and at that time love will make you fall for it. Keep yourself strong. Mixing around with different gender is common but finding the right person in life is tough! Every men we met may be the right person in life but God has chosen our soul mate earlier and the Prince will walk down the road of happiness. Always be strong Enny!
                                                                                                  - Andrew @ 1AM

Owh Andrew, you always be my good friends..We go Bali okeh? Nisa jom!!!!
Okey sekarang rasa nak nages ke tak nak?  Can I just make a sad face instead of whining or grieving about all this? Terasa buang masa. I know2...if you reading this En.Pilot, I guess I get your point when you always said you tak berkenan, keep on saying give a chance to your heart, open your eyes wider to find a perfect one. Tapi I sangat2 degil kan... see now heartbroken again. Ke sebab you a guy, you understand another guy better? Akif, I need you. Kenapa orang2 macam ni slalu kejam dengan I? Maybe I just meeting with a wrong crowd am I?........

You can be so busy to look, but I'll be busy mending my heart

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mabrook Ya Etty ku..

Heart blossomly :

Tetiba je blossom2...Tadi emo! Huhu.

Ni patut update dari last week lagi. Tapi sorry ye....umah terchenta ku di Saujana Putra tu, En. Telekom tak reti2 nak pasang line yang dh berbulan2 terpacak tiang kat belakang rumah tu...Please2 .. I need that UNIFI...tau tak tepu dunia ku...hadap kekucing ku tu je...silap hari bulan boleh paam bahasa kucing ha...;P Takyah drama sangat kau Cik Enny.. Ok2 back to main story...


I tau you tgh honeymooooney now...Currently berada di PORT DICKSON..road trip hari kedua..yeayy!! I plak yeayy pasai pa...Eh silap2...

On the date of 14th of September 2012, berakhir la sudah Cik Atiza bergelar Cik....yup now she belong to En. Ismail Fitri yang juga la warga2 KKM ha...Haihhh orang2 Sime jua....

Btw I was attending their solemnization day at the afternoon itself, siap cuti half day okey...See2? Terharu tak sungguh2 applied cuti sbb nk menyebok kan diri di hari bhgia orang...Amik berkat namanya..# eh.. Tapi sedikit tak best secara tiba2nya I just fall sick out of no where...haihh sbnrnya amik demam pengantin ni...Xpe lah ku redhakan jua...Hehehe~  Hope you sehat2 je okey sehingga habes honeymoon you. Heee~

Your wedding day was blissfulness dear. You were so gorgeous...Takpe la you nak bajet hot pun....sbb memang cantik pun..heee~ Foods you pun sangat sedap. I tau ada kuih febret you ..kuih cara berlauk tu kan. Hahah~ And you know what? My Abah yang menghabeskan telur pindang and the muruku gulung2 dlm goodie bag you tu...Sabar je la I. Heheh~

Cute stuff for the day...niceeee!!

The pengantin of the day!! See how gojes she were...3 hari berturut2...

Muka2 biasa yang sentiasa datang awal majlis org..ahahahah~

Ha pic ni exclusively dari newly wed dari Honeymoon nya...sempat lagi tu ;P
Btw, this song for you guys... En. Ismail Fitri sorry la I xsempat kenalkan diri secara proper...U kan pikir I cina mualap...miahahah~ hanya kerana nama 'Enny'...takpe la now I ada 'Etty' fair and square kan ;P

Love you darlss.... My only wish your marriage will last everlasting till Jannah... Amin~

Berangan @ Day Dreaming..

Brain cracking :

Berangan kata lainnya daydreaming , kalau night dreaming xboleh ke...maksudnya mimpi.. Tapi ada beza ke both of it? Masih la kedua2 nya diperlakukan di keadaaan pra sedar di hujung medula oblongata yang sedang aktif berfungsi.. Waras tgh loading 50% je. tak?

Listening to people berangan mode always made us in wonderful land - even sometimes we couldn't bare not to laugh at it or euuwwww jauh camtuh pk or perasaan bunga2 dalam diam2...some sort like that la.. but yeah dah nama pun berangan kan...Quoted from dear GF 'ala, berangan tu kan percuma!' Dang! 
But do you know berangan can always turn up to be one impian yet menjadi cita2 tuk di capai. Bak kata citer 'Soal Hati' yang I dah tak tau bape kurun punya citer tu...
'..tanpa angan2, impian takkan jadi kenyataan'..

Kerana dek angan2 ni jugak la akan tercreate satu harapan. Mungkin tak terniat, tak terlintas sepicing pun di laluan neuron2 yang sdg bersambung untuk memberi harapan atau membina harapan tapi ia muncul tanpa di pinta. Tapi cik Hati sangat2 sensitif tau. What is hope? Hope untuk terus bahagia atau hope tuk seksa hati sendiri? Well then I think I need to find the answer by my own. I know berharap pada suatu yang tak pasti memang akan menyakitkan tapi if another side mengukuhkan, dia takkan jadi harapan yang sia2 kan. You know I'm a fighter but I'll fight when things worth my pain. Its' not easy, that's why I need to know what I'm fighting for.

#justsaying... hope he understand this

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Heart smiling :

Just by looking at this....comel sangat!


Best quote :

TRUE!! Owh btw, you jangan pepelik sangat boleh tak? Huuuu takutttttt~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Raya @ MHO ^_^

Heart blessed :

Sooooooo much of foods!! Owh perut sangat bahagia. Mode raya is ON again!! Homaiii betul2 nak sampai 30 hari beraya ni. Puasa tak cukup! Oppss..hey tu CUTI AM tau..Guys, warga Adam...awak2 tu jangan nk ngada2 plak.

Sime Darby Motor Division Open House

Date : 10th September 2012
Time : 430 pm - 600 pm
Location : Motor Head Office, Glenmarie
Dress code : Traditional Attire ( 1 Malaysia)

See, bukan saje2 okey nak suh pakai tradisional bagai...Email been sent out berkurun yang lalu hanya kerana HR nak warga2 Motors ni ready all out to this makan2 event and show some cooking skills..Kami di'paksa' membuat potluck! Okey sekarang pening nak masak apa..;P

Well then come to the day, I was elated to see the efforts of everyone. Yes everyone!! Kakak2 yang gorgeous with baju kurung , baju kebaya, tudung liplap...(ntah2 ada yang bau kedai masih..ahahah)..Para jejaka berbaju Melayu lengkap bersamping, those other non Malay pun sangat cool to wear Saree, Lengga, even most impressive our new comer Chinese boy wore full attire of Baju Melayu (sanggup pinjam kawan okey just because to blend in with us).

Actually there were Best Dressed Male & Female. Hehehe..tu yang sungguh2 for you guys to dress up kan..Doll yourself sis. Me? I want to MAKAN!!! ;p

Well, pix speaks well right, so tgk pic je la k...(tahap malas tapir nk elaborate..sorry..heee)

Tgk sista2 gojes ku preparing the foods...

The beloved crowd...wahh jejaka2 Malaya..

Candid pic are always the best ;P

Sangat satu Malaysia!!! ;D

Burpp..Alhamdullilah, kenyang sangat2...makanan pun super banyak. Memang dah jangka akan terlebih2 makanannya so we dah sedia with our containers, so sila pack bawak balik. Heee...But my potato salads,,my, owh my...xsempat tukang buat rasa, licin bergaya tupperwear tu. Sedap sangat eh? ;P Tuh namanya buat dengan kasih sayang. Ahahah~ Ada yang minta resepi, ada yang suruh buat lagi...ha pastuh jangan salahkan Enny kalau masing2 berat badan naik lagi...Potato tuuuu...;P

Best comment ever  "Enny, you buat eh...(sambil thums up) I rasa nak menangis". Hahah~ tuh comment dr my Mem Gojes...yeah one of my Devilish clan kat ofis ni. Owh Sorry Andrew you tak sempat rasa eh...nanti I buat lagi okeh...;P...Kena sediakala maklum alkisahnya memang dah 4 years I keje sini I tak pernah masak apa2 for the office so this was my first time brought it up with simple dish...heavy2 later la, kang tak sedap complaint tangkap hati...jap saya berguru dgn sifu saya dulu no...iaitu Abah tercinta.

Sekian terima kasih untuk berita hari ini. ;D

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sensation of Japan - Drum Tao!!

Heart beating :

 Hehe~ play tak the video? ha!! But it was more awesome when you see it 'LIVE'.

And here we go our things on 6th Syawal. People masih sebuk beraya but me and big sis went for something randomly bought from Groupon -the same day we went for Bella ;P.
Quoted from Kak Al - we were enhancing the culture experience. Mesti orang tak terfikir pun such things or know about this. But honored enough we did get the chance to experience this for the first time in Malaysia. How extraordinary it is. ;D

Had a dinner before the show with big sis and lil bro yang baru sehari jumpa dah ada special bond. Hahah~ Thanks Hafiz for such statement. Bertuahnya and betapa peningnya la Kak Al having two lil sis & bro begini yang perangai lebih kurang je. Tapi itulah yang Kak Al sayang kan. Hehehe~ Randomness is our middle name!! ;P

Sangat sensation kan! Japanese sgt ;P

Time for the show!

All pictures were from En.Google as we were not allowed to snap any pictures inside Plenary Hall (same concept with Istana Budaya & Dewan Philharmonic Petronas). Basically these were the performance by them. There were also a funny slot in the show - ada badut la pulak. Heheh~ Without it also, the show had kept us stayed still and mesmerized by the beats of the drums, flute, and traditional guitars. Spectacular!!

Some facts about it : courtesy En.Google

Japan’s most celebrated elite martial arts and Taiko drumming extraordinaire, Drum Tao is bringing their glorious blend of ancient and contemporary percussion artistry to Malaysia for the first time.
Having awed audiences in 17 countries, including Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK and Germany, Drum Tao is expected to amaze with an eclectic choreography showcasing dance, martial arts, stunning props and costumes.
The two-hour extravaganza will see the 16-strong crew beat on Wadaiko drums which weigh a massive 400kg and have a 1.7-metre circumference, before switch to complex rhythms on smaller drums which will be complemented by melodies on bamboo flutes and a horizontal harp.
Couple the mesmerizing music with martial arts and dance stunts that require superhuman effort to execute, the dynamic Drum Tao will transport you to another universe altogether.

Even the review saying it's going to be great and WE SECOND THAT! Love it! Can't wait for next year of their return ;D

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Raya @ SDCC ^_^

Heart blessed :

Raya dah masuk stgh bulan, almost nak habes..baru nak update. Miahahah~ Sorry babe. Kepada sahabat tercinta yang jauh nun di sana yang taktau celah mana duduknya you sekarang, I xsend apa2 khabar raya kat you pun kan..Nah tengok ni. Sowieee...;P Raya lagi ni, leh mintak ampun still kan.

Makanya I update skit2 eh tak ikut kronologi hari pun..kang dah jadi macam bibliography plak blog ni..hee~

Sime Darby Raya Open House

Date : 30th August 2012
Time : 730am - 9pm
Location : Sime Darby Convention Center
Dress code : Baju raya pleasseeee..;P

Kalau sesape rajin tgk tarikhnya, sure "eh nape hari kerja, working hours?". Ha tuh la namanya saving cost.;P Real reason we taktau but as staff kami akan pergi makan selagi dijemput (pantang ajak makan sbnrya..ahahah)

Kepada partner2 yang biasa diangkut setiap tahun ke majlis ni, sorry tahun I xboleh ajak. Heee ~ So you duduk dediam kat ofis okeh do the auditing okeh. I tau you sangat suka jd partner I di majlis2 begini. Hik3

Opppss...ada kisah klakar sebenarnya, di majlis ni jugak la some random girls tetiba senyum2 and wish "Hey, Congratulations. For your engagement kan?" Erkkk...My GF dah pandang camne I boleh taktau your engagement ni? Eh no-no. Sejak bila plak I engage ha..Ahaha...pelik jugak if I di engage kan tanpa pengetahuan. Ada lagi ke drama mcm tu. Miahahah~ 

During the makan2 time, mcm ramai seems who know me, ke korang ni sebenarnya nmpk 'pelanduk dua serupa ni'..Ish2...Yeah sudah nya my big bro ku suh jadi bodyguard tuk ke mana saje. Teman please sblum kena ambush lagi ngn ntah sape2 ni..Huwaa...;P

Btw, let's the pic do the talk...

Huuu terpisah with separa lagi sudahnya Syafiqah jd teman kitaorg. ;D

Ha, 2 jejaka tu jejaka paling femes dlm Sime. Sape pernah baca CLEO sure knl PA CEO kami ;P
Gadis2 Motors -3 of it were Interns yang tamat perkhidmatan pun. Sob2..
Cik Tunang yang dah nak jadi Puan pun soooon!
Balik ofis pun sebuk nak posing lagi..Opsss ;P

Ada terhutang cerita ni, kisahnya Raya Ke-6 ku di KLCC. Hehe...tuh later la eh as pic2 nya terpaksa digoogle kerana event menghalang kami yang gila snap pic merakamkan apa jua aktiviti..Heee~

Later peeps! Boss dah panggil pulang..;D

I Want! I Need!

Brain tickling :

Bising je la you ni. *drooling ~
I want I need segala bagai. But it just lumrah manusia kan..Never enough of something, soal WANT @ NAK kadang2 lebih over dari NEED @ PERLU..think2...and hati tersentap with this...

So what say you? Hehehe~

And I got such sweet funny pantun ala2 jiwa2 jugak thru my FB, sapelah gerangan manusia yang main tagged ni.

Pen merah pen biru,
You marah I love you.

Pen biru habis dakwat,
I miss you sangat-sangat.

Pen hitam buat ganti,
You sorang je ada dekat hati ♥.

Ahahaha~ Ok2 I got your point ;P

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wake UP Enny!!

Heart tuning :

Braincells feel like stomping and stopping! Polluted!! Hishhh....Why2, I do have such friends? Ketahuan la awak2, do not request such things to me. Bleh sakit otak tau, jiwa kacau kalau tak kuat ni. Permintaan yang korang buat ni boleh tercabut nyawa tau tak? But yeah what do you care right. Tenggelam timbul and there you again, out of the blue moon...again the most 'nicest' conversation happening again and again. It drive me nuts! If dulu I can respond, I can laugh but now when tooo many of it, I feel numb and scattering my emotion. Jangkitan eperdemik sungguh. *sigh

I sendiri realized I was too much of toning down of who I am this few months. Yes, sebab terasa emo, out of pre conscious, a dear friend buzzing me....tau je I typed something and I deleted it again masa Whatsapp dgn dia, so end up xckp apa2 pun but him who was so packed with curiosity terus main called je then duk main "apa hal ni beb? apa kes, apa kes?" Hish dia ni, kalau xmengenangkan kawan dah lama makan tangan tau. Orang tgh serabut ckp tu kemain sopan skali. Bertuah punya kawan. Ikutkan hati memang hang up je phone tu. Lantak kau! Tapi sebab dia called so takpe but dah ready jejauh phone tu sikit. ;P Tak dan nak ckp apa, dah kena tazkirah pagi sesiang camni free dr Ustaz Syed. Eeee, nyampah! 

"Apa nak serabut2 benda kecik macam ni, hey yang penting you enjoy every single minutes of your life. Bazir masa je fikir pasal orang "

Memang tak jadi nak marah bercakap ngan dia ni. Tau la gonna hold Master in Engineering Management soon, payah tul nak bertekak ngn orang camni. Owh kenapalah ku dipertemukan dengan orang2 begini? Hehe~ Takpe la janji you dah turned up my mood 360 degree. Thanks babe! 

How I miss being this girl, the most thing I like to do. And I don't even know why I put it away. I guess I have to make a come back of the real Enny. Sudah2 la kan being someone what people want. People should love me because of me kan kan kan.