Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Beauty Art #foodporn

Heartly nice :

Owh so much love this my dear Sheryl...
I think I did wrote something about her previously but which entry yeah?...okey konpem lupa which one.. ;P
Nevermind, we just make a new one shall we..heee~

See the magic of transformation from a wedding card design...


Yes that was a bouquet of cupcakes and of course you can eat that ;) Sedappp!.
Personalized by Bunistheoven for my lil bro's solemnization day ( as one of the hantaran).
See the details, the exact same design, this gorgeous girl always had her passion above the rainbow and by me personally never get enough to browse through all the special, customized design by her accordingly to her customers request. Name the idea, she will make it real!!..

Thanks darling for this gorgeous cupcakes. Surely gonna talk to you soon for another special day!! Okey tu rahsia kita. Ssshhhh...;P

Btw, to those yang tertanya2, you just have to go here, okey2 click the pic kat bawah ni and cuci la mata sndri ye..pastu jangan salahkan I if you addicted to these ;P

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