Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Ways To Love

Brain reading without hesitation : 

Do you ever think a person that you HATE the most can be someone that you LOVE & NEED the most ? #awkward....;))

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As I Walked Away....

Brain insisted :

I walked away
Not because of the hardship..

But I gave enough
I had enough..

Beautiful Like You

Heart singing together :

Actually this song be sent by my so called a bro...he just love to share good songs with me...
Thanks Yen! and Happy Birthday too my kacakness ala2 Korean Mr.Yen....heee ...^_^

Monday, September 26, 2011

Escapade...@ Running Away?

Brain scattering :

By now...he shud be on the flight and ready to take off.... Hong Kong will be the destination. Ahh bored!..Padahal baru je like one hour ago we stopped texting. You know how I just hate to say goodbye...hehe~ sbb tuh I biarkan conversation tuh sangkut camtu...and you know by yourself that I'm gonna missing having you around. Even you made me stress, laughing out of itu la En.Meow2 saya...;P

Have a good trip...sila snap pic beribu2...and please2 jgn sampai your memory card corrupted lagi...nages lagu korea u tuh pun I takleh nk tolong...jauh ni...hikhik...
GO...... clear your mind clear your heart...but at least I know you can smile effortless. Either you wanna run away or it just your short escapade...I don't care...As long you return in one piece happily okeh..
Okey pengakuan dibuat disini, of course I akan 'ter'rindu you....sape nk gosip ngn I 24 hours ni...and kritik org ngn sgala xbersalahnye for one whole week..Haih...;P

Take care Meow2....heheh~ Mengada! Makan la...

MNTFB2011 Top 30?? ;))

Heart felt surprised :

What a pleasant suprise to get such email from him...ehehe~ bukan BF la...atau pun para2 potential BF...atau bidadara2 kayangan...but can be say as one of my fav person thru his blog.. Thanks Sandra.. You just make my day even brighter on sunny Sunday. ^_^

My bad that my BB seems haywired for the whole past week ..ikut tuan dia yg mmg unwell jugak...haih...all emails, messages notifications from FB sume tak appeared make me almost miss out his private msg in FB  that been asking for my email address... Sorry dear ....but well...he just never failed to make me cherry blossomly by sending this ;)...It was unexpected but nice surprise indeed... !!

To the other 29 girls... congrats too...and good luck darlings!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes ..

Brain listening & heart trusting :

Sometimes, Allah breaks your spirit to save your soul.
Sometimes, HE bre…aks our heart to make us whole.
Sometimes, Allah allows pain so we can be stronger.
Sometimes, Allah sends us failure so we can be humble.
Sometimes, Allah allows illness so we can take better care of ourselves.
Sometimes, Allah takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything HE gave us.
Make plans but understand that we live by Allah’s grace. Ameen.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Officially of Them..Meowww .;P

Heart blisting :

I think I've mentioned in the previous entry that I becoming an instant 'Mummy'...pic that I'd posted just courtesy of Mr.Tumblr....
Now I'm presenting the real them as becoming my funny companion plus making my life full with smile...ehehe~

Name : Chomel
Gender : Female
Age : 5 months
Date of Birth : April 2011
Breed : Local (Malaysia)

She first came to my house on a week before Ramadhan as an early birthday gift to my mum. Huhu~ Abah dah lama rancang this thing with Aza like researching cute kittens.. Sampai nk muntah la tgk list of kittens...
The most playful darling who loves to play bawah timbunan kain & lari2 like kena brain damaged je. Ahaha~
Once a while she will be sleeping with me...time dia merajuk or sakit kena injections la kan...time2 lain tu dia buat kepala dia je.. and I called her as "Chomel the Menace" sbb dia yg paling notty skali.. o_O..

Name : Rocky
Gender : Male
Age : 7 months
Date of Birth : 14 February 2011
Breed : Australia

This handsome creature been bought in intention of making a partner to Chomel.  Being with us since the 1st week of Ramadhan with the original name of Romeo. Owned previously by an Arabic kiddo..I can so called a guy la as he is now pursuing Master in Lim Kok Wing, son of perfume's merchant wonder this kitten smells of Arabic perfume all the time..Hehehe~ fact, this gonna be a sire can understand Arabic & English only...aduh terbelit lidah ha nk berckp... ;P
Btw, tgk je muka garang mcm tu..but hati ada taman tema..sikit2 emo..manjang je emo..gosh kucing pun bole emo2...Abah je yang bole pujuk dia...Every single day nk berdukung and will take a nap on my bed. Hampeh punye Rocky..huhu~..Yeah that is my "Rocky the Jantan Emo"...;P

Name : Kimmy
Gender : Female
Age : 7 months
Date of Birth : 14 February 2011
Breed : Australia

You will be seeing Rocky & Kimmy are just look alike...ahahah~ they came from the same owner with the name previously was Juliet but not a sibling. Pheww... by the real nawaitu, we just wanna buy the male but seeing they are very close to each other, my mum made up a decision take two!!. Abah la pengsan..ahahaha~
I can say she is the most malas one, jalan sikit duduk..jalan skit duduk...Duh...and suka 'menupaikan' diri make us always laughed seeing her character. Sangat choosy and hardly to belai..dia xsuka org pegangbut having the most beautiful furs than the others...ala2 mat salleh gitu..hehe~ yeah itu la " Ratu Kimmy"...;))

Name : Caspian Rillian
Gender : Male
Age : 5 months
Date of Birth : 17 April 2011
Breed : Australia

Just bought on last Monday, 05 September 2011..orang sebuk beraya , kita sebuk beli kucing..ahahah~ Weee..just can't resist...dr sblm raya lagi my parents were talking about him this debab cat...See? Looking at the pic pun terasa cam nk goncang2 je... Really booolatt..berjalan pun mcm ulat mulung..but can run really fast! First came, as usual..singgahan pertama will be my beloved room..lepak2...then dia jd ADUN plak ronda satu rumah..sebenarnya dah kena penangan harmonize scent yg dah disembur satu rumah..naseb takde effect kat manusia...ahahah... and never afraid of the others...buat blur dia je...huhuh~
As for now dia la jd 'jaga' rumah...people were sleeping..he will take a walk ke depan ke belakang, buat pe nth..i'll be hearing his bell ringing all the time...aduh kucing2 gwe ni... the most gedik one & attention seeker that I called as " Caspian Si Gemook"...ngee~

Me with Caspian on the 1st day he with us..;)) personal 'anak patung'...;P

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Heart saying :

"T jumpa k..." ..been hearing that rasa sgt2 rindu...
When you updating, sharing things...have to admit yes i mmg rindu you...

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