Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Perahu Kertas

Brain seeking:

Of a book! Where can I find this? Google2..heee~ Judulnya Perahu Kertas.
You must be thinking why I'm looking for this ha. Yes, I do have some special interest to this kinda of books. Some of my books seriously been delivered by the publisher itself. Nak sangat punya pasal kan. Might be Indonesian books; the language a lil bit hard to understand it but try to read with open mind. You'll find it overwhelming with things they want it to be deliver to the readers. This is just my love. ;D

Yeah penulisannya dah diangkat sebagai satu movie yang menggunakan tajuk yang sama. And here is the trailer, baru released last year di Indonesia. Actually it was in Malaysia too tapi sangat xperasan it was here..-_-

Owh its a soundtrack CD for this.... of course la nak kena cari kan..heee~

Btw, just enjoying the VC of the soundtrack for the movie ;)

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