Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Goodbye

Heart finalizing :

You were there to light my day
you were there to guide me through
from my days down and on
I'll never stop thinking of you

how can i forget all that
when you're the one who make me smile
you'll always be a part of me
how i wish you were still mine

never will forget the day
how we've met and came this far
we all know we got this feeling
but somehow it has to end up here

i know it's me who said goodbye
and that's the hardest thing to do
cause you mean so much to me
and guide the truth from me to you

for all the things I've done and said
for all the hurt that I've caused you
i hope you will forgive me baby
cause that wasn't what i meant to do


It's time for me to say thanks. Thanks for everything. Thanks for watching me all this time. Thanks for loving me with all your heart. Thanks for seeing me grown up all this while.
Thanks for letting me to choose my own path.
And yes I found my truly future;
my sweetheart, my Peanut Butter, my cinta.
And I believe in him because of HIM.

To my dear angels from past,
You are among the best who bring out the best of me in the hardest way.
My tears, my blood, my sweats 
It's only you seeing these.
And now let it be our memories deep down to earth.
In a way we chose to be.
 is our final goodbye.


Doc IT In The Houz ;p

Brain completing :

Training2!! Call back to all on-site specialist yang bersepah2 satu Klang Valley. You are required to be back to KKM HQ for Annual Desktop Training Day. Yes!! Department tutup sehari..ahaha~

Awal2 lagi dah blocked the date once got the email from boss..Hait! Arahan dituruti.;P
Ini je time where we will be gathered once a year back to our main HQ. If not, jangan mimpi la nampak muka kitaorg kat HQ tu sebab most of us based in different divisions. Sian boss sentiasa kena tawaf lawat anak2 buah yang tak berdiam satu tempat. Nama pun on-site specialist. Hee~ Takpe bos, tu exercise!!
Kata nak hensem kacak bergaya kan...hik3..

16 of us but been splitted in two diff day..haruslah. Kang ada plak user2 'jaki' hey2 where is our IT guys?.. Nih memang drama sikit. Manja based. Hehe~
Our team became smaller year by year, haih...tapi we tetap rock on! and now left me the only 'bunga' among the other 15 thorns. Seronok kena buli ni kan...Pasrah ni pasrah...hahaha~

Well pix kat atas tu adalah habuan kitaorg sebab datang training. Boss memang sgt tau how to make his staff happy by the stomach. Huu ayams again! 3 ketul skali ha mmg konpem tdo after lunch. ;P
Tapi tak sempat ngantuk pun sebab we busy sharing knowledge. Huuu sounds so pro..ahaha~ Our team memang macam ni, playing around but serious at times. Almaklumlah team ni je ramai jejaka2 hot. See2? baru separuh, another separuh was in the 2nd batch for the next day. Psstt..Meh nak bocor rahsia skit...most of them dah berbini. ahahahah~ adalah sorang dua yg still available tapi tak berapa nak available la kan sbb dah ada GF. So makanya sila duk dediam ye..ngee~

Meh pecah rahsia lagi ..ada sorang tu cousin to AA @ Aaron Aziz..ha teka2 yang mana satu. ;P and we have our very own 'Farid Kamil'...ahahahah~

Ok2 got to go...nanti boss chase lagi with cases, automationssss and KB... Fine2, tengah diusahakan sedaya upaya ni. SOP, SOP! Where are you? ;P
See ya guys in another year teammates..or akan jumpa dlm masa terdekat sbb boss nak bg Ipad Mini or Nexus kan...ngee~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Perahu Kertas

Brain seeking:

Of a book! Where can I find this? Google2..heee~ Judulnya Perahu Kertas.
You must be thinking why I'm looking for this ha. Yes, I do have some special interest to this kinda of books. Some of my books seriously been delivered by the publisher itself. Nak sangat punya pasal kan. Might be Indonesian books; the language a lil bit hard to understand it but try to read with open mind. You'll find it overwhelming with things they want it to be deliver to the readers. This is just my love. ;D

Yeah penulisannya dah diangkat sebagai satu movie yang menggunakan tajuk yang sama. And here is the trailer, baru released last year di Indonesia. Actually it was in Malaysia too tapi sangat xperasan it was here..-_-

Owh its a soundtrack CD for this.... of course la nak kena cari kan..heee~

Btw, just enjoying the VC of the soundtrack for the movie ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Heart sinking :

"Maybe there's something
you afraid to say,
or someone you're afraid 
to love, or somewhere
you're afraid to go.
 Suffocate in worries.
 It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt
because it matters."

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yik Mun Pau in Hunt!

Brain talking:

Another randomness for the day. Actually this been imprompt-to by my beloved partner in crime a.k.a. my big sista (who else la kan). Tengah2 check gmail, suddenly ada googlechat blinking2 ..

" Babe, jum one fine morning on the weekend itself, Tg.Malim jum! Breakfast pau. "
Ha? Seperti biasa tetiba cam blur2 ayam, eh Tg.Malim? Of all the place in the world, ada apa dengan Tg.Malim? Makan pau? Seriously lambat sikit nak compute. :P
Wahai Cik Enny, could you just google it? Pening2 sendiri bikin apa. Hahaha~ Okey2 thanks to Malaysia Foodie for such details info. This Tg. Malim place are lingered with the famous Yik Mun Pau. Owh fine, camne taktau ni. *cover muka.

And yes one fine Saturday morning (last weekend), we did go for a hunt to find this so called famous amos Yik Mun Pau. Just for the sake of having breakfast. Huuu~ Here we go then. Adventure sangat kan, macam kat KL takde pau je. Sampai ada orang tu buat statement 'pi Tg.Malim semata2 nak makan timun'.. Aduh..datang mana 'timun' tu? Yik Mun la...Huh..ahahahah~ My Peanut Butter, if nak ikut cakap je, kang ada kitaorg turun PD kan..siap berkelah ngn pau kang..;P

We did tried all four flavors of Yik Mun's pau; kacang merah, kari ayam, kari daging and kaya. Siap ordered Roti Kahwin and the Yik Mun Curry Fried Rice. Kenyang dia takyah cakap la kan. Nasi goreng tu yang spttnya hak milik En.Awal, sudahnya Auntie Enny yang kena habeskan..homai! There you go my lunch skali..(bukan misi awal2 is all about having breakfast je ke? Lari tajuk dah ni)

This is not the only journey we made for the day. Dah selamat membreakfastkan diri, we heading up to IKEA to find some stools for the boys. So another suku day been spent out at the IKEA itself. Actually more to kill the times as we have a birthday party to be attend at 4 ++ at INSPEN Putrajaya. Pack2!!
But before hand before the IKEA session, kitaorg sebenarnya sempat singgah at SS15 Subang untuk grab some cendol. Nyummm...nak makan mmg tak larat dah, so cendol je la mampu ditelan masa tu. Haus2..huhu~

Then mencari INSPEN ni pun drama jugak. Rupanya duduk kat belakang Alamanda je. Aduh bertaun cari tempatnya. Maka demikian kepada encik2 yang berkenaan boleh tak for hantaran bg GPS satu kat dalam dulang tu kan. Make our life easier please! (yang sebenarnya sangat failed baca google map..heee ;P)

It was a kid's party so of course its all about kiddos. Me? Ha jadi peneman setia si kecik ni la sementara big sis sedang bergosipan dengan gfs2nya. Btw, pic yang last sekali tu, ye tuh teh tarik ye..which mmg dgn niat nak pedengki kat seseorang tu -kes Harrods Cafe. Hahaha~ Rasanya pic ni dah tertempek pun kat foursquare kroni2 ni..Well apa la yang dibezakan teh tarik 12 hengget dengan teh tarik free camni kan.. ;P

Owh btw to those yang teringin nak try those famous pau, you can always find it at these address :

Jalan Slim River, Tanjung Malim, Perak
6043 Jalan Slim River,
35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak
Contact 05 459 6006
Business Hour 9am to 9pm Daily

p/s : we ada project nak try pau kat one of the R&R plak. Is it R&R Tapah eh Kak Al? Heee

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Brain analyzing  :

STRESS!! Huu that word mmg tabooo...Everyone will have that every single day, don't we? Especially to those who are really busy or too preoccupied to get out from their chair. LLB tu takyah citer la kan (LLB = Look Like Busy) ;P
But first of all, you guys stress pasal apa??Ha...don't try to look around; kiri kanan atas bawah depan belakang. It's you right..risau okey kt sini.

See how the circle can be...

The ugly truth is in a roundabout way, your back pain IS CAUSED by stress (emotional) but your back pain is also the CAUSE OF stress (oxidative). Pain and stress, left unchecked, can create a very vicious cycle in your helpless, unsuspecting body. Kesian tau body tu.
Enough for once I felt the massive pain of it (tak sedar pun stress rupanya); vomitting, high fever, headache, body ache till can't get up from bed. Huu, really can't afford it. Gara2 self ignorance to the Missy STRESS tu kan. ..

The same is true of stress and chest pain, stress and joint pain, stress and stomach pain or stress and any kind of pain. Sebab tu bila you start to feel stressed or tired and your lower back or neck start to ache, even a little, remember the pain and stress reduction connection.
Please do take a few minutes to do THIS!
Do some deep breathing; breath in breath out and stretching. Buat ala2 macam kucing stretching pun okey je.It will help a bit. Dah macam doc je dah bercakap ni.
Btw, info2 ni mmg from reading and tanya doc. Not saje2 cakap and type sungguh2 kat sini. Orang tu je yang takmo gi refer kat doctor...kata la penakut kannnnn ;P

Nini teman jum!

The Beauty Art #foodporn

Heartly nice :

Owh so much love this my dear Sheryl...
I think I did wrote something about her previously but which entry yeah?...okey konpem lupa which one.. ;P
Nevermind, we just make a new one shall we..heee~

See the magic of transformation from a wedding card design...


Yes that was a bouquet of cupcakes and of course you can eat that ;) Sedappp!.
Personalized by Bunistheoven for my lil bro's solemnization day ( as one of the hantaran).
See the details, the exact same design, this gorgeous girl always had her passion above the rainbow and by me personally never get enough to browse through all the special, customized design by her accordingly to her customers request. Name the idea, she will make it real!!..

Thanks darling for this gorgeous cupcakes. Surely gonna talk to you soon for another special day!! Okey tu rahsia kita. Ssshhhh...;P

Btw, to those yang tertanya2, you just have to go here, okey2 click the pic kat bawah ni and cuci la mata sndri ye..pastu jangan salahkan I if you addicted to these ;P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Brain reconcile it :

Was in depth of reading 'Sederhana Indah'....I've found this ...jejaka ni memang terer berpuitis..

“Apa beza antara suka dan cinta?” Si gadis bertanya.
Si lelaki melipat helaian akhir novelnya lalu menjawab : “macam apa yang kita rasa pada sekuntum bunga.”
“Terangkan?” Si gadis musykil.
“Kalau kita suka pada sekuntum bunga, kita akan petik bunga tu sebab bunga tu cantik. Tapi kalau kita cintakan bunga tu, kita akan biarkan ia pada dahannya dan sentiasa siram ia agar ia sentiasa segar. Samalah macam manusia. Kalau kita suka pada seseorang, kita akan berusaha untuk miliki dia. Tapi kalau kita cintakan dia, kita akan sabar menanti adakah dia jodoh kita, dan sentiasa mendoakan kebahagiaan dia walau nanti akhirnya dia bukan bersama kita…”

Teringat yesterday I was came across with almost the same question cuma bezanya begini :

"Cinta..apa bezanya sayang dan cinta?" Si Bulan bertanya.
Si Cinta berfikir lalu menjawab :  "...dalam english, love can be sayang, love can be cinta. But no matter sayang or cinta, which word I use for you bawa maksud yang satu.
You're the only one in my heart I want to live with".

Penyudahnya, apa jua maksud suka, sayang dan cinta, hanya empunya diri mampu mendefinisikannya.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kata2 Jiwa ^ ^

Heart was smiling reading this :

This post basically I quoted from a friend in my Tumblr. Was browsing all around in and stop! Reading it dengan hati yang tersenyum2. And yet I love to share with you guys here....

“di mata tangis kering,
di hati berendam duka.”

si lelaki yang sedang melayari facebook, tersentak seketika dengan status si gadis. eh? masih duka lagi? laju tangannya menaip komen.

“kenapa?” si lelaki bertanya.

tak sampai 30 saat komennya dibalas si gadis ;

“dalam berkasih, sesaat adalah abadi.”

lalu si lelaki membuat kira-kira dalam kepalanya yang penuh imaginasi. sesaat = abadi. kalau dua saat? dua abadi. kalau tiga saat, tiga abadi. si gadis bercinta dengan bekas kekasihnya selama 3 tahun. berapa puluh ratus ribu juta abadi aganya? lalu dia menepuk kepala. saat-saat begini pun otaknya boleh melawak.

tenang, tenang. tangannya mula menaip komen.

“masa bukanlah penentu cinta. takdir Tuhan mengatasi segalanya.” si lelaki mengerutkan dahi. lirik lagu mana aku rembat ni!


“Qada dan Qadar. Qada Mubram. ketentuan yang tak boleh diubah. salah satunya adalah jodoh.” mujur juga si lelaki pernah mendengar kuliah subuh berkenaan hal ini, walau dia tersengguk-sengguk menahan kantuk.


“awak, jatuh cinta dengan orang yang salah, tak semestinya berakhir dengan sepi. cinta tak pernah datang sekali.”


“rukun iman keenam, beriman kepada Qada dan Qadar. percaya setiap yang berlaku ada hikmah. berlapang dadalah dengan ketentuan Tuhan. apa pun perkara yang terjadi, pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya. saya percaya itu. sebab saya yakin, Tuhan janjikan bahagia untuk semua.”

lama komen itu dibiar tak berbalas. setelah 10 minit, dia mendapat satu notifikasi.

“terima kasih :’) tapi kali ni awak terlalu fakta. simpulkan semua ni dalam satu ayat putis. kalau tidak saya merajuk :P” si gadis mula kelihatan ceria.

ada-ada saja. si lelaki menggeleng kepala. lalu teringat satu antara ayat kegemarannya :

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along. - Rumi

kekasih itu tidak akhirnya bertemu di suatu tempat, sebaliknya telah ditakdirkan bersama dari azali lagi (okay ini terjemahan hentam).”

“close enough. selamat malam jiwa-jiwa yang berbahagia ;)”

Owned by : Sederhana Indah  (kudos!! all your tumblring write up are just so sweet..yeah jika tak dikenal pasti, pastinya berdasarkan tulisan ia milik hati si hawa tapi rupanya sang adam yang menyampaikan dalam bentuk bahasa puitis..^ ^)

Learn From IT! Experiences...

Brain concluding:

A background music from my special one spot whistling while I'm writing this. Terasa kena pada jiwa. Music apa? Hehe..That one you should find for it. ;) Menulis sambil music stimulating your brain, effect dia mmg lain skit. Okey takyah nak feeling2 sangat. Back to the main point Enny..;P

Well then issue ni tertrigger dek gangguan IM seorg kawan nun jauh di Kulim sana yang ttba meroyan letak icon nages2 ni. Pulak? Rupanya dia kena kerja on Hari Keputeraan Sultan Kedah. Hahah~ Adeh ingt apa td. Drama kau kan... Kena kuat bertenang Cik Enny kat sini dengan drama2 hujan panas begini dari ramai orang. How I handle it? EXPERIENCES..

Pengalaman tu ada kalanya suatu yang indah, boleh jadi sangat kelakar, tak masuk dek akal dan tak lepas juga amat menyakitkan for some circumstances tapi itu kan namanya PENGALAMAN; satu definisi perjalanan kehidupan.
So apa yang dipersoalkan sangat? Bohong la jika I cakap I sentiasa bertenang dalam apa jua perkara, actually takpun, ada time I emo jugak..macam angin. Heee~ (If you guys keep on saying I'm happy all the time means I berjaya deceived you guys with my gestures. Hehehe ). Hey I'm not an angel okey cuma bermacam2 ceritera buat I belajar. Yes you need to learn from what it takes. Benda baik you take it, perkara xbaik, you leave it.. kan ada in Malay proverbs ' yang baik jadikan teladan, yang buruk jadikan tauladan' . Ha taktau makna pi amik Kamus Dewan Bahasa Edisi 3 sekarang! ;P 
It can be simple as that or you choose to be as complicated it can be. It's your choice!

People might not knowing this kerana 'KEHILANGAN' itulah berpuluh pengalaman yang I telan, simpan dalam2. When the time comes, those memories will be buried deep down to middle earth as a history. Tapi memori tetap memori kan.  
Pengalaman sepatutnya mengajar kita untuk jadi lebih berhati2, mendewasakan kita and bertindak ikut akal yang waras. Itulah gunanya our life supports -family, friends and the love one if terasa tak terbangunnya kala diuji begitu.

You know what......
Kerana 'KEHILANGAN' tu jugalah hallucination pernah menjadi a part of me years back ago. Why? Sebab EGO! sebab KERAS KEPALA! sebab live in DENIABLE! Letting the hallucination became a queen in myself...I was so beyond help. Until few friends hold me up, (in sense of forcing jugak) untuk terima hakikat yang 'dia' memang takkan kembali. Terima hakikat yang Tuhan lebih sayangkan dia dari kita menyayanginya. Mesti tertanya2 kan...well itu semua cerita satu ketika dahulu. Cerita ketika ceteknya ilmu di dada, kosongnya jiwa, dan alpa dengan duniawi. Satu pengalaman yang kalau boleh I don't want anyone else to feel it. 
Alhamdullilah, mmg benar kata hakikinya, apa jua that we been facing in this life paksikan DIA sebagai guidance yang paling utuh. InsyaAllah. Jika rasa tersesat, kembali kepada asalNya. :) It might be not that easy but do try it please.

“tapi awak, dia hancurkan hati saya sampai jadi serpih!”
“awak, kalau dalam setiap serpih tu ada ingatan awak kepada Allah, maka sebanyak itulah DIA akan mengasihi awak, lebih dari harapan kasih awak terhadap si dia. inshaAllah Allah akan pulihkan hati awak tu, dengan syarat awak redha terhadap keduniaan ni semua.”

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mabul Here I Come!

Brain cheekily:

Ha ni bukan Istanbul Aku Datang now I'm creating an itinerary (padahal suh Abg Ijat...miahaha - apa guna ada Abg Besar ;P) for our own escapade to Sabah.

Mabul here I come!!! (huu bajet mat salleh sungguh)

Bunyi cam jauh sangat nak pergi..mcm Mauritius ke Caledonia ke...Sabah je??? Eh okey la. I nak buat travelogue haruslah start from my own beloved country kan kan kan. (Sebenarnya nampak sangat tak pernah sampai Sabah/ Sarawak - sangat kasihan kan..heee`)..Other countries kena mintak permission dot dot dot dan dot dot dah pasni or kena pegi En.Peanut Butter..ngee~

Pic atas courtesy dari En.Google..haruslah tempek satu je..yang menambahkan sebab untuk ke sana dgn sgt kuat!! Sebab once I'm there, you gonna see thousands of it..heee...saya gadis dengan camera bukan photographer...snap ikut hati ;P

Plus wanna do snorkeling...scuba?? erkk...kena amik PADI License dulu..kalau tak, tenggelam sje jd tukun dgn ikan2 tu... Island hoping should be fun!! Owh fine2, kebarangkalian utk tukar2..'tanned' itu sangat2 la besar. Haruslah kena ready sunblock berbotol2.. Eh pegi bercuti ada ke kisah nk kena sunburn hitam segala? Tak perlu, tak perlu...just have fun will you..

Okey2 nak sambung diskusi ngn Abg Ijat...kena mau finalize awal2...
See ya guys!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1st Moment

Heart feel so touched :

When my dear GF finally confirmed she is preggy for 6 weeks,
When my significant other being such a sweetheart every single day,
When my another GF saying something I don't even realize before hand......

"You perasan tak most of my 1st moment, you always there, here with me?"...As usual tiba2 Cik Enny muka blur2 spider. Eh?
"My weddings, masa I delivered my baby, masa we buat our baby's room and now with my new car"....
Seriously I don't even realize that dear as what I know if I can be with you, when you need me, here I am. Being a companion to your 'first moment' is an honor to me. Wonder why I tak perasan pun all this. And I am happy having you as my friend. And babe, even we in the same office, diff floor...but I really do miss you. Miss our old time together. Bila jumpa you tadi we just pusing2 satu Subang with your new 'baby' make me ..omg I really miss this girl. It just being US.
Tetiba touching plak kan...heee~

For me who hardly having such good girlfriends but after meeting few of those make me feel the beauty of sisterhood. It's not about gossiping, talking about other people...but sharing our happiness, the sadness, the way who we are and all those moment that unreplaceable by time.

I'm so thankful of having these love with HIS permission to make me a better person. InsyaAllah.

Semua orang boleh menjadi kawan, tapi tak semua mampu jadi sahabat dan hanya satu akan menjadi teman.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIA Tak Pernah Bosan

Brain adapting:

    Allah tak pernah bosan tenung kita..

    Bergantunglah pada yang tidak pernah mati,

    pada yang tidak pernah bosan dengan kerenah kita,

    pada yang tidak pernah penat penuhi permintaan kita,

    pada yang tidak pernah merungut bila kita membebel,

    pada yang tidak pernah malas dengan  luahan hati kita,

    pada yang tidak pernah mengata kita,

    pada yang tidak pernah mengatur arrange hidup kita.

    Yang tidak ada selain Dia, hanya Allah tempat kita berpaut & bertaut

    Teruskan untuk Usaha . Doa . Tawakkal ?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Lovable

Heart smiling :

Nothing more loveable when saw something in someone blog. ;P

Hehe~ Bukan ke this ...owh a day after you were saying something yang sampai hari ni I still smiling happily.
And to those who knows how the story begin...stay tune for more..ahahaha~ ada more ke?
Ini lah cerita Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jems....

According to si pembuat video ni, its going to be continue ...When? Full version will be release next year. Tggu la dengan segala berchentanya sampai taun depan kan as now baru January peeps!. Hehe~ Okey of course time tu you guys akan lupa pun the existing of this video..;P
Melainkan ada hobi menggoogle our name kan..huuu~
Saje tested, tried to google with this tittle..saje nk tgk easy access ke...hehe..of course by google search susah sikit nak jumpa..but via youtube kena tgk betul2 jgk..Pheww...

Assembled for the day : Schanaz Silk Satin Scarf by ShopSputnikSweetheart, Novelty Peplum Kurung by OldBlossomBox, Charles and Keith, Burberry and KK Kollection ;D
Heee~ tuh la bf kecik I for last weekend. What was I doing on last weekend with this lil boyfie..See in the next entry. Nak kena kidnap pic from Kak Al first ;P


Notion speaks :

Dunia itu isinya berbeza,
Itu juga sebabnya manusia juga berbeza2,
Pertemuan antara dua jiwa juga berbeza,
Pembawakan cinta itu juga berbeza,
Ya, apa yang tidak berbezanya,
Jika setiap perkara Tuhan ciptakan azalinya memang berbeza2.

Akal yang berbeza,
Pandangan yang berbeza,
Rupa yang berbeza,
Watak antagonis dan protagis yang berbeza2,
Cerita yang berbeza,
Adakah kita juga berbeza?


Actually I was writing this last night while drafting my SOP...drafting sangat sudahnya scribbled ntah apa in my lil notebook.. yes, my BM are so kelaut...been a while didn't write such things.
But maybe I'll start again, as hari2 ada orang tu are testing my translation from English to Malay. Homai jadi sangat klasik sudahnya.
Kadang2 ayat dalam Bahasa Melayu ni kinda exaggerating tapi itulah indahnya Bahasa Melayu.. ;P

Friday, January 11, 2013

When You Have To Choose

Brain splitting :

Cik Enny confuse!
Cik Enny in dilema!
Cik Enny blur spider sudah ni!

Why? Why on this particular date, 2..repeat..2!! people make such statements. To choose?? It is a hardship for me. Kak Al, help me....sob sob sob...
Huuu fine2, positive Enny positive...we'll do these okey.
Hope God will show some answer then ^ ^

Tetiba jumpa doodle comel ni kan... ^ ^..terus senyum dengan happynya...
Hehe..for those who realized why my blog full with anime, cartoon, arts and illustration ..huu YES! I am loving it..

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Heart crumbling :

To be honest I feel a lil bit swing ever since early in the morning. Something, somewhere just go wrong, which I have no idea what it is.
The curiosity is killing me in unknown way.
Trying to figure it out, wild guessing. random questions, acting in cool way, just pretend everything are just fine. My heart couldn't stop to feel the ache.
Cause by the hearsay? Somehow it does gave a lil bit of impact to it.  -_-....or I just feel afraid? Afraid of what?
Usually I always have this when someone dearly to me fall sick, in trouble, or something wrong over the rainbow. Owh goodness, can these feeling just go away or can I get the answer soonest before its drive out my sanity??

I just feel like wanna sit in the rain and think.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peanut Butter Strawberry Jems ^ ^

Heart flowing :

Heading dah macam bunyi tajuk novel Melayu kan. Kalau I nak englishkan novel tu boley? Memang taun 2020 la baru siap. ;P (Kalau kot iye siap..ahahaha)
Novel tu xwujud pun lagi, the drafting just started when 2 diff person existed in their own world of imagination. Convert to be real? We'll see how it takes. Takes two!! #okey lawakhambar

"Peanut Butter Strawberry Jems" tu actually datangnya dari komen a sis far away in Terengganu yang suka bg komen yang kena berfikir. Atas sebab? Menyaksikan dua nama yg tak asing di wall masing2 yang sakan mengusik, bergurau, posted ntah pape je..buat orang lain tersenyum tgk gelagat sang jejaka dan si gadis.
Sista tu kata kitaorg (#eh kitaorg ke?) mcm peanut butter sorg, lagi sorg strawberry jems, serasi..sedap di makan..but to be honest I tak pernah try pe rasanya peanut butter mixed up with strawberry jems.. sedap ke? Ngee~


Btw, whoever been listening to Hot FM will realized there is a new song by Sheila On 7. Ke I je yang baru perasan? But its not that new jugak la sbb lagu ni actually an OST for a film named 'Ambilkan Bulan' yang released in June last year. It was an Indonesian movie then. Sebab tu taktau kan...;P

Ambilkan Bulan

And here the trailer for the movie itself...

So whoever in Jakarta right now, please send to me cerita ni pretty pleasseee ;P...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Recap As We Called It!

Brain confronting :

Sengaja kan dah seminggu of new year baru nak buat recap! Ala saje je...Rasa nak tulis baru tulis la kan ;P
Atas sebab sebenarnya tetiba jadi not so well last weekend, maybe penangan of the exhaustion yang after few days baru terasa sekarang. Sangat difahami oleh semua orang. Heee~
Pheww hopefully no more after this.
Have to get healthier life and have more fun (with commitments of course). InsyaAllah....
So to my dearest whoever yang ala2 bulan bintang tu nak sgt dgn dietnya or shud I phrase it here? "Nak kurusss!"..Sigh..So let's!! No ngelat2 ha..ahahah~

Btw Andrew, why you is inside my 2012 review by FB ni?? Owh must be one of the history also created on that particular day when this pic snapped by Abg Ijat unconsciously.. ;P

Let's do the recap (re-winded my neurons back to January 2012...mencabar ni!)

Material : Officially move to my new house in Bandar Saujana Putra. Yes my Topaz 3 (literally the name is the same with my birthgemstone of Nov ;D)
Personal : I'd changed in total being more independent and tone down my characteristicsm due to some changing phase.
Loosing a really good friends of mine due to unknown reason till today. We are completely a stranger now .(Well then if he is fine and I know he is, its good enough for me). Dwell with the lost really a strange fight.

Material : Been accepted to Manchester Uni but I declined it. Reason? I have to be here I guess (for the time being).
Personal : Get involved with a real bloggers world which so deniable.. here where all my dramas for the year started. Be friends with psycho people, got mixed up with stories yg berpusing2 tapi ending dia tetap yg sama. Seeking for the truth and ditched it.
Time that I realized that I have lots of protective friends which I called it as a circle of "Devilish Clan"
Lesson to be learn : don't ever let yourself associated with mentally sick people...sebab if you tak kuat, you will be insane by yourself. So don't try it!

Material/ Personal : Randomly ada orang ajak kawen. Ok don't ask who? As I pun xingat dah the guy name. Masa Feb tu ada jugak one particular guy saying the same things. Make it dah 3 orang ajak I kawen. Hahaha~

Material/ Personal : In history!! I went for a football match first time ever! SDFC vs Kelantan. A history for my dear company itself. Sebab tu la semangat sangat nak pegi sokong. Of course I was not alone. Guarded by my dearest bros.. and having our jersey siap with our own name on it. ;P
Again, another guy asking for my hand (kawen la...)..Mampu senyum je. Jangan buat gila kat sini. hahah~

Material/ Personal : Again and be counting, its already 6 diff guys asking the same question. Huuu pshycoooooo! Migraine I mcm ni okeh. Want to know the reason why its all end not so well? 1. I didn't know these people 2. Randomly saying something you don't even know what you saying 3.Risk!!
Memang taklah I know these will not be real as what they say. Thats's why I still can laugh. Ramainya badut dalam kehidupanku. ;P

Material /Personal : My big sis came up in my life to guide me to be a better person. Also with the golongan 'kami'. Surely dia pun geleng kepala to hear all my stories kan. Heee sorry kak, I didn't mean to, to be so nakal like this. Yet I believed Tuhan tu masih sygkan kita and I started to get to know new crowd yang tak tersangka2 baiknya manusia.
This is when I have to be a lil bit cruel to some people, decided to move out all the unnecessary people for the sake of rebuilding my innerself. To long that I prolonged to please people who are beyond help. Yes I'm not an angel myself.

Material/ Personal : My extreme part back to me. Trying the extreme sports with my sista partner in crime yang terbaik. Go eat everywhere. Pastu ada org salahkan I, dengan you ni rasa nak makan je tau. Gemuk! Hahaha~...lah suh makan je..and the foods were goods..;P
The best birthday month ever. So changing to 28 pun I don't mind as I still got people said I macam budak skolah..Oppsssy! ;P

Material/ Personal : Materialized my lil bro's wedding. Pheww boleh tukar profession dah jd wedding planner lagu ni. Hehehe~
Get to know more interesting people which ada yang I falling in love with. Eh? Jap2 what am I saying ni...My real meaning, I have so many cool people surrounded me. Of course I sayang you guys.*wat muka blur sat.;P

Basically that were it. Ada I miss ke? Well adalah certain details that I can't completely jot down here. Hee~

So?? What am I going to achieve this year? Well I guess and there will be a big thing going to happen in this 2013.
Marriage? Perhaps. Switching job scope? We'll see. Doing something surreal? Hahah~ You will never know?
Well then you guys just have to wait for it to see me twitching it to be 360 degree in total to make something real. 

"Kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari. Dia datangkan hujan dan petir. Kita tertanya2 mana hilangnya matahari, rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita sang pelangi "

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 3rd Findings~

Heart contented :

Nothing happier than this!!

Courtesy source : Google

Yeayyy, I'm going to be Auntie Enny or my dear GF would love to have her baby-soon-to-be to call me Auntie Ynne or nak comel lagi Auntie Nini. Homaii, korang ni! Ahahaha~
Had a good lunch at Serai with such good news buat hati berbunga2. Patut la beriya sungguh she want to see me. Ini surprise rupanya..;)
Dear GF tersyg, I am so elated to hear this and looking forward to see 'the budak kecik' in next 9 months!!
And news lagi satu about the dream u dreamt pagi td, doakan je la k... I donno what to feel but I guess it will be a good sign perhaps. Byk sgt sign dah ni with another big sis punya comment lagi.. Adeh~

And btw dear, thanks for this ;D.. Owls lagi! Now I really wanna go to Owl Museum in Penang. Kak Al, jom!!

My tree! Can post memo, pic , tempek je la apa pun. Pink owls tu magnet. Heee

Patutnya I yang bagi gift for the baby Auntie dapat dulu? ;P Nanti we go for shopping ye mummy to be.
What a day! ;D

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2nd Findings~

Heart grinning:

OMG! I just can't stop laughing and smiling.
He can play the music instrument (guitar) and can even sing. I never know this!! Ntah apa la lagi he sorok from me ni. Hahaha~
Thanks to En.Google kesygn, you are exposing people to this extend. ^ ^
But of course he also byk je yang taktau pasal I. To korang2, shushhhhhh jgn pecah lubang byk sgt. Banyak marabahaya ooo...;P

1st day of working in a new year mmg kena buat macam2, move sana sini, google bnda2 comel to boost up the motivation. Hey where is my mojo?? Sini sekarang jugak! ;D
Dah jumpa pun, started to kick up early as 8 just now tapi sakan juga main Whatsapp ngn orang yang patut pegi audit, dia suh PA dia je buat keje.
I wanna see bape lama dia akan perasan entry ni posted about him. Hehe~

Productivity time. Calendar lama dah remove diganti dengan calendar2 baru, marked tarikh2 penting, meeting2 penting. Mid year review coming up.
So guys, what your new resolution? Bukan revolution okeh...;P
Later I buat recap for 2012 just to see what I can achieve for this year plak ;))

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hi Missy Twenty Thirteen!

Brain calculating:

*Lambai2 tangan..Hai Missy Twenty Thirteen. Welcome aboard. ^ ^