Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2nd Findings~

Heart grinning:

OMG! I just can't stop laughing and smiling.
He can play the music instrument (guitar) and can even sing. I never know this!! Ntah apa la lagi he sorok from me ni. Hahaha~
Thanks to En.Google kesygn, you are exposing people to this extend. ^ ^
But of course he also byk je yang taktau pasal I. To korang2, shushhhhhh jgn pecah lubang byk sgt. Banyak marabahaya ooo...;P

1st day of working in a new year mmg kena buat macam2, move sana sini, google bnda2 comel to boost up the motivation. Hey where is my mojo?? Sini sekarang jugak! ;D
Dah jumpa pun, started to kick up early as 8 just now tapi sakan juga main Whatsapp ngn orang yang patut pegi audit, dia suh PA dia je buat keje.
I wanna see bape lama dia akan perasan entry ni posted about him. Hehe~

Productivity time. Calendar lama dah remove diganti dengan calendar2 baru, marked tarikh2 penting, meeting2 penting. Mid year review coming up.
So guys, what your new resolution? Bukan revolution okeh...;P
Later I buat recap for 2012 just to see what I can achieve for this year plak ;))

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