Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It’s OK!


Heart said :

You know those days just seems miserable and feel like noting is going right?

You sit in your room, with the door closed, music blasting so you can ignore the world and escape for a while in a place where everything is okay.

You just sit and think about everything.

You even make up stupid scenarios in your head and imagine arguments that you know are just waiting to happen, so you prepare what you’re going to say before hand, just incase.

As you sit there for hours, you suddenly take a deep breath and soon start to realize that even though these horrible things have been happening, for some reason you now seem to feel okay.

It’s as if with that one breath, you forced out all all your negative energy and are somewhat hopeful. These are the moments where everything feels real.

You know that in the end, you’ll get through it though, and before you know it, everything will go back to normal.

Everything will be okay.

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