Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ask PJ & Poh Kong

Heart pumping :

Feel much2 better! Thanks to annual workout that I've been doing with my parentos.
Yup, now I'm into cycling. ;) Healthy lifestyle sgt. Hee~ Nowadays pun, my junk food is fruits... (gara2 fall sick hari tu, kinda serik of not taking care of myself that much - I need to slow downnnnn ).
And today was participated with one of the cycling event around KL - PJ Free Car Day! For fun ride of course. I'm using folding bike not race/mountain bike to race out. Hahaha~
Will be another one next Sunday for the annual KL City Fun Ride. :D
Nak join? Jom!

Memang rasa penat sikit, but well it will be the same as if you go for the gym right. I always my own way to do a workout by my own. Nak pergi gym memang tak sempat, so in house or weekend, you can always play around with your house chores to make you sweat!

Owh something to share, I did joined a contest...(out of blue moooonnnn!) Got to know this when we bought the 'ring' tapi procrastinated of submitting an entry. But it's like love mood is swaying in it place, I chose to make it today and picked up my GF to be the nominator - the prize included the nominator okey! It has been posted here in this link :

Heee~ wish me LUCK!  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kami + Doraemon

Brain scrolling :

Event : 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo
Date : 15th March 2014
Location : Viva Home, Kuala Lumpur
Photographed by : Enny Nursuliza + Hasif Rahman

Friday, March 28, 2014

Memory Lane of Lai Meng

Brain works :

It was almost 16 years they left the school,
1st school,
1st friend,
1st tears,
1st memories,
Now they been walking down the memory lane,
As the old school for once of all will not be there anymore.

Again I was holding the 'baby D300s' for a request. A special request to restore the memories of childhood of being in this school which be located totally in our Gold Triangle of Kuala Lumpur.
These young ladies and gentleman were brought in early stage in their education at this particular institute. Afters years standing strong on the precious ground, by this April, this historical building will be demolished for good. Yet the school have been replaced with a new big school build up in Bukit Jalil. But yeah, the new will not be the same as the old one right? =)

Event : Reunion Class of 1998
Date : 23rd March 2014
Location : SRJK (Cina) Lai Meng, Jalan Ampang
Photographed by : Enny Nursuliza + a collaboration by Hasif Rahman (his will be update later okey peeps)


Brain mingling :

Ada yang sudah dekat tiba-tiba menjauh.
Ada yang jauh tiba-tiba mendekat.

Ada yang sudah sayang tiba-tiba membenci.
Ada yang belum kenal tiba-tiba menyayangi.

Ada yang sudah direncanakan tanggal nikahnya tiba-tiba berantakan.
Ada yang tidak direncanakan tiba-tiba datang mengajak nikah.

Ada yang sudah dijodohkan tiba-tiba dibatalkan.
Ada yang tidak dikenal sebelumnya tiba-tiba menjadi jodohnya.

Itulah rahsia JODOH..

Hanya Dia yang tahu bila kita berjodoh.
Hanya Dia yang tahu dengan siapa kita akan berjodoh.
Hanya Dia yang tahu dengan cara apa kita bertemu jodoh.

Tugas kita adalah berusaha dengan cara yang baik.
Tugas kita adalah berusaha dengan menjadi baik.
Tugas kita adalah menerima apapun keputusan terbaik menurut Allah.

Dan satu hal jangan kita abaikan.
Jangan pernah merasa lelah meminta dan terus meminta melalui DOA kepada-Nya.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Heart fall :

Such a big test for everyone...
Gloomy in the darkness yet we need to be collected to get through this.

Macam2 perkara berlaku. Yes dunia dilanda ujian especially for Malaysia I think.
Kemarau, catuan air, jerebu, kehilangan MH370, issue2 sampah yang mcm kadang2 tak perlu amik tau pun.
Adakalanya kita akan mengeluh, tak apa...kita masih manusia biasa bukan? Itu normal. Tapi kita juga diajar untuk bersabar.

Ada kasih sayang Allah di sebalik ujian yang datang. Ada perlunya kita refleks semula tingkah laku, perbuatan, amalan, kata2 kita selama ini. Kita alpa setiap kata2 itu sebenarnya 'DOA'.

Di awal permulaan tika diuji, berbagai persoalan yang menerjah difikiran. Kenapa aku yang diuji sedangkan ramai lagi yang lalai, terasa diri begitu berat untuk menerima “tarbiyah” dariNYA .Namun begitu, Allah s.w.t. Maha Mengetahui kerna DIA tidak akan menurunkan ujian tersebut melainkan sesuai dengan kemampuan hambaNYA. Sepertimana firman Allah s.w.t. bermaksud:
“Allah tidak membebankan seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kemampuannya.”

(-Surah al-Baqarah ayat 286-)

Illustration from a friend, Kat 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anything About Nothing

Hati monolog:

Pic tak related dgn topik...hee saje saving my overburst pic ;P

Lately ni mmg byk speculation but I tends not to talk about anything to it. It implies to everything. Tak kisah la issue semasa ke, gosip saje2 ke, or nak cakap psl org ke..I'm not so keen to know about it.

It's not the IGNORANCE I imprinted here but who am I to judge about anything yet you know nothing. You are the subject experts ke? If you do sekalipun, draw a line that people doesn't like you interfere too much when you know nuts. Assumptions, speculation, dictations do much more hurts than healing. Hati manusia tu rapuh.

Up for today, how nuisance it can be...till I spelled it out...
"Nothing to speculate, nothing to say, it much better to shut up right"...
-emo Enny..dah mcm Elmo je gaya. ;P


Brain mumbling:

Kadang2 mmg perlu cuti terkejut tergempak. But then come again, it’s not my call to fall sick right.
Yet somehow ada hikmahnya sakit ni,
satu : mencuci dosa2 kecil,
dua : saje nk tgk org cari ke tak? ;P

Heheh~ yes I get this a lot.  It’s not a bad thing though. Terasa dihargai jgk sebenarnya. Hiks~
Rasa nak tergelak pun iye my lil mamarazi paparazzi kt office mereportkan berita2 terkini. Macam gaya nak roboh gamaknya bangunan tu kalau I xde. Siap jatuh sakit pun ada…haish drama sgt ni.
Pernah satu ketika ni masa kt office lama, when I was not around….satu office blackout. Hahaha~ okey tuh sumpah kelakar.. Coincident je la…adui!

Pernah a boss buat statement bajet lawak hambar sikit, to put my picture everywhere to make sure all the peripheral menurut kata. Uih bayar royalty la, gambar mahal tu ;P So very the photogediks taw. Mahal2…
Padahal kadang2 tu just for the sake I am being there, walhal takde pape pun…baseline: security!
What kind of security la I can afford to offer? Other people do have the same skills as I am (even I have my own way doing things, everyone does right ?;))

But, being indispensable is something that you need to compliance with obligation, substantial and prerequisite with the some circumstances. (Ayat dictionary sgt…pi google tak pun bukak kamus…hee).. Besar tanggungjawabnya kata simplenya. As people need you now and then. Kalau nak terberanak pun, might be you need to hold it for a sec.. mampu?
Which there is pro and cons being such indispensable. It’s your choice. Sebab only you know where is your sky limit.

For me, I do have my ‘me’ time in doing this. I might be not around but calls still coming asking for assistance, question to be ask but yeah not everyone I’m gonna entertain. Picky a bit but yes some people need to learn to independent and yet my knowledge are spread away to be a reference. You just need to find. ;D

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Repainting Time!

Neurons scrutinized : 

Done with the wallpaper at the hall. Now ayahanda dah mula buat gerakan untuk my bilik plak.. Hayooo..
Pleasssse okey..# wedding stuff ni tak berkisar sekadar nk cari catering, pelamin, bala no...It's also gonna mingle around THE HOUSE too.

Marilah kita memilih color Momentoss...-makan mentos dulu..hik3

Sampai rasa juling2 tengok scheme colors nya ha.. Basically we gonna paint again my room, for the features wall je lah as my room is not that big macam master bedroom. Setelah memang confirm nyaris 'juling' choosing between 4 combination of 'Sparkle'.. I chose a selection from Sparkle Silver -before hand we had done with Sparkle Gold kat my kitchen, so kita try yang lain la kan. (Owh family I mmg ada hobi suka main cat2 ni...hahaha~) ;P

And...finally...after some thinking and imaginary, I chose... 
The Platinum MS 143. Well hope so its going to be turn up to be like this. ;D -senang nak match sikit with some hint of red, black and white..right? Okey sebenarnya I have to choose the color je as the rest, ayahanda bonda will take over on it. Owh my, apa la bakal jadi dengan bilik ku tu jua...ish2

But kali ni teknik mengecat dia lain skit...a lil bit tricky but well it still can be done...cincai je...baru seni ;P

Hehe~ okey let see once my room done with the painting and redecoration okeh- which take ages to go..but of cos gonna be complete before my 'big day'. Thanks to Nippon Paint for all this picture -courtesy from their page for my references. =)

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Heart pray hard:

Menanti Kamu MH370
Langit sudah bertukar kelabu,
Kesedihan melanda terpahat di kalbu,
Seluruh dunia menanti beritamu,
Muncullah nanti seperti selalu. 
Andai tercalar tinggalkan lah petanda,
Andai terguris tunjukkan lah di mana,
Andai ada tunjukkan lah rupa,
Tidak nanti kami tertanya. 
Sudah tertulis janji bersemi,
Lautan biru bertukar merah,
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami,
KepadaMu kami berserah. 

- anonymous  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Muka Kaunter Pertanyaan ;P

Neurotic curiosity:

“Hi..this LRT heading to Titiwangsa is it?” 
“Kak, do you think you know anyone at (name any division that you can say it here)? Nak tanya something ni” 
“Enny, you ada kawan lawyer kan? Or you know someone yang buat panel Maybank (purchasing house)..? 
“Eh missy! Nampak boss you tak – (or sebut la nama sapa2 pun)?” 
“Cikgu, camne nk translate ayat ni?” 
“You rasakan kalau …. (sila isi dgn macam2 situasi yang memerlukan pendapat)….. 

Huihhh, memang gamaknya ada cop kat dahi kot…SINI KAUNTER PERTANYAAN – sila tanya. -_-
Duh~ Its kind weird but funny though….everywhere I go, I went, where I have to be…mesti akan dapat soklan2 pertanyaan randomly out of nothing. Saat2 ku tgh khayal, or busy buat keje or tgh assist user..pap! “Enny!!”…Ish putus konsentrasiku sesaat..
Suka benar la nk seru nama ku yg spesel tu..:P… Asal angkat muka je mesti ada soalan nk tanya. Ntah my place yang strategy sgt for people to stop by or mmg muka ramah mesra sgt yang orang suka nk tanya, Wallahu alam’. 
I think if I’m charging for every question that I got, wuu kaya ooo….hahahaha~ -or should I open my own consultancy firm..hermm *thinking..hihihi~

Dari dulu lagi, I always got these, ‘dictionary bergerak’ tapi sekarang more to ‘kaunter pertanyaan bergerak’….hehe…It’s not that I know-all but then bila kita peka with the surrounding, tu memudahkan utk menjawab soklan2 korg yang kadang2 takde hujung pangkal…tercabar neurons2 ku tahu..;P
Takpun I google je you all…ahahah~ resources yang paling pantas. Teknologi yaw..Kan kan kan.. Tuh motifnya kena rajin membaca and alert.,:D

I don’t mind pun people want to ask me questions, if I bole jawab, I jawab …if I can’t, I will say so or refer you to the subject expert. Easy like that. Tapi jgn plak tanya soklan yang mmg takde jawapan...xdapek den nak nolong ha. 

"Questions are never discreet. Answers sometimes are."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cool Site to 'Cuci Mata'

Brain dictating :

Our Paintball event almost finalized (gila discussed via email je...hubungan jarak jauh sgt ni...ingat my relationship je going to be this way, tp kerja pun effect jugak, haiya!)

Yet, I really wanna go for these place!!!..B, pleasee jum! Time to brush off our skills back...- dah berkarat dah my snap2 skill nih ha..sob sob.... dah la ada job by end of this month..MASAK GORENG CILI API CEK! Huwaaa~ Owh Lai Meng, kena fikir konsep ni..(memorabilia of soon-going-to-be-history-school)

But first, I wanna go for this! This exhibition going to end of by this month...

Second! Nak pegi this!!!!! I wanna see the whole 80 murals...and snap2 ...ngeee~ I know there are such a cool place called Penang Art Street, but we can always start with our own Klang Valler Art Street..kat mana ni? It's The Atmosphere babeh. Jum!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fun Ride to Have Fun!

Brain damaged :

Damaged with sports! hehe~ me with sports? Well, kalau disuruh main futsal, badminton, volleyball mmg bukan my favoritism. Tolong tengok boleh. ;P
Tapi...kalau with outdoor sports..lagi specificnya extreme sports, itu mmg kegemaran azali. ;D
Abah just forwarded to me this..

Huu, xpernah jejak lagi Kuala Kangsar pernah?Lupa dah. Hee~ .
Tadi gave a call to the organizer, sungguh2 dia explained, ramah mesra sungguh. InsyaAllah kami sampai..(which the same date ada night ride dekat Shah Alam jugak) Owh sungguh2 busy. ;P
Owh kena cr tempat for our Paint Ball and Go-Kart event jugak (time to crack my head again). Mari kita tanya En.Google.

Monday, March 3, 2014

KL Xtra Car Free Morning -3rd Edition

Heart greenier :

What I'm up to during the weekends? Packed! Owh tak terasa sungguh hari cuti ku. Hari ni kerja dah. Ish2..
But then well worth of the weekend itself. Sebab misi2 ku berjaya!!!

On Saturday, membzkan diri with makan2...hahah...basically makan tu routine but more to spend time with En.Tunang for some mission.....and misinya? Cari barang hantaran la yang memerlukan 'size'..Pasni tak perlu orangnya pun leh completekan yang lain2 tu. :D - dari breakfast di Ka Fei Dian ke Pasta Zanmai for our lunch/dinner - dari PJ > Old PJ > KL > Subang .....home sweet home (hampir lupa yang esoknya I have a fun ride at KL City)

This! Thanks to mak abah la ni. Lately ni mmg dorg rajin involved with this folding bike. Now dengan I-I dorg heret, as one of the way to low level my stress of being the 'bridezilla'..hehe... Comel je mak abah ni.

We've been here since 6.30 am, how impressive to see ramai juga warga KL yang sanggup mengorbankan waktu tidur yang lena pepagi Ahad semata for this. Cyclers, skaters, rollerbladers, name it..everyone were here...and we owned the road for at least 2 hours before it open to public again. 
Even Datuk Bandar pun cycled sekali with us. 

From clockwise: 1. Me & my mum sesubuh hari 2. Pose kejap with my own bike 3. Anak itik tokwi...hehe...little kids who are the! 4. Itulah ayah dan bonda ku ;D

From clockwise: 1. Cara2 melipat the folding bike 2. Mak abah yang taknk kalah nk posing jugak! 3. Our bikes, blue, white and red ;D - muat je masuk Alza tu ;P
It was such a FUN! Seriously tak tipu. You should give a try..release all the tension by the tens of focusing and look at your own city by diff view. Plus point, you can make lots of friends if you rajin nak mingle around. Sports guys/girls kan slalunya hip and hot kan..hihihi~ Its your chance ;D the best part is, yang datang semua dtg dgn satu tujuan -healthy lifestyle..cewahhh... kata nak jadi negara maju kannn, we should start somewhere betul?


Hahaha~ dan2 je...penah nampak this icon? Whoever pernah singgah Dataran Merdeka ni or Perpustakaan KL for sure akan jumpa iconic logo ni. I even had the bookmark indicates this -dasar Cik Enny ;P

Buat pre wedding shoot pun comel je kat sini. Eh lari topik plk..;P
Btw just drop by at this website for further info: