Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cool Site to 'Cuci Mata'

Brain dictating :

Our Paintball event almost finalized (gila discussed via email je...hubungan jarak jauh sgt ni...ingat my relationship je going to be this way, tp kerja pun effect jugak, haiya!)

Yet, I really wanna go for these place!!!..B, pleasee jum! Time to brush off our skills back...- dah berkarat dah my snap2 skill nih ha..sob sob.... dah la ada job by end of this month..MASAK GORENG CILI API CEK! Huwaaa~ Owh Lai Meng, kena fikir konsep ni..(memorabilia of soon-going-to-be-history-school)

But first, I wanna go for this! This exhibition going to end of by this month...

Second! Nak pegi this!!!!! I wanna see the whole 80 murals...and snap2 ...ngeee~ I know there are such a cool place called Penang Art Street, but we can always start with our own Klang Valler Art Street..kat mana ni? It's The Atmosphere babeh. Jum!