Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anything About Nothing

Hati monolog:

Pic tak related dgn topik...hee saje saving my overburst pic ;P

Lately ni mmg byk speculation but I tends not to talk about anything to it. It implies to everything. Tak kisah la issue semasa ke, gosip saje2 ke, or nak cakap psl org ke..I'm not so keen to know about it.

It's not the IGNORANCE I imprinted here but who am I to judge about anything yet you know nothing. You are the subject experts ke? If you do sekalipun, draw a line that people doesn't like you interfere too much when you know nuts. Assumptions, speculation, dictations do much more hurts than healing. Hati manusia tu rapuh.

Up for today, how nuisance it can be...till I spelled it out...
"Nothing to speculate, nothing to say, it much better to shut up right"...
-emo Enny..dah mcm Elmo je gaya. ;P

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