Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crazy Little Things … ( Part 2)


Brains and heart elated :

Update kejadian hari ni….

Ahahahah~ she did cried!! Hugs tightly…Can i just make your lil dream come true? That was me and Miss Jojie ( Awin je panggil camtuh..special..) mission for the day..Already have in mind she will shout!! Ahaha ~

Back Camera At last pic of us lengkap bertiga

Another part of the stories, another a good friend also got his suprise!!!! Tada!! Doesn’t mean you are just far away in KB, I can’t make you SMILE right…terharu?? ;P –jgn nages ..enough of sorg je dah nages ni..ehehehhe~

pjie Comel gila…eheheh~ sila frame bekukan..ahahaha


Yes, it does comes with efforts. But these people brighten my day than ever..and they do deserved some surprises don’t they.;) I feel so elated to see they jumpy2 towards this..ehehe~ ;D Money can’t buy!!! Cool!! Love ya u guys!!!

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