Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia 2015

Heart fall for cute stuff:

Last 2 years we were at the same place for 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo, that time I was still bergelar Miss Fiance, yet we came back for another cute event when I am now a Mum! :D

Event: Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Malaysia
Date: 24th December 2015
Location: Viva Home, Kuala Lumpur
Photographed by: Enny Nursuliza + Hasif Rahman

Let's pictures do the talking ;)

Hello Kitty Go Around!! In Malaysia
Date: 19th December 2015 - 19th January 2016
Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 11 am - 10 pm
Ticketing Counter Opening Hour: 10am - 9pm

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Aiya Big Mike!

Tummy do the judging:

Ni semua gara-gara stumbled up on search section on IG. Thanks to myself yang suka sangat LIKE random picture of foods. Rupa-rupanya banyak je cafe yang cool in KL especially in Subang and Sunway. For kali ni punya Saturdate, the pick is on ME! Supposed nak try this one cafe but unfortunately it closed for the day sebab cuti public kan. Nasib checked it out their IG, If not gi nonong je. But then tak perlu risau pun sebab area tu been surrounded by so many hipster cafe yang we can go for a try. :D

Abuthen I had my own selection dah pun. Heee. So we settled for Big Mike this time. Mencarinya not that hard pun, seperti biasa haruslah dengan pertolongan Encik Google Map kan. Rupanya it just nearby by Kolej INTI. Ingat susah sangat nak cari. YES!
Menjadikan Cik Enny and En. Hasif, kitaorg ni memang suka terpacak depan kedai seawal2nya. Hahaha~ Risau jugak nak masuk kedai takde orang ni. No no takde orang doesn't mean the cafe is not good. Cuma kebetulan, we were there masa budak-budak kolej tengah cuti sekarang. As their main customers basically from college students atau akan lagi happening bila petang menjelang malam. I see I see. So makanya, the cafe jadi anta yang punya for the rest of the morning. It just me, En.Hubby and lil Audrey.

I just fall in love with the cafe decorations, simple and feel lively. Takde serabut. So earthy and sailor mode. Masa buat order macam terkulat-kulat jugak as again, another cafe yang memerlukan daya imaginasi yang tinggi untuk imagine the food of the menu. The staff kata they still new so amik masa sikit to create the menu with pictures. Easy for people to make the order. Takpe, it's understandable.
Nasiblah on her screen ada those picture and recommendation for the day. Being such a helpful peep you are. Btw, you also can just refer to their IG how the food will look like. Kena rajin sikit la kan. (Nak cari makan pun kena buat homework...hehe)

There you are : itu lah food we did tried for the day, Mini Ice Cream Burger memang signature dessert for Big Mike, Surprisingly, it happened to be so sedap, crunchy2 and tersangatlah comel. En.Hubby non stop capturing the picture of it with his toy. Hahah~ Yang roti tu is Triple Deck Signature Canapes. Seriously sangat mengenyangkan even for sharing. Beverage for today, we tried Caffein Dose, owh my it was beyond sinful coffee in a good way. It just so well balance between the coffee and the milk taste. Price wise? SANGAT la BEST! For these we spent tak sampai RM50. Worth a try.;)
Okey marked! It so going to be my fav cafe. Will come for more. That is for sure! :D

Big Mike Cafe
A01-01, Jalan SS15/8, 
Subang Jaya
Operating hours: Weekdays: 8.30 am - 12 am Weekends: 10 am - 12 am


Garage 51 Checked!

Tummy do the talk:

Another foodhunt handled by En.Hubby; this time picked by him!!
Alkisahnya ada agenda lain jugak sebenarnya. *bunyik cengkerik please....There is a LEGO shop nearby. See nampak tak permainannya di situ? Ish3...hahaha~

Ever since from home he has made his homework about the cafe, the menu itself. "Nak try The Father nanti"...alahai En.Hubby, iklan Starwars sangat tau :P Den Abah Kau sudah...baru orang nesemilan (N9). hikhik~

Selalunya on the our #jejakcafe, we surely going to be as early as we can. Puncanya bukan sebab nak makan sangat but then nak tangkap gambar. Food porn sangat! So makanya, memang sampai kat Sunway tu the place pun tak bukak lagi that morning plus from home its only took about 20 minutes to arrive on destination. Mekasih En.Google Map atas bantuan anda..ngeee.

The Garage only opened at 11am but then it can be seen around there are peoples are waiting for it too. So once it opened, not only us but then suddenly the cafe dah fulled with crowd. Nampak sangat it has been well planned to have a bite here instead of 'ter'saja2 lalu and nak 'ter'singgah as the cafe quite isolated inside of the row of shops. Biggest landmark is Monash University Malaysia and Sunway University. If you guys jumpa those uni surely akan nampak this cafe. Memang macam garaj kereta but then of course it's a CAFE.

So ultimatumnya as decided to have brunch here, we decided to have Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0 and of course the beverages will be THE FATHER for him and THE SANTA for me. Nyummm~

Clockwise : Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0: RM26; The Santa: RM18.90 and The Father: RM18.90

Thanks God we did a sharing platter as the portion for the breakfast were huge. Memang boleh sharing for two. Nasib la tiada ketamakan di situ kan. Plus the big T masih boleh dikawal as the menu will need your creativity to imagine sebab it came only with wordings. Hahaha~. If susah sangat, ask je for recommendation, the staff surely going to guide you on that.

Bare in mind, if you are a diabetic or sugar rush avoid this cafe please! Hahaha~ The beverages memang boleh potong kaki if hari-hari you have this as your meal. But it was really good for sweettooth people. I think thats why Garage 51 do the initiatives by having plain water on every table. Drink up to flush away those overdose sweetness. :D Memang kenyang sampai petang.

Wall E surely gonna pee-ka- boo on my pictures. I guess it just a trend for me and Hubby. You will see more picture photo bombed by our toys in future ;) Marked! Wall E is here!

Address : 
Garage 51 by Coffee Societe 
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway,
46510 Selangor
Contact: 03- 56125618
Opening hours: 11 am - 11 pm daily


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"LEAN IN" Together

Brain manipulating:

Entry #throwback... will be continue :P

6th Months & More To Go!

Heart grateful:

Another achievement unlocked! She has turned 6 months dengan jayanya. Alhamdullilah for everything Ya Allah. Dialah permata hati, pengubat jiwa, harta dunia akhirat kami.
It just unbelievable to see her grew up healthily and strong. Cuma bila like couple of days before turning to the next age, she became a lil bit hyper and nak memerap je. For sure Ibu and Ayah akan jadi versi zombie the next day. Haha~ Once she touched the exact date, kembali normal peel si manusia kecil ni.

A lil one yang rajin tersenyum and tersangatlah friendly with people. It just so adorable to see  two little dimples starts to be obvious on her cheeks.  **Owh my, Ibu pun ada sebelah je yang. :P

Happy 6th months sayang!
Inilah my baby yg fully bf from me. I just wonder how the 'titisan emas' can be such a miracle from a lil baby sebesar tapak tangan can grow up to be chubby like this. Allah tu memang sangat kaya kan. :'). *nages. Takyah tengok jauh-jauh kebesaran Tuhan. Just look at your child. The miracle is there. Alhamdullilah, it's a big success for me to provide the exclusive 6 months fully bf for her. Insha Allah Ibu akan berusaha for another 3 stages for you baby. Plus I'm so excited to start feeding you with solid food. Yeayy... Makanya rajin2 lah Cik Ibu buat homemade puree for this lil one. Pheww.. Another challenge to be taken up! :D Berusaha Cik Enny... 

Adorable manusia kecil ku. Mini me!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Happiness Seeker

Brain utilizing:

Something to share. Use it as a mark if you still failed to feel the happiness in your life. Move your butts. If penyakit 'M' to critical, force you inner wills. Ins sh Allah from keterpaksaan akan jadi kebiasaan. #justmytwoscent

Friday, November 27, 2015

Supergirl Turned 5th Moon

Heart blessed :

She grew up well and beautiful. Cheeky little one which at some moment I just feel to freeze the precious time. A journey being a mum parallel with her growth. It's like a blink of eyes. Dari sekecil tapak tangan puff magically turned up to be this big. :')

Indahnya kerja Tuhan tu. Something I never thought of (well at times ada je berangan jugak) to have a child from my own blood, be the mini me but yet here I am...a little human growing up with my own jurisdiction. How she gonna turn up soon it's all under me and hubby's responsibilities. Besar tu tanggungjawabnya untuk menjadikan si dia as lil caliph. Moga dipermudahkan.

Terus membesar dengan baik ye sayang. Ibu and ayah always here to protect, nurture and love you will all our heart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Cake for Enny?

Heart happily:

Another fun day with my GFFs yang ages to meet. Buatlah plan macam mana pun..for sure akan sentiasa tergendala bak dilanda tsunami, taufan Katrina..macam2 hal la...huhuhu
But kali ni I yang suggested to meet up masa cuti Deeepavali. Itu pun random je pick a day. Si GF plak siap main ugut2 nak merajuk bagai IF I cancelkan tiba-tiba. Hahahaha~  Sowieee...susah sangat nak jumpa Puan Enny ye ;P Plus ever since I delivered this manusia kecil, these GFFs tak pernah tengok lagi the little one. Now dah nak masuk 5 bulan dah. Ini lah orang kata dekat tapi jauuuuuuhhhh. Ya ampun!

First plan sebenarnya nak try hang out dekat Simply Picnic kat Kota Damansara tu tapi thank God whatsapp dulu tanya dorang bukak ke tak during public holiday. Only open for event and delivery. Ish2...again I need to reroute the place to meet up. Of course gonna try a place yang tak pernah pegi lagi kan..Itu memang sangat Cik Enny...hee~

Lastly decided to have the meet up kat Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe, Empire Damansara. Jenuh la masing2 sume turned on Google Maps...apa guna ada smartphone kansss...;P

We being the specky couple..

Metal Box's baked eggs (RM18.90) are beautifully creamy, thick with potatoes, eggplant, cannellini beans & smoked chicken breast in lightly tangy tomato coulis, crowned with freshly grated gruyere cheese. Eggs Hemingway (RM17.90), which come with salmon that's smoked here & hollandaise sauce made from scratch in the kitchen.
My cute GFFs.. Me with the special cake made fresh by talented bakers Mummy Ayu!! 
We did give a try for few dishes there. The menu were so in details sampai confuse nak order apa as it come without picture. So use your imagination dear. hihihi.

And of course the cake!! Itu surprise okeh. Cik Enny bukan pemakan kek but then this cake yang Mummy buat seriously I can finish it up. Nyumsss~ It was Kek Pandan Gula Melaka. You can find this cake dekat Zawara Coffee Cafe at Bukit Jelutong too. Me?? Terasa nak, I can always go to her house. hikhik~ Or we need to use another name to order kan Mary? ;P

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe
G12, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tues-Thurs, 10am-10pm; Fri, 10am-11pm; Sat-Sun, 9am-11pm

Monday, November 16, 2015

You Are My Superman ♥♥♥

Heart reminiscing:

This was way back, tapi taklah major #throwback sangat kan...couple of weeks je dari tarikh hari ni ;P
... dari sehari ke sehari nak update but then dek kekangan waktu (wah baku bahasa ku), si kecik makin banyak akal dan perangainya macam-macam dah, memang lah tak menyempat nak mencapai lappy and typing, tengok phone pun agak-agak ada masa baru tengok. So sape yang duk whatsapp sorry la kalau memang super lambat nak direply. Phone pun taktau letak mana. Heee~

Ok2 back to the main purpose of this entry, panjang pulak mukadimahnya...ahahaha~ sowwwyy...;P

Kalau last year it was the first time for him to celebrating his own birthday lagi-lagi by cik Isteri terchenta..kali ni dia terkena lagi!... Dulunya berdua so makanya place to celebrate pun ala2 romantika de amour sikit but then dah ada the lil one yang sangat melasak ni, kita tukar ambience to child friendly cafe @ berdasarkan jiwa kanak2 ayahnya. hihihi~ 

(You can read the previous celebration at this link :1st November for 28th October )

Plan kali ni macam agak adhock tapi nasiblah the place for celebration and prezzie hunting semua dekat-dekat dengan office je. :D..nampak tak strategi planning di situ?? Eh kali ni siap jot down dlm notes phone lagi, takut termiss out pape yang perlu. Gitu! (Mementang dah pakai phone baru cap China mali...;P)

Location: DC Comics Superheroes Cafe, Sunway Putra Mall
Date: 31st October 2015 
Photographer : Erry The SkullySkulla Photography 

Kali ni memang saje ajak kawan baik yang sorang ni suh tolong snap kan pic-pic kitaorg. Menjadikan both of us yang memang kononnya freelance photographer (macam dah retired je...huhu) yang memang tak reti nak 'wefie2' sendiri so makanya memang susahlah nak ada proper picture of three of us. Itu lah gunanya kamu wahai twinny ku Erry. hihihi ;P. Baju si kecik pun khas beli a week before for the occasion. Baru la Supergirl ayah kan..:D

Itu pun menjadi surprise untuk En.Hubby as dia memang taktau nak pegi lepak kat mana, nak buat apa sebab dia direct from Port Dickson to us. Tau-tau je ke cafe yang full with Superheroes from DC Comics and tiba2 ada watak tambahan pulak, Encik. Photographer ku untuk merakam moment of the day. Tada! Mission ACCOMPLISHED!! 

Btw cafe ni ada 2 je in Malaysia, satu di Johor and now satu di KL, tanah tumpah air ku..Sorry la kalau lepas ni takde la I angkut Coach, Longchamp bagai as my accessories, DC merchandise akan mengambil alih (dengan menggunakan alasan, Audrey yang nak! Miahahaha ;P)

Happy Birthday Superman ku!!  - merangkap birthday ku jua the next day nya...combo la kiranya kan ;)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Birthday of 3 Series ;)

Heart blessed:

Again for another year, I still breathing and living lively on this rental world by HIM. Grateful masih diberi kesempatan untuk merasa nikmat-nikmat yang terlalu banyak diberikan *tears of happiness. Yeah age tu bertambah but then I tak pernah rasa to old to do something new. Masih terlalu banyak yang nak diexplore, hidden-hidden talent yang nak dipaksa keluar, perkara-perkara tentang kehidupan yang nak dipelajari. (uih dah kenapa macam ayat ala2 telefilem Travelling Beruang malam tadi ni?) huhu~

If last year, my biggest gift were my dear 'Kekasih Halal', this year; junior us 'Little Caliph' has joined us to complete the meaningful day. My lil one my baby girl - Audrey Marissa. So nikmat mana lagi yang nak didustakan kan ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Birthday SAYANG!!

Brain reminding:

Balik karang Nini and Audrey will sing for you yeah bby ;)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Coffee Describe You! (ME)

Brain seamless:

While updating my workloads, cleaning up the list, handling cases, a chat always be the sweet escapism within those momentum. Up until in the middle of chat, there was a pause of changing the subject. A GF threw a simple question.

Haha. It was a quiz. And that's how she indicates me through the quiz. Am I such a person? It's for you to judge. ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Precious 8

Brain releasing:

Precious sangat! Pejam celik pejam has been 8 yearsssssss and beyond..... Eh takyah nak Star Trek sgt la, ke Star Wars..ahh bantai la..hahah~ Ketidakperasanan jika tidak membuat new KPI untuk new financial year. Create new document, tgk tarikh...tada!! 1st October! *joget2 dulu.
Owh my begitu lama kah ku sudah bergelar wanita berkerjaya?? Nak kira-kira my age la tuh...takyah kira gonna definitely knowing it in a month from now.:D

Achievement? Macam-macam ada. Dari bertukar-tukar tempat, ke bertukar lokasi, bertukar team, bertukar job scope - rasa dah semua tu and akan berterusan demi career enhancement ku TETAPI tetap dengan Kompeni Kaler Merah ku yang satu. Hukhuk~ Adakah ku akan kekal setia?? Jika khidmat masih diperlukan, why not kan *nampak tak ayat sgt menjaga hati HR...hahahah~ sebelum masing2 pusing kepala nak cari replacement ;P
Yang penting, masih menggenggami High Performer every single year. :D and trying my level best to keep that on track for years ahead. Kerja tu kena ikhlas kan. Ins sha Allah it will come easy. That might be a reason why I still having a hoot after 8 years and counting. Give it a try, you might end up like me -notes to who might be concern. hihihi~

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Working Mumsy #supermak

Hati berkaca-kaca:

It has been like 2 weeks I had started again my routine as an employee to Kompeni Kaler Merah after 2 months of maternity leaves (extended another 1 week).
And it has been a week my little Audrey been taking care by a babysitter while I'm working 8.30-5.30. I'm officially a 'Working Mum'. What is like to be a working mum???
First feeling ever to leave her for works, berkaca2 rasanya mata and hati but then rethink to fulfil my another responsibility, I need to do this. Kebal, kebal!

To be true, the first week, it does feel exhausting. Yet I'm adapting it rapidly right now especially when Mr.Hubby still in 'PJJ' mode. At the same time learn how jungle things in between. Memang mode 'sotong' jadinya. Well then other mums can do this, why not me right? Positive, positive. Finding a right rhythm to make things well for everyone.

Courtesy of Google image

It's a LIE if I said I'm fully motivated to do my old things while my minds keep wondering about my baby back at home. Sedih tau. Alhamdullilah actually I have nothing to worry about as the babysitter is taking care of her well enough plus minus she is a friend to my mum. There is no trust issue at all. But still kan...dah biasa taking care of the junior me 24/7 the past 2 months suddenly need to leave her to other people, sangat rasa mismatch. Sangat rasa kehilangan. You may say it sounds like exaggerating tapi itulah apa yang I rasa right now.

Even so I didn't let it take me down for long. This is where you can always ask for a little advise from experience people and read the experiences from a great mum.
Women who can juggle school drop offs, football training, dance lessons, board meeting, cooking for husband, taking care of household, and who can still finish that annual report on time. Working Mums really are quite special, aren't they? You know if you give a task to a Working Mum, it's going to get done, and it's going to get done right. This where we become a 'SUPERMAK'. Nothing can beats that. ;D

And I found this infographic while googling, top up an additional motivation for me to be a great Working Mum!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Gift From Heaven #2months

Heart blessed:

Up until now, I'm still in a little bit of unbelievable mode that I am a MOM now and my little princess has turned 2 months old by this days. Time flies like a blink of eyes. Pheww! Lots of things to catch up.

Seeing her growing up healthy, beautifully made my heart blossom with priceless happiness. Looking at her as if I'm looking at a little angel from heaven, so pure. Inilah source ketenangan Puan Enny masa kini. ;D
To see her smiling, giggling, cooing and when she tried to say something, it just beyond imagination to see a 'mini' me 24/7 in front of me. Macam ni rupanya rasa of an Ibu who seeing her growing up with much love.

I know I have long path to keep on track; the journey to cherish, to nurture, to mole a little one to another great khalifah for a better world. Besar bunyi tanggungjawabnya. Yes it is! I accepted the challenge dengan hati terbuka as I do believe I will manage it at my very best macam mana para Ibu-Ibu yang hebat yang berjaya created a great person beforehand.

But of course, behind a great MOM, stands a great DAD who are the earliest gift from heaven. These two lah my harta dunia akhirat for now. I love you both to the moon and back to the earth darlings. XOXO..;)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Mummy's Obsession

Brain cascading:

Kita park gambar dulu..nanti balik KL, I'll do the proper write up k..heee~ berhabuks sudah cik bloggy ni.. ngeee... sorry!! seems si kenit non stop demanding her rights. hahahahah~

Hey hey. I'm back after sekian lama. Lama ke?? Well then, it seems writing an entry will take a longer time than before. Ada tuntutan diraja dari si royal highness princess Audrey Hepburn ni, eh silap Audrey Marissa. This little fragile manusia kecil needs most of my attention than the other things. New things to be learn every single day. Macam non stop adjusting, adapting dari benda sekecil2nya hingga sebesar2 halnya. Mujurlah I still on maternity leave and dah extended another a week extra pun. So kalau mati kutu skali pun, I still have Bonda to help me out.:D

I do not if this symptom happens to all mummies out there : we tends to forget our own needs but it become bigger needs for little one. And even we see her/him face all the time, we still miss her/him a lot! Obsess with your own child perhaps...;P

A part of that, being an online buyer yang agak tegar, nowadays no more buying things for myself (exceptional for books please..heee~) BUT it has changed to buying things for junior me. Menjadikan dia seorang 'girl', lagi terlalu banyak benda yang cute, comel become a true needs for her. Alasan je kan...ngee~ Dari rompers to headbands to educational toys to tutu dress, playgym, named it, most of can be bought by a click on your fingertips. Easy peasy!! ;D Sampai satu tahap kena hold myself up, laptop letak more purchasing, sat gi bajet lari, nages sorang2. ahahaha~ Knowing me yang obsessive towards cutie mutsy thingy ni - therefore takmo tayang sangat those cute stuff to me pleassseeee... (as if it will work out @_@)

As above, these only a part of her things, it will be more to come. ;P Janji tak paw duit sesapa kannnn..hihih~

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day Out After 44

Brain stimulating:

Done 44 days #berpantang. Another 56 days to complete the 100 punya quota. Pheww...
Eh sambung later..need to get some sleep before I  bertukar jadi Batman...;)


Right let's sambung kisah kita :D...

For young or new mummy slalu tanya, apa beza berpantang for 44 days, 100 days, 6 months and a year?? Perlu ke? Wajib ke? Kalau ikut tradisi, perkara- perkara ni wajib sebab untuk kesihatan diri sendiri juga sebab ketika kelahiran ia ibarat 20 tulang dipatahkan serentak plus hilang hampir setengah liter darah. And di kala meneran, tubuh badan seorang Ibu itu mampu menahan kesakitan yang kita sendiri can't imagine that we could. Ajaib kan? Itulah kuasa Tuhan and the miracle of human body.

So far pantang 44 hari tu, I managed to do that, adalah keluar kejap-kejap sebab nak klinik for first injection baby. The rest of the days, duduk melepet kat rumah with little baby. adapting new motherhood environment. Mana nak belajar susukan baby, mandikan baby, learn her sleeping pattern, tingkah laku untuk tau dia lapar ke, nak main ke, mengantuk ke, sakit ke....still in process of learning. It was like 24 hours with her. Adalah jugak time-time dia with tokwan and nekwan dia, so I can have a lil bit of rest.

After 44 days je, Atoknya dah bawak berjalan pegi mall, pegi breakfast, pegi jumpa Moyangnya..bak kata lain nye memang berjalan saja. Dah jadi new hobby of her. Yeayy jalan-jalan!! ;P

Pantang 100 hari, hermm ni mencabar jugak ni. But then, it can be done. Surely si suami pun akan faham, nak isteri sihat betul-betul balik kan kan kan? So kena lah sabar ye sayang. Pantang beraircond tu macam susah sikit as I am a working mum, so office memang spesis-spesis sejuk beku but ins sha Allah at that time badan pun dah kuat. Cuti 2 bulan kan plus I dah extended the leave for a week, dah 70 hari pun ;) Takde masalah pun kan.

For me from what I can see, issue berpantang ni depends pada certain people jugak. Different races and religions has different way. Me? Berkat di'sekolah'kan kakak-kakak di ofis, my jiran, my mum, Alhamdullilah I managed to get through it. Kebaikannya?? You will feel it within your own body.
Fikir-fikir kan la. You know the best for your body kan. Yang penting, life support keliling you pun penting to make it through. ;)

My own version of anak burung ;)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dreamland of Little Audrey #mylilprincess #1month

Heart intoxicated with beauty:

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. The greatest blessing, gift from ABOVE. A little angel to cherish and to love.

These overload cuteness and beautiful pictures been photographed by KakZara Haleena of Camora Arts on the day our lil princess, Audrey turned 1 month old. It has always be my wish to have such memorable pictures to be captured as another part of memory lane in addition of our new phase of life. Thank you so much En.Hubby Hasif Rahman for making this real. I am such a happy mommy ;D
When I see these pictures again and again, I realized how fast she has grown up, the moment of her being super tiny as big our two palm to such a bambam baby right now.

Thank you Kak Zara for this awesome pictures. Being such a sporting and bubbly sister, the session has never been bored and full of laughter. And lil Audrey pun sangatlah compromised with Kak Zara and team with all sorts of costumes and cute props, which at times, she was smiling. How adorable she is. Ibu tak sangka awak pun ‘photogediks’ jugak ye sayang. tongue emoticon I even tanya soalan ntah pape : ada amik kursus how to calm a baby ke?? Owh my…practice make perfects don’t we Kak Zara? Hee~ Double thumbs up for your work Kak Zara!! Sayang lebih la…;D

And these: I present to you..

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Si Boolat Audrey #cukurrambut #1month

Heart melting:

Makin hari, makin macam-macam perangai si kenit ni or I selalu bahasakan our lil princess as lilkhalifah dalam my previous2 entries. Apa pun panggilan she is my lil Audrey Marissa. ;D She has growing up rapidly fast. Makin hari makin bulat, makin berisi, makin berat!. Hihi~ Itulah the power of 'titisan emas'. Sedar tak sedar she has been a month old. Me pun dah nak habes pantang dah by this week. Itu pantang wajib tapi kalau pantang seterusnya ada lagi 60 days to go. Hee..takpe yang penting yang wajib lepas sudah..Pheww!

And yesterday, ultimate nampak she is getting bigger and tembam like my nephew Aisy masa dia kecik-kecik dulu bila dah dibotak licinkan. Tokwan & Nekwan dah cukurkan rambut si kecik ni upon my request petang semalam. The rambut yang dicukurkan even dah packed dalam plastik untuk simpanan masa depan. Eh..haha..tak tak. ;P
Yes ikut sunnah, it's better to be done masa hari ke-tujuh together with akikah dan ditahnikkan. Tapi ni semua ikut kemampuan masing-masing. Buat satu-satu pun boleh bila ada rezeki lebih yang membenarkan. Nama pun sunat and it is sunnah done by our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. to his grandchildrens. Mengikut yang sunnah tu kan digalakkan.

Sunnah Nabi Muhammad S.A.W apabila dikurniakan cahaya mata :

Hari pertama (saat bayi selamat dilahirkan)
1. Diazankan dan diqamatkan

Hari ketujuh
1. Melakukan Aqiqah (seekor kambing dikorbankan untuk bayi perempuan & 2 ekor kambing untuk bayi lelaki untuk disedekahkan pada fakir miskin)
2. Ditahnikkan (memasukkan sesuatu yang manis seperti manisan madu lebah atau buah tamar yang dihancurkan dan memalitkan ke lelangit bayi)
3. Dicukurkan dan diberi nama

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Photographer by Ayahnya, Hasif Rahman. Masa nih masih berambut lagi ;)
Lagipun dalam Islam memang menggalakkan amalan mencukur rambut bayi sehingga botak supaya segala kekotoran yang keluar daripada rahim dapat dibuang dan membolehkan rambut baru tumbuh dengan sihat. Ye lah dalam perut kita macam-macam ada and masa dia dalam cocoon tu dah diperam by 9 months so it will be much better if we bersihkan from baby as good as we can. Ins sha Allah rambut tu cepat je tumbuh balik.

Later on nak kena pergi kedai emas untuk ditimbang rambut yang dicukur dengan harga emas yang terkini. Untuk apa? Ha ni ha...

"Sunat disedekahkan emas atau perak hasil daripada timbangan berat rambut yang dicukur itu kepada fakir miskin jika berkemampuan. Jika tidak mampu, maka tidaklah diberatkan ke atas ibu bapa anak tersebut melainkan sekadar yang terupaya, umpamanya digantikan dengan nilaian wang atau sebagainya mengikut kemampuan. "

Let say, kalau korang tak berkemampuan nak bayar ikut harga emas, boleh jugak dinilaikan dengan harga perak. Depends pada kemampuan masing-masing. Ins sha Allah lepas ni pulak nak buat majlis Aqiqah untuk Audrey maybe in October sekali dengan our anniversary yang pertama. Hee~

Tada!! inilah si botak Audrey. Hari ni Nekwan dia bawak bersiar-siar melihat bunga-bunga yang berkembang mekar di astakonah kesayangan bonda (bersiar-siar sangat, padahal kat porch rumah je..hihihi). Anak dara should be feminin sikit even kalau ikut Ibu dia ni memang akan rock sikit ;P - kena kasar sikit nanti orang buli. huhuhu~

Mesti peningkan bila nak ikut sunnah-sunnah tu. Masa my time pun even now, tak ikut susunan pun. Ikut dan. Sebab tak ada pengetahuan. But now dah tau, ins sha Allah boleh dipratikkan untuk anak-anak yang seterusnya. Oppss..;P

p/s: Okey lepas ni, nak bawak Audrey keluar kena pakai kan headband girly2 sikit, karang orang cop baby boy ke apa..haha~ You are sooo comel la Audrey!!