Monday, September 26, 2011

MNTFB2011 Top 30?? ;))

Heart felt surprised :

What a pleasant suprise to get such email from him...ehehe~ bukan BF la...atau pun para2 potential BF...atau bidadara2 kayangan...but can be say as one of my fav person thru his blog.. Thanks Sandra.. You just make my day even brighter on sunny Sunday. ^_^

My bad that my BB seems haywired for the whole past week ..ikut tuan dia yg mmg unwell jugak...haih...all emails, messages notifications from FB sume tak appeared make me almost miss out his private msg in FB  that been asking for my email address... Sorry dear ....but well...he just never failed to make me cherry blossomly by sending this ;)...It was unexpected but nice surprise indeed... !!

To the other 29 girls... congrats too...and good luck darlings!!