Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fairytale @ Merak Kayangan


Heart elated to say :

Awin & Rizal’s wedding again!! ;)) Why is it that I’d attended to both? Ha, been requested to okeyh….with the words “with your presents, we less gugup”…ahaha~ pe la Rizal punye ayat ni…I did nothing pun..just being by your side its the only things I can help you guys…;))

Located in Merak Kayangan..I’d already be with this 2 crazy lil newlyweds at 8.00 am…repeat..8.00 am…!!! Punyer la smgt…End up 3 of us melanguk atas pelamin seeing things..;P

At 11.00 am baru masing2 kelam kabut bersiap..;P Being US! Sorry auntie2..uncle2…

Below were our outfits for the day!!! Special tempah for this event, less than a week our super auntie tailor can made it! Auntie Jane mmg terbaek la..I know if we send it to Malay tailor of course free of charge kena bebel…heeee ;P Am I the ‘pengapit’? Owh no….even most of the people mistaken by that on the reason my terlebih glam baju kurung which I designed by myself tp org yg lain yang jahit..;P


The wedding were so sweet siap with lil’ drama..Dah macam citer Hindustan…hikhik~All the songs been played…goosebumps! As it’s perfectly blend with their journey of loves..:))

awin's day 

And for now as I completed this entry, the newlyweds already safe in BALI for their honeymoon!!;P

P/S: The other pix will be added later yeah coz it still with En.Tunang my GF..( I was playing with my cute lil polaroid cam..hee)

Ok ok..dah ada…tada!!! ;P


Picture WAJIB kitaorg..huhu  P1100425 We were helping the bride fixed her baju…;P


Just love the picture..they look so happy!! 

P1100475Abg Ijat also with us for the day.. 



Kami la gadis gojes mlm tuh..;P

P1100545My own version Miss Universe ;D

Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Addiction


Heart dancing :

Lets dance guys!! Yup2…Need my ‘Superman’ to translate this..heee~…falling deep with the songs by this hunk guys…- CN Blue!!! ;D

New Addiction..OMG!


Heart feel soooo jumpy2..and wanna sing :

Thanks to my dear GF who make me “terjebak” with this cutest things..polaroid & lomo camera.

Finally, Ave the admin of the store herself doing her own delivery to my office to send me these : ( sila jeles…hikhik)


Holga 135 camera bundle:

1. holga color 135bc ( red-white or blue )

2. holga flash 12s (black)

3. camera’s food pack ingredient:

  • 1 x lomography negative 35mm film 400
  • 1 x lomography redscale negative 35mm film 100
  • 1 x lomography color slide x-pro 35mm film 200


98134419-450x450-0-0_Diana Lomography Fuji Instax Instant Film Double P-2

Instax Mini 7s Camera

Lightweight and compact, the stylish instax mini 7 goes anywhere. Operation is easy — simply check the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter, a beautiful credit card-size instant color photo is ready in minutes — sharp and clear!

Film Type: Instant Film
Picture Size: W 46mm X 62mm
Film Size: W 54mm X H 86mm
Exposures: 10 pcs per pack
Use: For instax mini cameras or compatible only

And of course I’ve already tried it…(sgt tak menyempat okeh ..;P)

IMG-20110128-00094 Kinda cute as its only big as credit card size..who ever doesn’t have credit card..its like your ATM card…hehehe~ ;P


The real in my precious box contains these!!

But looking at the lomo blogs forwarded by my dearest influenza terbesar..I really fall in love with these. Gonna have it soon..perhaps ..(Cik Enny please refer to your Bajet 2011..ahahaha)


Tell me if these it isn’t cute??!!

Digital Lomo

First the arrival of the Digital Harinezumi, now comes the Nico Digi. Small, cute and light keychain camera! Carry it anywhere, take pictures of anything and do it anytime. Did I mention it takes videos as well?
Specifications :
- Resolution: 1.3 MegaPixel CMOS Chip
- Image size: 640X480 / 1280X1024 / 1600X1200
- Video size: 320X240
- Lens: f=6.56mm
- Focal distance: 2 feet –> infinity
- Macro: 2 – 6 inches
- Exposure: Auto
- White Balance: Auto
- Self timer: 10 sec
- File Format: Still Picture: JPEG, Video: MPEG (6fps)
- Memory: Micro SD Card (Up to 2GB; Sold Separately)
- Display: (Width) 3.3cm (Height) 2.5cm
- Dimensions : L60mm X H38mm X W20mm
- Weight: 85g (including battery)


Jelly Lens is a series of special effect lenses, specially designed for your mobile phone camera.
Simply stick jelly lens on your mobile phone lens and you can instantly take special effect pictures like a pro! No skills needed!
All Jelly Lenses come with phone strap so you can always have it handy.
Package includes:
- Fisheye/Wide-angle jelly lens
- Macro (close-up) jelly lens
- Starburst jelly lens
- Sparkle jelly lens

This really catches my eyes!!!

LEGO Digital Camera

lego NO jokes! This is real LEGO digital Camera (can be use..even it does look like toys!);)

Product Specifications:-

  • 3 megapixel resolution
  • 1.5” color LCD screen
  • 128 MB internal memory – stores up to 80 photos
  • No SD card required and not included
  • USB output – Easily download photos to your computer
  • Built-in flash and fixed focus
  • Contains internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 4" L x 2.5" H x 1.5" W

P/S : Can’t wait to have these tooooooo….anyone??heeeee~ ;P

Sleepy Head


Brain lacked of oxygen :

sleep P/S : Which one is you peeps?heheh~ ;P



Brain feel jumpy2 and bloated out :

Yeayyy..finally i got this in my home sweet home.."Boss, I wanna work from home je la boleh?..Internet ofis hampes..huhuhu”


Installation just took about less than 1 hour…and the technical peoples from UNIFI itself kinda my abah said one of them look like as an “artist”.ahahah~

Btw thank you so much Ridzwan, Haizar & Rashid for your services. They just love being in the house till can lepak with my parents talking about things..(siap one of them texting me again as I tersilap call..;P).Just take care you guys..;D

K lepas ni boleh buang ASTRO..ahahah~ oopss..;P..As my connection are super speed now..I've  tried to play lots of HD video to try how hebat this UNIFI..and it works..wuhuu..I loikee babeh..heeee

And fall in love with this song..seeing from a emotionless friend’s page. Even actually its kinda sad song..but its really catchy by the beats..


Right then.Better go to sleep now..zzzzzzz~ Night2 peeps!!mmwahhh~ ;))

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arts For All!


Brains feel so fresh and heart thumping within the beats :

Should i said more? Ahaha~ KLPAC punye penangan.. My 3 days of non stop events..Ikutkan dah tak larat sgt..but thanks atas pujukan manja GF terbaek ku…terjebak jua ke Open Day ni…as we also need to buy our kain @Jakel utk di hantar tempah with our bestest tailor…for Rizal’s side next weekend (semangat kan…ahahahaha)…

klpac Lets the picture told you the stories : (cik enny malas nk komen byk2..;P)

klpac (4)

Us for the day

klpac (5)

GG fall in love with the pokok!ehehe~ klpac (6)

klpac (7)

 Our feets!! and CAK!!;p

klpac (8)

Project Disko Baldi doing their performance.. 

klpac (9)klpac (11)klpac (13)

We joined the crowd..with Drumelix,Afro Sahara & Drum!!  

klpac (14)

klpac (16)

This is the superb place!

All the pictures are credited to GG @ Adli..

This are so much fun!! Our layback day ..listening to the live performance..meeting creative’s like being in another part of the whole…jum tukar tune!!;P

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Rapunzel Becoming Mrs


Brain and heart synch to say this :

YOU MMG MACAM MISS UNIVERSE dear while you walking down the aisle. ;D

Testing2…for you my dear Awin .

The quality i terpaksa low kan as waiting to upload yg HD quality take about 4 hours to upload in total. –still in progress…berzaman..duh!

I akan bg the HD quality when I meet you on the solemnization day tomorrow k syg.

Montage for Azuin & Rizal


For people yg tak tersengaja to see this from my blog while you blogwalking..abaikan saje entry ni..this is the way i communicate with her…nama pun virtual way…;P


Those up above was my temporary entry for this newlywed to see before the wedding itself. But now I’ll make it as official entry dedicated to these two loving birds. I was so elated for being there for you guys.

A marriage of two
is for love that is true
A marriage of two
is always something new
A marriage of two
happens sometimes out of the blue
A marriage of two
is worth it when its due
A marriage of two
is a marriage of trust
Many can find themselves lost
It can be an expensive cost
They are only very few
who have a clue
of when love accrues
A marriage of two
is about love making
It is not about
money raking
A marriage of two
can be bad
A marriage of two
can be sad
You should only be glad if
A marriage of two
is for love that is true
-Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi-

On the 21st January 2011 :

The Solemnization @ Masjid Bandar Kinrara

01 06 02

On the 22nd January 2011

Reception @ Dewan Merak Kayangan

03 04 05 angelsMore pictures will be in FB album later yeah peeps..;D –credited to Azizah & Muhammad Adli. ;P

Despite of so many unexpecting things happened, all the events ran smoothly and beautiful such a fairytale. How I can rewind the time to see you again smiling happily like that and WE do have so much fun even though surrounded by militaries.

-Panicking when the brides was so Awin..kitaorg tak ilang mana..gonna make sure you can see us no matter where you are k..;)

-Montage can’t be play due to some unreasonable excuses..nvm..thank God you tak muntah tgk montage yg sedia ada tuh dear..;P..we play another one later k. takmo sedih2..

-All the bridesmaids becoming camwhore.ok not just us..the newlyweds pun sama je..heeee ;P.sian photog we did posed till midnight okey…ahahaha~till the pihak dewan start to shut off the lights..haishh~but ada kitaorg kisah?? hikhik~

It was so much fun, we hugged, giggled, laughing, crying (kes Imam Muda recited the doa for you guys..)…all joy that I would never forget and grateful to share such sacred day with you, Azuin & Rizal.

We will have this fun again on Rizal’s side okey..;D – more pictures to come!!

Marriage is a promise for two hearts to give.Done word, one love, one life to live. Best wishes today and always.

It’s Alya’s 2nd Birthday


Brain malas pikir :

I got this invitation last week :

TR030008473This the updates from the event : –by pictures kay peeps…issue writer’s block is going on..huuu ;P

alya (7)Siap ada kat setiap meja pic2 nih…cute!

  alya (3) Tido plk birthday girl ha..hayooo

alya (1) Efforts dr seorg mummy for her lil daughter .colourful!! Nyummy..

alya (9) One of the handsome guy ever for the day! Owh shahir..ahahah~

alya (10) Coincidence…same color dress with the birthday girl..;P

alya (19) The familia

alya (18) Another adoration of jejaka paling comel..Amar .;D

Sekian .;D