Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fairytale @ Merak Kayangan


Heart elated to say :

Awin & Rizal’s wedding again!! ;)) Why is it that I’d attended to both? Ha, been requested to okeyh….with the words “with your presents, we less gugup”…ahaha~ pe la Rizal punye ayat ni…I did nothing pun..just being by your side its the only things I can help you guys…;))

Located in Merak Kayangan..I’d already be with this 2 crazy lil newlyweds at 8.00 am…repeat..8.00 am…!!! Punyer la smgt…End up 3 of us melanguk atas pelamin seeing things..;P

At 11.00 am baru masing2 kelam kabut bersiap..;P Being US! Sorry auntie2..uncle2…

Below were our outfits for the day!!! Special tempah for this event, less than a week our super auntie tailor can made it! Auntie Jane mmg terbaek la..I know if we send it to Malay tailor of course free of charge kena bebel…heeee ;P Am I the ‘pengapit’? Owh no….even most of the people mistaken by that on the reason my terlebih glam baju kurung which I designed by myself tp org yg lain yang jahit..;P


The wedding were so sweet siap with lil’ drama..Dah macam citer Hindustan…hikhik~All the songs been played…goosebumps! As it’s perfectly blend with their journey of loves..:))

awin's day 

And for now as I completed this entry, the newlyweds already safe in BALI for their honeymoon!!;P

P/S: The other pix will be added later yeah coz it still with En.Tunang my GF..( I was playing with my cute lil polaroid cam..hee)

Ok ok..dah ada…tada!!! ;P


Picture WAJIB kitaorg..huhu  P1100425 We were helping the bride fixed her baju…;P


Just love the picture..they look so happy!! 

P1100475Abg Ijat also with us for the day.. 



Kami la gadis gojes mlm tuh..;P

P1100545My own version Miss Universe ;D

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