Friday, November 26, 2010

I am a Woman


Heart touched by the song :


I just can smile...being honest to yourself k..:)



Brain and heart seems a bit gediks for today :

Huu..  ok a quick one for this entry di pagi hari before fully cr momentum to do my beloved works..Tak senonoh jugak kau ni Cik Enny..heyppp..sukati la..;P

Here we go with one of magic quote of the day…

The quickest way to receive love is to give love.

The fastest way to lose love is to hold it tightly.

The best way way to keep love is to give it wings.


Yes, I LOVE you GOD, ayahanda yg rocks, bonda yang cool, adik2 yang mental obsessive, GFs yg awesome, BFs yg mengada lagi gediks, abang2 yg sgt protective & adik2 yg teramat la chomel..goshh.. ;))

Saya cuma nak bagitau SAYA SAYANG AWAK SANGAT2 !!!


Sekian. Noted.with thanks..;P

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A piece of Advice


Heart feel this is so inspirational :

If Today Was Your Last Day

Songwriters: Kroeger, Chad;

My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride
If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past?

Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?
What if, what if, if today was your last day?
Against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the price is always worth the fight
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try
So live like you're never living twice
Don't take the free ride in your own life
If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?

Donate every dime you had?
And would you call those friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
And would you find that one you're dreaming of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you'd finally fall in love if today was your last day?
If today was your last day
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are
So do whatever it takes
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothing stand in your way
'Cause the hands of time are never on your side
If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?

Donate every dime you had?
And would you call those friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
And would you find that one you're dreaming of
Swear up and down to God above
That you'd finally fall in love if today was your last day?

These comes up when I did have a conversation with a friend saying how things can be really weird when come to complicated matters.

After for quite sometimes, she start to wonder if I like a magnet to those kind of people. ;P GOOD QUESTION!!!ehehe~ yet the best say from her for the day

what's worth the time is always worth the fight..”..;)

True Girls


Neurons are wasting his energy to think :

You are true girls if you can run on your heels                                                        

You are true girls if you are a drama queen

You are true girls if you attracted to the wrong guy

You are true girls if you can cry out loud

You are true girls if you keep on dreaming

You are true girl if you can be mean when you hurts

You are true girl if you obsess with your own biological body

You are true girls if you can be independent

You are true girl if you simply can be happy with WHO YOU ARE


So ARE YOU A TRUE GIRLs? sila angkat kaki if yes…ahahahah~



Hehehe~ no offense these things just popped up cam pop corn in my head..;P

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It’s OK!


Heart said :

You know those days just seems miserable and feel like noting is going right?

You sit in your room, with the door closed, music blasting so you can ignore the world and escape for a while in a place where everything is okay.

You just sit and think about everything.

You even make up stupid scenarios in your head and imagine arguments that you know are just waiting to happen, so you prepare what you’re going to say before hand, just incase.

As you sit there for hours, you suddenly take a deep breath and soon start to realize that even though these horrible things have been happening, for some reason you now seem to feel okay.

It’s as if with that one breath, you forced out all all your negative energy and are somewhat hopeful. These are the moments where everything feels real.

You know that in the end, you’ll get through it though, and before you know it, everything will go back to normal.

Everything will be okay.

There Are Times


Brain doing his calculation and come up with this :




It’s SUPPOSE to be dedicated to someone..

True, life is’s like a roller coaster going up and down; slow and fast.

It can’t be more complicated and disappointed as what you think. And somehow its not going to turn to be that bad as long YOU know WHO yourself are.

At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are and what you want.



p/s : there is an advise that I got from a big bro who i called as my ‘abg badut’ once said this to me when I’m total down with my own life…Grant me the courage not to give up, even though i think its is hopeless.

“ Kalau rasa susah sangat, patah balik pada nawaitu yang asal helps you.”

Kata lainnyer..”Kun Fa Ya Kun - “Apabila Tuhan itu mengkehendakinya, di sebut ‘KUN’, maka jadilah ia”....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Melody


Heart is singing since then :

Project Pop - Bohong

This song moved my heart as for the hilarious clips…But the song lyric itself do reflects to something…

My fav parts :

sesungguhnya hatiku
ingin menahanmu
kamu jangan pergi
sesungguhnya jiwaku bisa gila
jika hidup tanpamu
aku terlalu mencintaimu

Seeing the clips made me laughing..

Hearing to the songs made me smiling…

Because of what yeah?? Do re-puzzle for whole lot of my stories, then u will find the answer I guess..;P

Listen to this :

Ne Yo – One in Million

This song touched my heart with its own melody since ever it been shared with me by dearest new ‘friend’ who approached me in FB by Korean language..( he is Malay fyi..;P) – he shared with me with another version but here I’ll paste the original one..;D

My fav parts :

Been all over the world
Done a little bit of everything
Little bit of everywhere
With a little bit of everyone
All the girls I've been with
Things I've seen it takes much to impress
But sure enough you go it makes your soul stand up from all the rest

The melody become my lullaby for now…thanks dear..;)


P/S: I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends surround me..It makes me elated with the highest latitude of gratitude..

Thanks Allah S.W.T for these special gifts…<3 I am happy..;D

Cinta…GT3 R


Brain and Heart sync saying :

PENAT!!!!!! Yet it’s so worthy….;D..sounds so mengada kan…ehehe~ bare with me please.;P takmo marah2….marah jual kang…weee~

Just feel like sleeping whole day long but hardly to do that. Must be because of the exhausted feels ( 3 days in the row i came back from work at almost 12….kalau jd Cinderella…kete kuda ku dah jd pumpkin tau) yg buat badan terasa sakit2 skrg. Nevermind let it be…

Ok2..merepek dah..nih update sbnr..tgk nih…

75788_494073068254_558658254_6916633_4804424_n What’s up with the car??

Based on Porsche's recently revealed 911 GT3 RSR, the R Hybrid eschews conventional hybrid technology for an advanced new electro-mechanical flywheel system. Porsche sources said that the company is considering the system as a means of boosting the performance of its future race cars, and that the technology could end up on selected road cars, including a planned hybrid version of the 911. The new hybrid technology forms part of a broader program that goes under the name Porsche Intelligent Performance.
Read more:

Yes, yesterday, I was helping one of the ‘baby’ belong to Motor Division event. It was a Press Conference for the new racing car ever first in Porsche range.

It’s 911 GT3 R Hybrid..gojes okeyh…;D

Date : 20 November 2010
Time : 7.00 pm till midnite..
Gadget : Nikon D300 + Flash SB800
Snap by : Me ( main2 as we do have our own media Photog yg sgt cool...ahahha~)

When work + leisure..this are the results..;D
All the journalist are awesome...!
And GT3 R Hybrid...i fall in love with u..;P

Just enjoy the pictures k…(malas nk pk nk tulis apa…otak tepu…dang!) full album click here..PIP Porsche

_ETA8241_ETA8245 _ETA8254 _ETA8297 Our cool Boss been interviewed by Media7

_ETA8303 We are the ladies for the nights..

Quoted from our C.E.O of Porsche (Mr Arnt) to our team :)

"Thanx for all the help tonight! We could have not done it without you,"

Should i say more…? It is more than enough..;DD

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lock IT!


Brain is sulking , heart have to do the work :

Isis___tales_003__2_by_RunaryKatI know is not easy but its for the better for me, myself…

Dear GF, you are right..Allah is Almighty..

These two people make me smile again..yet i still CONFIUS..may i?

Suara Ku Berharap


Heart said :

I kept on dreaming..

I dream of light..

A light that shines from sea to sea and brings your love back to me..

Dream of something that unsure..

Yet I let myself into it..

Till the day, it crash me down..

Because I put my believe on the false alarm..

This is why i keep on denying..

As I doesn’t want any hope to arise..

But here I am..

Suffocated with my own feels..

My heart screaming to let it go..just let it go!

Because this is not you ENNY!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

6 Hari, 6 Bulan, 6 Tahun


Heart rasa nk gelak goleng2 :

Sebelum Tido:

6 minggu: Selamat tido Sayaaang, mimpi indah ya, mmmuahhhhh.

6 bulan: Tolong matikan lampu tu, silau aah.

6 tahun: Sana sikit lah... Tido kalau tak mengepit tak bole ker???!

Pakai Toilet:

6 minggu: Tak apa, U masuk ler dulu, I tak kisaaahhhh

6 bulan: Lama lagi ke ke kt dalam nih?

6 tahun: Brug! brug! brug! (suara pintu digegar), kalau nak bertapa pi lah gunung ledang sana !!!

Balas SMS:

6 minggu: Iye Sayang, jap lagi I sampai rumah. Sayang, I belikan murtabak favourite U ye Sayang...

6 bulan: Trafik jam aah

6 tahun: K..

Dating process:

6 minggu: I love U, I love U, I love U.

6 bulan: Of course I love U.

6 tahun: Iyalah!! kalau I tak cintakan U, buat apa I nikah dengan U???

Pulang Kerja:

6 minggu: Sayaaang, I dah balik nih...

6 bulan : I'm BACK!!

6 tahun: Masak apa hari ini??

Hadiah (ulang tahun):

6 minggu: Sayang, I harap U suka cincin yang I beli untuk U ni

6 bulan: I beli lukisan, nampak sesuai dengan suasana ruang tengah.

6 tahun: pakai duit u sendirilah apa yg U nak.. i takde duit.


6 minggu: Baby, ada org call u nih..

6 bulan: Eh... Your call...



6 minggu: Wah, tak sangka I, pandai U masak.Rasa pun sedappp...!!!

6 bulan: Kita makan apa malam ini??

6 tahun: HAH!! LAUK INI LAGI?


6 minggu: Sudahlah, tak apa, dah pecah pun, nanti kita beli lagi yang lain,eh?

6 bulan: Hati-hati la, nanti jatuh tuh..

6 tahun: Orang dah ckp byk kali pon tak paham!!

Baju baru:

6 minggu: Aduh sayang, U seperti bidadari dengan pakaian itu..

6 bulan: Lah... Beli baju baru lagi?


Merancang Holiday:

6 minggu: Macam mana kalau kita jalan-jalan ke Amerika atau ke tempat yg U nak honey?

6 bulan: Kita ke Bukit Bintang aje ler... Senang sikit tak perlu naik flight...



6 minggu: Baby, kita nak tengok cite apa malam ini?

6 bulan : Sekejap eh, citer bagus ah.


p/s: betul ke cmni?? (*_*)

*artikel ni diemel oleh sorg kwn sy..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its to Late


Heart said :


If you still here, I’ll throw all my ego and say it….


When you go..I grew up with your memories..

Coincidence or Faith


Heart and brain do the works:

What I realized yes life full with coincidences especially mine..

Lagi2 lately ni, when I get so close to certain people.

Towards my GFs – we always tends to speak and think the same things ..yeah true things “bitches think alike” I guess..weee ;P

Towards my BFs – I’ll get sick out of nowhere..Till I facebooking or texting, then I get to know he was SICK too..duh~ plus he always being around where I am about..Coincidence la sgt…huuu

Towards my ownself – as for eg: like today , I am still not well; as my new routine; I’ll check up my 100 pieces of quotes given by En.Chomel..and guess stated there :

“Be strong!No matter how hard the battle goes, Faint Not - Fight On!Tomorrow comes the song.”

So into me.

But read this..there is no such things in life as “coincidence” ..yet it’s a faith done by HIM…tiada kata ‘kebetulan’ dalam kamus ISLAM.

“Allah, tidak ada Tuhan (yang berhak disembah) melainkan Dia Yang Hidup kekal lagi terus menerus mengurus (makhluk-Nya); tidak mengantuk dan tidak tidur. Kepunyaan-Nya apa yang di langit dan di bumi. Tiada yang dapat memberi syafaat di sisi Allah tanpa izin-Nya. Allah mengetahui apa-apa yang di hadapan mereka dan di belakang mereka, dan mereka tidak mengetahui apa-apa dari ilmu Allah melainkan apa yang dikehendaki-Nya. Kursi Allah meliputi langit dan bumi. Dan Allah tidak merasa berat memelihara keduanya, dan Allah Maha Tinggi lagi Maha Besar.” (Al Baqarah(2):255 - Ayat Kursi)

Lalu perhatikan juga ayat berikut,“Dan pada sisi Allah-lah kunci-kunci semua yang ghaib; tak ada yang mengetahuinya kecuali Dia sendiri, dan Dia mengetahui apa yang di daratan dan di lautan, dan tiada sehelai daun pun yang gugur melainkan Dia mengetahuinya (pula), dan tidak jatuh sebutir biji pun dalam kegelapan bumi dan tidak sesuatu yang basah atau yang kering, melainkan tertulis dalam kitab yang nyata (Lohmahfuz). (Al An’aam(6):59)

Berawal dari sebuah diskusi kecil dg teman, ternyata dlm kehidupan yg kita jalani kita sering merasa seperti adanya suatu kebetulan yg ditakdirkan.

Itulah kemampuan kita memahami hidup ini, sampai tak mampu kita pikir,tak pernah terbayangkan akan tersketsa seperti ini,, sehingga kita sederhanakan jadi kebetulan.

Tapi sesungguhnya, ALLAH lah yg merancang kehidupan ini begitu indah, antara kebahagiaan, kesenangan, dan ujian,, untuk membuat hidup kita semakin indah dan bermakna.

Oh,sesungguhnya Wahai Tuhanku Yang Maha Agung, semua ini adalah takdir yg kusangkakan sebuah kebetulan.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Heart said :
I feel cold...
I feel sick..
I am super sick today..

I need a big bear hug!!Pleasseee...;(
There is a proverb how a HUG can save a life!

 "Be still when you have nothing to say;
When genuine passion moves you,
Say what you've got to say,
and say it hot."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Heart said :

For the past few days, I felt something missing even though I tried to be fully happy.

I am happy but then just can’t figure out what is it that seems unbearable to me till i feel a bit dormant. Hope for a better tomorrow! Cheer up Miss E!!!

Company_by_RunaryKat  “ If you are trapped between your feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes you HAPPY.

Unless, you want everybody to be happy except you.”


Brain said and remembered :
Once upon a time, i did have these “skills”..
Sketching, drawing, coloring and seangkatan dgnnyer are in my veins of hemoglobin's(yeah sounds like kiddo..;P) But when I’m into it, I'll be in my own world..heaven! – I’ve even had a job to draw a mural to the whole kindergarten school-..tu dulu la..(zaman student yg byk sgt masa..sekian)
Yet beginning been called as college student, I stop holding a pencil and sketching…there goes to drain my addiction..;(..too bad…agaknyer if i start to sketch again it will be ‘org lidi"’..ahaks~
Then I’ve found this while mingling in deviantart and tersenyum siput di situ..hee~

Reminds me of high school in VI which I shared the same passion with my dear “An” who can sketch dgn sgt comelnyer…heeee~..We’ve been friends for more than 7 years but i still kept our collections of sketches somewhere..need to dig it up and I'll share with you guys later part…
P/S : I miss my pencils, crayons, water color, sketch books..owh please come again!!

Hello Mr. +ve...Shhuuushh Mr.-ve...

Brain said :
11 ways to be more positive……

 ★ Spend some time taking stock of all the influences in your life. This includes friends, family, television shows, magazines, blogs, etc. Thinks about which aspects of your life motivate you and push you to live positively for yourself. Think about those aspects that pull you down and drain you of your positive energy. Spend less time around the negative influences and more time around the positive!
★ Set aside more time for yourself where you can be alone. Sometimes it is easy to become depressed and grumpy when you give all of your energy to others. Having scheduled “you” time will guarantee that you will be able to pamper yourself and participate in your favorite hobbies.
★ Try changing your perspective about situations. Sometimes that is all it takes to turn a crummy day around. I try very hard to find something positive that will come out of the crappy things that daily life deals us. It doesn’t always happen naturally, but it gets easier when you push yourself to see the good in life.
★ Have friends and family in your life who can cheer you up and encourage you to be positive when you fall down. It’s inevitable that you will have a bad day, stress attack, or an emotional melt down in the future. It happens. The difference between you and a negative person is that you have the courage to get back up and keep going. We all need to be reminded that life really can be amazing if we take the time to see things positively.
★ Fill your space with reminders of how wonderful your life is. Write your favorite encouraging quotes on colorful post-its and paste them around your home.
★ Write letters and cards to your close friends and family with positive wishes and joyful greetings! Spreading positivity helps you feel positive in general!
★ Encourage the people in your life who take on pessimistic attitudes to be more positive. If those people are not willing to hear you out, limit your time around them. Negativity is very draining and you can only be around it for so long before it takes over.
★ Get excited about the little things that make you happy!
★ If you are feeling down and depressed, own your feelings. Don’t deny that you are grumpy. Accept that you aren’t feeling 100% and give yourself time to just be.
★ De-clutter your life! Get rid of things that you don’t love, things that you never use, and things that aren’t sentimental to you. Clutter can weigh you down and fill your life with unnecessary negative energy ! Make room for new things that you adore!
★ Channel your inner child every so often. Do things that the child within you would love! Blow bubbles, ride the merry-go-round, drink chocolate milk, play hop scotch, color, take photos of random objects, play dress-up, etc.

Enjoy it peeps!!! Now i have 100 of little strips given by En.Comel to make me smile every single day..;P –which is so far i read those things means so deep…dang!! ye kena btg idung sendirik..;P

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wish List


Heart and Half Brain do the list :

1. I want to bela this cutie… “Sugar Glider

sugarglider-thumb2.  Being a part of my gadget ( senang letak dlm beg & snap all the time..craving for this..)..NIKON P7000

Nikon-Coolpix-P7000-ang3. I am a MAC lover…<3..IPAD!!!!

ipad014. Donno why I kept have my eyes on this bag..  Coach Poppy -Butterfly

1 145395. For sure, I’ll make these watches will be mine soon..;P …Tous, Marc Jacob & Titan

Untitled-26. Craving for the smells… Britney’s Perfume Collection

Untitled-17. Last but not least, my own bracelet..Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet ;P

Thomas-Sabo15Hehehe… sorry can’t help to keep it to myself..bleh sampai mimpi2 craving for these things…who can give one of this…OMG, mmg full of hugs & kisses i would give…ahahah~ ;P   

Tink!!!!;) my secret santa cepat muncul!!!!!!!

Sleeping Beauty


Brain + Soul said :

This fairytale are well-known to most of us right. Its a childhood story complied in every type of mass communication either its on TV, books or movies…its really near to our heart..( Disney lover for sure know this story by heart..;)))


Long ago there lived a King and Queen who said every day, "If only we had a child!"  But for a long time they had none.

One day, as the Queen was bathing in a spring and dreaming of a child, a frog crept out of the water and said to her, "Your wish shall be fulfilled.  Before a year has passed you shall bring a daughter into the world."

And since frogs are such magical creatures, it was no surprise that before a year had passed the Queen had a baby girl.  The child was so beautiful and sweet that the King could not contain himself for joy.  He prepared a great feast and invited all his friends, family and neighbours.  He invited the fairies, too, in order that they might be kind and good to the child.  There were thirteen of them in his kingdom, but as the King only had twelve golden plates for them to eat from, one of the fairies had to be left out.  None of the guests was saddened by this as the thirteenth fairy was known to be cruel and spiteful.

An amazing feast was held and when it came to an end, each of the fairies presented the child with a magic gift.  One fairy gave her virtue, another beauty, a third riches and so on -- with everything in the world that anyone could wish for.

After eleven of the fairies had presented their gifts, the thirteenth suddenly appeared.  She was angry and wanted to show her spite for not having been invited to the feast.  Without hesitation she called out in a loud voice,

"When she is fifteen years old, the Princess shall prick herself with a spindle and shall fall down dead!"

Then without another word, she turned and left the hall.

The guests were horrified and the Queen fell to the floor sobbing, but the twelfth fairy, whose wish was still not spoken, quietly stepped forward.  Her magic could not remove the curse, but she could soften it so she said,

"Nay, your daughter shall not die, but instead shall fall into a deep sleep that will last one hundred years."

Over the years, the promises of the fairies came true -- one by one.  The Princess grew to be beautiful, modest, kind and clever.  Everyone who saw her could not help but love her.

The King and Queen were determined to prevent the curse placed on the Princess by the spiteful fairy and sent out a command that all the spindles in the whole kingdom should be destroyed.  No one in the kingdom was allowed to tell the Princess of the curse that had been placed upon her for they did not want her to worry or be sad.

On the morning of her fifteenth birthday, the Princess awoke early -- excited to be another year older.  She was up so early in the morning, that she realized everyone else still slept.  The Princess roamed through the halls trying to keep herself occupied until the rest of the castle awoke.  She wandered about the whole place, looking at rooms and halls as she pleased and at last she came to an old tower.  She climbed the narrow, winding staircase and reached a little door.  A rusty key was sticking in the lock and when she turned it, the door flew open.

In a little room sat an old woman with a spindle, busily spinning her flax.  The old woman was so deaf that she had never heard the King's command that all spindles should be destroyed.

"Good morning, Granny," said the Princess, "what are you doing?"

"I am spinning," said the old woman.

"What is the thing that whirls round so merrily?" asked the Princess and she took the spindle and tried to spin too.

But she had scarcely touched the spindle when it pricked her finger.  At that moment she fell upon the bed which was standing near and lay still in a deep sleep.

The King, Queen and servants had all started their morning routines and right in the midst of them fell asleep too.  The horses fell asleep in the stable, the dogs in the yard, the doves on the roof and the flies on the wall.  Even the fire in the hearth grew still and went to sleep.  The kitchen maid, who sat with a chicken before her, ready to pluck its feathers, fell asleep.  The cook was in the midst of scolding the kitchen boy for a mess he'd made but they both fell fast asleep.  The wind died down and on the trees in front of the castle not a leaf stirred.

Round the castle a hedge of brier roses began to grow up.  Every year it grew higher until at last nothing could be seen of the sleeping castle.

There was a legend in the land about the lovely Sleeping Beauty, as the King's daughter was called, and from time to time Princes came and tried to force their way through the hedge and into the castle.  But they found it impossible for the thorns, as though they were alive, grabbed at them and would not let them through.

After many years a Prince came again to the country and heard an old man tell the tale of the castle which stood behind the brier hedge and the beautiful Princess who had slept within for a hundred years.  He heard also that many Princes had tried to make it through the brier hedge but none had succeeded and many had been caught in it and died.

The the young Prince said, "I am not afraid.  I must go and see this Sleeping Beauty."

The good old man did all in his power to persuade him not to go, but the Prince would not listen.

Now the hundred years were just ended.  When the Prince approached the brier hedge it was covered with beautiful large roses.  The shrubs made way for him of their own accord and let him pass unharmed.

In the courtyard, the Prince saw the horses and dogs lying asleep.  On the roof sat the sleeping doves with their heads tucked under their wings.  When he went into the house, the flies were asleep on the walls and the servants asleep in the halls.  Near the throne lay the King and Queen, sleeping peacefully beside each other.  In the kitchen the cook, the kitchen boy and the kitchen maid all slept with their heads resting on the table.

The Prince went on farther.  All was so still that he could hear his own breathing.  At last he reached the tower and opened the door into the little room where the Princess was asleep.  There she lay, looking so beautiful that he could not take his eyes off her.  He bent down and gave her a kiss.  As he touched her, Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

Throughout the castle, everyone and everything woke up and looked at each other with astonished eyes.  Within the month, the Prince and Sleeping Beauty were married and lived happily all their lives.  


Here I shared the famous fairytale as which last night I’d attended an orchestra as a new entertainment with my dearest friends. What I can say here, the performance, the music are superb…combination of harp, violins and all sophisticated instruments made a perfect graceful melodies..;)) Sian Fatah yg keep risau we not going to enjoy it..heee…;P..I love it!!!!!!!!

Date : 06 November 2010

Place :  Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra KLCC

Performance :  “Sleeping Beauty” from Bolshoi

Conducted by : Carl Davis

Origin : Moscow, Rusia

Untitled-1 The tickets..(br perasan on the ticket ada nama I..huhuhu)_ETA8005  The girls in black..;)) 


Couples that always be with us for this kind of events


Preparing for another events…awesome!! 


P/S: Plus i made a wish came true for my GF..heheheh~ another one is coming up this 18th…wee..can’t wait..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Takkan Terpisah


Heart beating to let it out :

Tried really hard but I FAILED…which made me live with it for the past 10 years..

Syg aku ingin berbicara kepadamu

Tentang apa yg tgh aku rasakan

Ada apa ada apa katakanlah semuanya

Ku kan dgrkan duhai cinta ku

Kau takkan tinggalkan ku

Takkn pernah syg ku

Janji mu janjiku utk mu

Takkan ada yg pisahkan kita

Sekalipun kau telah tiada

Akan ku pastikan ku kan memeluk mencium mu di syurga

Jgn kau pergi tinggalkan aku

Bawa aku ke mana kau mau

Janjiku padamu jiwa dan ragaku mati pun ku mau

Today are some sort of sacred date for me as i lost him kembali pada yg BERHAK. His wisdom, his kindness, his passion lingered and live partially of my soul. How sometimes, I really wish he is still there..

Fareez Hazreen , you always become one of my permanent reminiscence to make me strong and appreciate life even better. Al-Fatihah~

Revisit Terengganu


Brain + Heart do the talking :

People must been thinking when is the ‘heaven’ this Enny do her travelling?ahahah~ I kan suka buat suprise you..;P (tau2 je takde kt ofis kan…heee)

This trip has taken place due to our FireFly tickets yang byk as masa awal tahun rajin follow up the campaign by Utusan. Plus secretly it was a part of my own heart project that been so called as “Erasure Reminiscence”…that’s why you will see I'll revisit all the place that I've been before. Just for fun and  to open a new book.

Thanks to Nazri(my lil bro’s friend) yang jd tour guide of us, habes semua ceruk KT we explored. Want to mention every single place’s name, sumpah tak ingat..ahahha~

Just enjoy the pixies k peeps!

Date : 22-24 October 2010

Location: Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman_ETA7886_ETA7901

Bonda & Ayahanda kesygan…


_ETA8290   Two of famous mosques in KT , Masjid Kristal & Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah (known as Majid Terapung)


Me & my 2nd last lil bro, Ayai

What I realized when I was in Terengganu, I DO EAT A LOT…(even hardly to find good foods..) and yes there were some few peoples who keep in touch with me when I was there…dipersembahkan..Cik GF, En.Senyum, En.Pilot, En.Comel, En.Matahari and my Abg Ijad..(my inbox full with your smses);P


Sea + Rain + Alone

It really made one perfect combination for you to get, to feel, to realize what is in your heart..

From which to what, from where to who, everything been jumble up like remaking a puzzle of life.

My little heart is recovering to full mode again and I do feel ‘something’ been knocking to it so gently with a graceful melody . It does make me smile without been asked for….

(This is just a scribble that I’ve done during lepaking by the sea behind my hotel by myself…- scribble tak abes…eheheh)