Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Garage 51 Checked!

Tummy do the talk:

Another foodhunt handled by En.Hubby; this time picked by him!!
Alkisahnya ada agenda lain jugak sebenarnya. *bunyik cengkerik please....There is a LEGO shop nearby. See nampak tak permainannya di situ? Ish3...hahaha~

Ever since from home he has made his homework about the cafe, the menu itself. "Nak try The Father nanti"...alahai En.Hubby, iklan Starwars sangat tau :P Den Abah Kau sudah...baru orang nesemilan (N9). hikhik~

Selalunya on the our #jejakcafe, we surely going to be as early as we can. Puncanya bukan sebab nak makan sangat but then nak tangkap gambar. Food porn sangat! So makanya, memang sampai kat Sunway tu the place pun tak bukak lagi that morning plus from home its only took about 20 minutes to arrive on destination. Mekasih En.Google Map atas bantuan anda..ngeee.

The Garage only opened at 11am but then it can be seen around there are peoples are waiting for it too. So once it opened, not only us but then suddenly the cafe dah fulled with crowd. Nampak sangat it has been well planned to have a bite here instead of 'ter'saja2 lalu and nak 'ter'singgah as the cafe quite isolated inside of the row of shops. Biggest landmark is Monash University Malaysia and Sunway University. If you guys jumpa those uni surely akan nampak this cafe. Memang macam garaj kereta but then of course it's a CAFE.

So ultimatumnya as decided to have brunch here, we decided to have Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0 and of course the beverages will be THE FATHER for him and THE SANTA for me. Nyummm~

Clockwise : Awesome Garage Breakfast 2.0: RM26; The Santa: RM18.90 and The Father: RM18.90

Thanks God we did a sharing platter as the portion for the breakfast were huge. Memang boleh sharing for two. Nasib la tiada ketamakan di situ kan. Plus the big T masih boleh dikawal as the menu will need your creativity to imagine sebab it came only with wordings. Hahaha~. If susah sangat, ask je for recommendation, the staff surely going to guide you on that.

Bare in mind, if you are a diabetic or sugar rush avoid this cafe please! Hahaha~ The beverages memang boleh potong kaki if hari-hari you have this as your meal. But it was really good for sweettooth people. I think thats why Garage 51 do the initiatives by having plain water on every table. Drink up to flush away those overdose sweetness. :D Memang kenyang sampai petang.

Wall E surely gonna pee-ka- boo on my pictures. I guess it just a trend for me and Hubby. You will see more picture photo bombed by our toys in future ;) Marked! Wall E is here!

Address : 
Garage 51 by Coffee Societe 
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway,
46510 Selangor
Contact: 03- 56125618
Opening hours: 11 am - 11 pm daily


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