Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 3rd Findings~

Heart contented :

Nothing happier than this!!

Courtesy source : Google

Yeayyy, I'm going to be Auntie Enny or my dear GF would love to have her baby-soon-to-be to call me Auntie Ynne or nak comel lagi Auntie Nini. Homaii, korang ni! Ahahaha~
Had a good lunch at Serai with such good news buat hati berbunga2. Patut la beriya sungguh she want to see me. Ini surprise rupanya..;)
Dear GF tersyg, I am so elated to hear this and looking forward to see 'the budak kecik' in next 9 months!!
And news lagi satu about the dream u dreamt pagi td, doakan je la k... I donno what to feel but I guess it will be a good sign perhaps. Byk sgt sign dah ni with another big sis punya comment lagi.. Adeh~

And btw dear, thanks for this ;D.. Owls lagi! Now I really wanna go to Owl Museum in Penang. Kak Al, jom!!

My tree! Can post memo, pic , tempek je la apa pun. Pink owls tu magnet. Heee

Patutnya I yang bagi gift for the baby Auntie dapat dulu? ;P Nanti we go for shopping ye mummy to be.
What a day! ;D

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