Thursday, January 20, 2011

My A,B,C and F…


Brains sulking so heart do the talking :

Hoyeayy… even in the midst of cross correlation emotions..I did some keje gila which was not so gila la as this has been planned beforehand…Included in BAJET 2011 okeyh.

Just waiting for the right time for make it as a wish come true. Heheh~

Must be you guys been thinking what’s up with my A B C thingy… It’s not related to people yaww (ayat yaww tuh pinjam ayat En.Pilot saya yg akhirnyer kembali jua! Yeayyy!! )

Actually those things are my things that I craved for quite sometimes..personal wish (tak libatkan sape2 pun..huhu)

A : it make me smell wonderful…I know there are people are very particular with my scent..let see if you can guess again!

B : something I used for communicating with my beloved GFs and BFs…plus with new number yang terasa heaven takde org kacau ..;P

C : adoration since ever..with the cute & my gfs got this things together2..ahahah~ ( hint : i did made one of them cried sbb this “C”..ahaha)

F : finally the white one.. and asal usulnya it’s suppose to be one of my wish as the ‘hantaran’ from someone..but I have it..usually people wear it on left wrist..but me ..right one! ;)


Hoping for the other alphabets to be true soon too. my I, my N and my S….what was that? SUPRISE!!! ;p


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