Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Aiya Big Mike!

Tummy do the judging:

Ni semua gara-gara stumbled up on search section on IG. Thanks to myself yang suka sangat LIKE random picture of foods. Rupa-rupanya banyak je cafe yang cool in KL especially in Subang and Sunway. For kali ni punya Saturdate, the pick is on ME! Supposed nak try this one cafe but unfortunately it closed for the day sebab cuti public kan. Nasib checked it out their IG, If not gi nonong je. But then tak perlu risau pun sebab area tu been surrounded by so many hipster cafe yang we can go for a try. :D

Abuthen I had my own selection dah pun. Heee. So we settled for Big Mike this time. Mencarinya not that hard pun, seperti biasa haruslah dengan pertolongan Encik Google Map kan. Rupanya it just nearby by Kolej INTI. Ingat susah sangat nak cari. YES!
Menjadikan Cik Enny and En. Hasif, kitaorg ni memang suka terpacak depan kedai seawal2nya. Hahaha~ Risau jugak nak masuk kedai takde orang ni. No no takde orang doesn't mean the cafe is not good. Cuma kebetulan, we were there masa budak-budak kolej tengah cuti sekarang. As their main customers basically from college students atau akan lagi happening bila petang menjelang malam. I see I see. So makanya, the cafe jadi anta yang punya for the rest of the morning. It just me, En.Hubby and lil Audrey.

I just fall in love with the cafe decorations, simple and feel lively. Takde serabut. So earthy and sailor mode. Masa buat order macam terkulat-kulat jugak as again, another cafe yang memerlukan daya imaginasi yang tinggi untuk imagine the food of the menu. The staff kata they still new so amik masa sikit to create the menu with pictures. Easy for people to make the order. Takpe, it's understandable.
Nasiblah on her screen ada those picture and recommendation for the day. Being such a helpful peep you are. Btw, you also can just refer to their IG how the food will look like. Kena rajin sikit la kan. (Nak cari makan pun kena buat homework...hehe)

There you are : itu lah food we did tried for the day, Mini Ice Cream Burger memang signature dessert for Big Mike, Surprisingly, it happened to be so sedap, crunchy2 and tersangatlah comel. En.Hubby non stop capturing the picture of it with his toy. Hahah~ Yang roti tu is Triple Deck Signature Canapes. Seriously sangat mengenyangkan even for sharing. Beverage for today, we tried Caffein Dose, owh my it was beyond sinful coffee in a good way. It just so well balance between the coffee and the milk taste. Price wise? SANGAT la BEST! For these we spent tak sampai RM50. Worth a try.;)
Okey marked! It so going to be my fav cafe. Will come for more. That is for sure! :D

Big Mike Cafe
A01-01, Jalan SS15/8, 
Subang Jaya
Operating hours: Weekdays: 8.30 am - 12 am Weekends: 10 am - 12 am


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