Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Rapunzel Becoming Mrs


Brain and heart synch to say this :

YOU MMG MACAM MISS UNIVERSE dear while you walking down the aisle. ;D

Testing2…for you my dear Awin .

The quality i terpaksa low kan as waiting to upload yg HD quality take about 4 hours to upload in total. –still in progress…berzaman..duh!

I akan bg the HD quality when I meet you on the solemnization day tomorrow k syg.

Montage for Azuin & Rizal


For people yg tak tersengaja to see this from my blog while you blogwalking..abaikan saje entry ni..this is the way i communicate with her…nama pun virtual way…;P


Those up above was my temporary entry for this newlywed to see before the wedding itself. But now I’ll make it as official entry dedicated to these two loving birds. I was so elated for being there for you guys.

A marriage of two
is for love that is true
A marriage of two
is always something new
A marriage of two
happens sometimes out of the blue
A marriage of two
is worth it when its due
A marriage of two
is a marriage of trust
Many can find themselves lost
It can be an expensive cost
They are only very few
who have a clue
of when love accrues
A marriage of two
is about love making
It is not about
money raking
A marriage of two
can be bad
A marriage of two
can be sad
You should only be glad if
A marriage of two
is for love that is true
-Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi-

On the 21st January 2011 :

The Solemnization @ Masjid Bandar Kinrara

01 06 02

On the 22nd January 2011

Reception @ Dewan Merak Kayangan

03 04 05 angelsMore pictures will be in FB album later yeah peeps..;D –credited to Azizah & Muhammad Adli. ;P

Despite of so many unexpecting things happened, all the events ran smoothly and beautiful such a fairytale. How I can rewind the time to see you again smiling happily like that and WE do have so much fun even though surrounded by militaries.

-Panicking when the brides was so Awin..kitaorg tak ilang mana..gonna make sure you can see us no matter where you are k..;)

-Montage can’t be play due to some unreasonable excuses..nvm..thank God you tak muntah tgk montage yg sedia ada tuh dear..;P..we play another one later k. takmo sedih2..

-All the bridesmaids becoming camwhore.ok not just us..the newlyweds pun sama je..heeee ;P.sian photog we did posed till midnight okey…ahahaha~till the pihak dewan start to shut off the lights..haishh~but ada kitaorg kisah?? hikhik~

It was so much fun, we hugged, giggled, laughing, crying (kes Imam Muda recited the doa for you guys..)…all joy that I would never forget and grateful to share such sacred day with you, Azuin & Rizal.

We will have this fun again on Rizal’s side okey..;D – more pictures to come!!

Marriage is a promise for two hearts to give.Done word, one love, one life to live. Best wishes today and always.

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