Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review of 2010


Brain thinking and heart saying :

Azam abah for 2011 is AF-S RR Nikor 200mm f/2G IF-ED, my azam a.k.a new resolution?-Fill in the blank with the correct answers! ;P

Hey I’m not talking about you okey @khairil azam…ahahah~ or whoever yg ada nama AZAM! Tak related sungguh dengan kamu..

Adios 2010, you will never see the OLD me again, as the NEW me will rise up….;D

It hurts me so much but yet this is the year where I’d learned everything in hard way but I’m grateful though as it will prepare me for the tougher year ahead…other word we all are GROWING UP right! ;D

Nothing to be regret of and I so bliss to meet such beautiful friends, getting closer to people that loved me so much and found my new love. There you go…nothing gonna be turn out to be that bad ha..and yes I’m ELATED to start the new year!

Celebrating new year?? Aha…itu bukan saya ye tuan2 puan2…baik i tdo kat umah. Why forcing yourself to be jumpy2, pushing2, intoxicated with human sea..yeah some people have their own way to celebrate it.

Guess what..I am at home playing cover songs, changing it Mr.Pjie & mengacau En.Senyum saya….rupanyer ramai kroni yg tak suka celebrate kat luar ;P yeayyy..give me 5!!!

Ok lets start a NEW YEAR OF 2011 peeps!!


Untitled-1 I was with this kiddos siang we go our new year’s eve! ;P

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