Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Brain analyzing  :

STRESS!! Huu that word mmg tabooo...Everyone will have that every single day, don't we? Especially to those who are really busy or too preoccupied to get out from their chair. LLB tu takyah citer la kan (LLB = Look Like Busy) ;P
But first of all, you guys stress pasal apa??Ha...don't try to look around; kiri kanan atas bawah depan belakang. It's you right..risau okey kt sini.

See how the circle can be...

The ugly truth is in a roundabout way, your back pain IS CAUSED by stress (emotional) but your back pain is also the CAUSE OF stress (oxidative). Pain and stress, left unchecked, can create a very vicious cycle in your helpless, unsuspecting body. Kesian tau body tu.
Enough for once I felt the massive pain of it (tak sedar pun stress rupanya); vomitting, high fever, headache, body ache till can't get up from bed. Huu, really can't afford it. Gara2 self ignorance to the Missy STRESS tu kan. ..

The same is true of stress and chest pain, stress and joint pain, stress and stomach pain or stress and any kind of pain. Sebab tu bila you start to feel stressed or tired and your lower back or neck start to ache, even a little, remember the pain and stress reduction connection.
Please do take a few minutes to do THIS!
Do some deep breathing; breath in breath out and stretching. Buat ala2 macam kucing stretching pun okey je.It will help a bit. Dah macam doc je dah bercakap ni.
Btw, info2 ni mmg from reading and tanya doc. Not saje2 cakap and type sungguh2 kat sini. Orang tu je yang takmo gi refer kat doctor...kata la penakut kannnnn ;P

Nini teman jum!

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