Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kill Me…


Heart said : –This entry will be the mixture of emotion of my own me and others.

It such a hard week for some people who very close to me yet it’s also affected me.

I just can hold my breath till the end to make sure these people soothed down by letting them ….my ear to listen, my shoulder to cry, my hands to pull them back..I’ll do that for you my dear loves..

How hard its gonna be, just believe that I always will be here for you either its your wrongdoing or not. I’ll always pray for your happiness. I myself not angel but this is the only thing I can do for you.


But do you know??

I cried ten minutes before you came. My eyes bloodshot red and mascara running down my cheeks. I reapplied my makeup as you called to tell me you were here. We shared laughs and smiles the entire day – you even said it was one of the best days ever. I was trying so hard not to cry as I faked a smile, but inside I was so broken. I knew I had to do my best to hold my composure. Beat up from my problems in my life I sat there in complete silence listening to you tell a story. I looked at you in the eyes and at that very moment I was completely shattered and you didn’t have a clue. Me, the person that was right in front of you was hurting, and you didn’t even suspect a thing. –You didn’t even know.

No one ever knows.



Please ……….

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