Friday, January 28, 2011



Brain feel jumpy2 and bloated out :

Yeayyy..finally i got this in my home sweet home.."Boss, I wanna work from home je la boleh?..Internet ofis hampes..huhuhu”


Installation just took about less than 1 hour…and the technical peoples from UNIFI itself kinda my abah said one of them look like as an “artist”.ahahah~

Btw thank you so much Ridzwan, Haizar & Rashid for your services. They just love being in the house till can lepak with my parents talking about things..(siap one of them texting me again as I tersilap call..;P).Just take care you guys..;D

K lepas ni boleh buang ASTRO..ahahah~ oopss..;P..As my connection are super speed now..I've  tried to play lots of HD video to try how hebat this UNIFI..and it works..wuhuu..I loikee babeh..heeee

And fall in love with this song..seeing from a emotionless friend’s page. Even actually its kinda sad song..but its really catchy by the beats..


Right then.Better go to sleep now..zzzzzzz~ Night2 peeps!!mmwahhh~ ;))

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