Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emo? Emotion or Expression


Heart and brain synch to say :

Emo??? Everyone will get through that. Either its gonna be because of life, works, love, monetary or you name it..Thousands things can make us EMO! But to make me  such a DRAMA QUEEN..hell no..coz I’m just a princess out of it..;P

Enough said that I’ve been through such a rough week ever as a starting bliss of 2011. How cool is that ha? You can’t even imagine it but if you are not getting through this with me..( applied to my 2 “princesses’ that are so loyal and lovely to me)..only word can be expressed… is UNBELIEVABLE..

One after another, it was non stop like a bullet train make me almost lost my breath. Yeah not just because its annoying, irritating, ridiculous, absurd but its also hilarious to death when I got the outcome from the same people. I’m impressed on how good you are to act so calmly like bodoh2 alang kan..Gosh..if I’m the committee of the OSCAR award, I’m honored to present to you as the BEST ACTOR for the year or can I say for forever, eternity. Hehe~

I know both of my girls also having such a EMO MODE turn on for the rest of the week. But when we are together…Pufff!! all that missing to the thin air…I’m elated to have these both..just make my day brighter then ever..YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE girls!! But I’ve also have MY MOONLIGHT… thank you En. Senyum and En.Pjie for your concern even you didn't know much yet you heart to made some reasons for me to smile .;D

Hoping for a better a week ahead …( Owh no, VC with Spore/Ausie/NZ/HK/Shenzen/Shanghai and KL..dang!…;P)

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