Thursday, March 13, 2014

Repainting Time!

Neurons scrutinized : 

Done with the wallpaper at the hall. Now ayahanda dah mula buat gerakan untuk my bilik plak.. Hayooo..
Pleasssse okey..# wedding stuff ni tak berkisar sekadar nk cari catering, pelamin, bala no...It's also gonna mingle around THE HOUSE too.

Marilah kita memilih color Momentoss...-makan mentos dulu..hik3

Sampai rasa juling2 tengok scheme colors nya ha.. Basically we gonna paint again my room, for the features wall je lah as my room is not that big macam master bedroom. Setelah memang confirm nyaris 'juling' choosing between 4 combination of 'Sparkle'.. I chose a selection from Sparkle Silver -before hand we had done with Sparkle Gold kat my kitchen, so kita try yang lain la kan. (Owh family I mmg ada hobi suka main cat2 ni...hahaha~) ;P

And...finally...after some thinking and imaginary, I chose... 
The Platinum MS 143. Well hope so its going to be turn up to be like this. ;D -senang nak match sikit with some hint of red, black and white..right? Okey sebenarnya I have to choose the color je as the rest, ayahanda bonda will take over on it. Owh my, apa la bakal jadi dengan bilik ku tu jua...ish2

But kali ni teknik mengecat dia lain skit...a lil bit tricky but well it still can be done...cincai je...baru seni ;P

Hehe~ okey let see once my room done with the painting and redecoration okeh- which take ages to go..but of cos gonna be complete before my 'big day'. Thanks to Nippon Paint for all this picture -courtesy from their page for my references. =)

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