Tuesday, December 29, 2015

6th Months & More To Go!

Heart grateful:

Another achievement unlocked! She has turned 6 months dengan jayanya. Alhamdullilah for everything Ya Allah. Dialah permata hati, pengubat jiwa, harta dunia akhirat kami.
It just unbelievable to see her grew up healthily and strong. Cuma bila like couple of days before turning to the next age, she became a lil bit hyper and nak memerap je. For sure Ibu and Ayah akan jadi versi zombie the next day. Haha~ Once she touched the exact date, kembali normal peel si manusia kecil ni.

A lil one yang rajin tersenyum and tersangatlah friendly with people. It just so adorable to see  two little dimples starts to be obvious on her cheeks.  **Owh my, Ibu pun ada sebelah je yang. :P

Happy 6th months sayang!
Inilah my baby yg fully bf from me. I just wonder how the 'titisan emas' can be such a miracle from a lil baby sebesar tapak tangan can grow up to be chubby like this. Allah tu memang sangat kaya kan. :'). *nages. Takyah tengok jauh-jauh kebesaran Tuhan. Just look at your child. The miracle is there. Alhamdullilah, it's a big success for me to provide the exclusive 6 months fully bf for her. Insha Allah Ibu akan berusaha for another 3 stages for you baby. Plus I'm so excited to start feeding you with solid food. Yeayy... Makanya rajin2 lah Cik Ibu buat homemade puree for this lil one. Pheww.. Another challenge to be taken up! :D Berusaha Cik Enny... 

Adorable manusia kecil ku. Mini me!

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